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I will be vegan for a month on Friday and for the most part I feel great. However during my last period and during the time of ovulation I got really weak dizzy and light headed. I also got a migraine and I never get those. I am wondering if it was low iron and if so what is a good source of vegan iron.

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    Posted by ishansharma at 08/06/13 22:30:29

    I'm not a medical professional in any way, but here are some good sources of vegan iron:

    Additionally, maybe this may help:

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    Posted by elfmaiden713 at 08/15/13 18:24:41

    Beans, tofu, and pumpkin seeds are all good sources of iron, as are leafy greens. Some cereals, noodles, and other dry foods can be enriched with iron, so I would look for those at your local grocery store, too.

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    Posted by it_be_asin at 12/01/13 00:32:01

    If you are having menstruation problems that you believe may or may not be related to your diet, you should consider seeing a sympathetic doctor and/or a nutritionist. Iron intake may not be the problem, or only be part of the problem.

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    Posted by GarrettHnatiuk at 06/15/14 21:47:50

    The only way your diet may affect your menstruation is if you are not consuming enough food; it has absolutely nothing to do with you becoming vegetarian. Plain and simple, menstruation fits with body fat. Be sure that you're eating enough calories!

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    Posted by DunkiesandDimeys at 06/18/14 12:08:53

    You should definitely try to get as much iron as possible. Cereal is an easy way to get iron, since it usually contains 25-40% of the daily value for iron. I partly agree with Garrett; not consuming enough food can cause those symptoms. During your period, your body burns more calories.
    Taking calcium supplements helped me with my menstruation issues, even though I get a lot through diet. If consuming more iron and consuming more food in general doesn't help, I'd recommend that.
    You may need to see a *vegan-friendly* nutritionist.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 08/28/14 16:57:53

    Molasses (One table spoon a day), Green Beans and Spinach will give you your iron. As women grow older their menstruation and fertility time gets more intense and often more painful, this is normal. There is a medical condition called menhageria for those women with intense symptoms like spaghetti legs, convulsions, passing out and screaming bad cramps.

    Vegan herbalogy and acupuncture helps a lot. There are herbal teas that rid cramping, migraines, light head, and control viscosity of flow but you should work with a state licensed herbalogist and study on your own. When I get acupuncture, the majority of patients in the waiting room are women on menstruation.

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    Posted by TammyCastillo at 04/10/16 22:03:31

    Thank you for sharing ideas.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/11/16 03:40:43


    Excellent points. Several of the women in my life had good luck with herbs, making their periods more regular and less difficult.

    To Garrett-

    I've met and read quite of number of women who report becoming vegetarian or vegan as helping with their menstrual problems.

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