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Hi Everyone! I wonder if anyone in the community is on low-tyramine diet? I'm just starting a type of drugs (MAOIs) that require low-tyramine diet and there's so much "scary" info on the web that I'm at a loss as to what (NOT) to eat... If anyone has got any experience, please share! Thanks!

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    Posted by thisicaneat at 05/04/11 02:49:16

    Hi Magapurna. I've been on a low tyramine diet for about 10 years now. It can be a challenge, but it is also possible to eat really well. Tyramine results from the breakdown of the amino acid tyrosine--so I think of it as avoiding aged proteins. As a vegetarian, this leaves you some unique challenges: no aged cheeses, no nuts, no tofu, tempeh, seitan or miso. Sensitivity levels can vary, so watch your reactions to beans and legumes to see if you can tolerate them. Also watch for bananas, eggplants and bean pods (like snowpeas). So what can you eat? Good news is that the entire world of leafy greens, crucifers, root veg, squash and fruits are open to you. Also grains and rices: wheat, farro, kamut, spelt, oats, rye, etc. Your best bet for protein will probably be quinoa, seeds (I like sunflower butter), eggs and fresh cheeses like ricotta if you're not vegan. Coconut also may be ok (it's actually a seed). Good luck and enjoy exploring everything you CAN eat!

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    Posted by Magapurna at 05/08/11 16:54:30

    Thanks a lot thisicaneat! I was wondering about nuts and tofu... I can live without cheese (I hardly ever eat diary anyway) or miso, but I'm nuts about nuts! Well, I guess I will have to just watch it... Thanks again for replying!

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