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Accidentally eating meat wreaks havoc on the digestive system

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    Posted by uniken23 at 07/29/14 21:29:51

    LOL, new to this and did not clearly understand the instructions before posting but anyway, yes, last week I accidentally ate turkey meat. It was sloppy joe night and I thought that the turkey meat was veggie friendly as in imitation. Before becoming a vegetarian I had never had turkey meat and even if I had I have been a vegetarian for so long I forget what meat tastes like. I took at least 2-3 bits of it before the cook stopped me. I was upset and felt bad for the turkey and I felt bad for the cook because she felt so bad but its really nothing to beat myself up over it was an accident plus it has happened to me a many times before (soup bases especially!)When I got home I immediately felt sick. Yes, I will admit I contemplated forcing myself to throw it up but had figured it was already done plus gagging gives me mean headaches. Luckily I never threw up but I've felt like I want to also I've been having some SERIOUS diarrhea. If anyone knows, when will I be able to sit on the toilet without dropping the load? My stomach is all types of [censored]ed up.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/31/14 06:37:18

    Shortly after abandoning flesh in my diet in 1975, a friend invited me out for dinner. I was late meeting him at the restaurant and he had unwittingly ordered sea food for me.

    He was my best friend, and I ate the meal.

    The next day my stool was jet black and the odor was horrible. I had forgotten how this was a regular thing before I went veggie. Got back to normal in two days.

    I became vegan a decade later, and like to think of all the innocent lives that were NOT taken to make my meals since.

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    Posted by ecmasonjr at 07/31/14 14:50:29

    I think after we've been vegetarian/vegan for a while our bodies can't handle animal products anymore. It's like we've cleansed our bodies and animal products are poison.

    At a buffet there was a bin of just vegetable rolls and one with shrimp mixed into the vegetables. I took one of the vegetable rolls and since I was really hungry took a bite without really tasting it until I'd swallowed it. At that point I realized that someone had dropped one of the shrimp rolls into the vegetable bin. I threw the rest of it away, but sure enough a few hours later I was puking my guts out. I'm a lot more cautious now.

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    Posted by Andy.R at 11/20/14 20:57:25

    you're fine, once a vegetarian stops eating meat, after a certain amount of time your body no longer wants it. Your body got used to not absorbing those meat enzymes and you basically dove head first into meat again. You have to start out small with small portions of meat or sampling others food until your body can handle it again.

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