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Hello. I've been fully vegetarian for just over 2 years and although I'm not a vegan I try to make vegan choices where possible and only eat eggs from a friend who keeps chickens in her large garden etc. The problem is I get very lethargic and it doesn't matter if I spend all day sat on the sofa or 10 hours at work I still spend the whole day feeling sluggish. Im a bit concerned about my iron levels as I seem to be extra tired during my time of the month wgive I know is normal for iron levels to drop at this time.

Has anybody been through a similar thing or have any advice? I feel like I've been bombarded with information and advice about vegetarian foods high in protein but nobody seems to speak of iron or vitamin b12.
I eat healthy but I must be doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance

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    Posted by Sat on a toadstool at 01/06/16 11:17:09

    Thought I should also add i have been craving fish recently and I haven't eaten fish for 2 years. Could this be my bodies way of telling me I'm missing some important nutrients?

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    Posted by V3ganFoodie at 01/19/16 11:38:06

    If you have concerns about your iron levels, I highly suggest seeing a doctor* to get your levels of iron, vitamin B12 and D tested. If you are not eating foods fortified in these vitamins, a supplement may be necessary.

    In the meantime, it is scientifically proven that iron absorption increases remarkably with vitamin C ( The link here examines the difference between heme and non-heme iron and their sources. Now that you are moving away from meat and to all plants, you might not be absorbing as much iron as your body needs, whether your diet is lacking in iron-rich foods or due to lack of vitamin C for proper absorption.

    Even if you do feel better after changing your eating habits to involve more iron-rich plants, still consider working with your doctor to identify potential nutritional deficiencies. is also a good resource for vegans/vegetarians.

    *I am not a doctor or registered dietitian, which is why I suggest you going to see one :-).

    I hope you feel better soon!

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