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Little bit of background, I'm a dairy free vegetarian and I have a five month old son. When he's 6 months we'll be introducing solids and I plan to keep him on my diet.

We went to his checkup, and he's doing great! We have the same doctor, and I loved her. She was amazing through delivery of my son, so supportive. So she said we can start to introduce solids slowly at 6 months. Fruits, veggies, grains, ....meats, then whole milk at 1. I told her I wouldn't be feeding him meat or dairy, and I would let him breastfeed as long as he wants even if he goes past 1. She looked very confused and said "I understand why you'd make that choice, but why would you make it for him." .... he's my son. It makes sense for us to have the same diet. As his mother it's my job to provide him with the best of everything that I possibly can, and that includes diet. I felt so uncomfortable that she was talking down to me as if I want my son to be deficient, we've had a great relationship up until this point. She said that I have to wait until he's 2 years old. She said before he's 2 years old, I can't provide this diet for him without it significantly damaging his health.

Any advice, opinions, resources appreciated, thank you.

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    Posted by CharmaineCalhoon at 04/14/17 11:02:04

    You should go on with the foods that are rich in proteins and nutrients, that can help in health growth of your son.

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    Posted by Frederika at 04/15/17 18:50:06

    A well chosen vegan diet is fine for humans of all ages. Many doctors have very little actual knowledge of nutrition, and if someone accuses you of "making that choice for your baby", it's a very shallow argument: Yes, all parents must make the choice of how to feed their babies.
    Some (most) decide to feed their children with crappy food, diary, meat, eggs and such, and they are hurting their baby's health with that, starting from a very young age.
    Few - mostly those who have recognized the advantages for their own health - use this wisdom to feed their children on a plant based died, just to receive a lot of fire from those who never seriously studied the pros and cons of the various dietary options.
    If you have the time and dedication, surf around on sites like Not only will you learn a lot, you'll also feel strenghened in your beliefs and find verifiable claims on the bad effdcts that animal products have in the body.
    Good luck & stay strong!

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