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I recently decided to go vegetarian and so far I have been meat-free for 3 whole days! I'm very excited about the change in my diet, but I am finding it very hard to get in enough protein in my diet. Additionally, I have Celiac's Disease and can't eat any gluten products.

I cannot prepare any food, besides what can be warmed up in a microwave or what can be made in a blender, (I have a Magic Bullet.) I would really like to stick with it. I had always wanted to try being a vegetarian when I was younger, but it never really stuck. After watching Food Inc., my decision was solidified. I really need some help - what can I eat for protein, and what are some good snacks to keep on stock? I would really appreciate any input - thanks for the help everyone!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/26/15 07:55:46

    There are thousands of books and tens of thousands of websites that can answer your questions about vegetarian and vegan diets. You can likely find good books at your local library.

    Protein can be easily obtained from plant meat or dairy necessary. But getting enough is important.

    There are many people doing quite well on a raw food diet. I eat a big multi-colored salad EVERY DAY.

    Wheat is not necessary to be healthy.

    Have you considered a simple hot plate as opposed to a microwave?

    I suggest searching this site and reading other comments here as well. Lot's of good info available right here!

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