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Hi everyone!

Last year in October, I've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (hope that's the correct English term😃and since then I'm taking medication for it. I thought that my plant-based lifestyle was quite healthy, I almost never eat processed foods and I don't consume any sugar. But since like 2 months or so I noticed that I'm gaining far, it's not that much, now I got 66kg (22y/o, 165cm). I also go to the gym at least 3 times a week so some of it might be a bit muscle mass.
Still, I look in the mirror and I am not satisfied with how my belly and my hips are looking like right now. I would like to lose maybe 5kg. So I've started to use cronometer to track my calories and I noticed very quickly...if I'm not working out for one day, I seem to overeat a lot?!?! It feels like my body tells me to eat more calories in a day than I would actually require. Now, I try to put in a 250 calorie deficit everyday and I usually still feel hungry after a meal, as if I want to eat double the amount of what I just ate. Since then, I also had to workout every single day to actually maintain the deficit. But it just feels like I'm going to the gym thinking: Man, I want to eat...
So I have no idea if I'm doing this right?! I mean, I want to lose weight but I also don't want to risk fainting or anything. Does anyone have experience with hypothyroidism and trying to lose weight? Or does my body need a lot of time to get used to the calorie deficit? I am desperate for advice. Thanks!

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 01/12/19 16:21:00

    Hey yoruvalli! First of all, don't stress out about it. Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid. So I assume that's what you have been diagnosed with. First thing to do is strengthen your immune system. You can do this naturally with a plant based diet. Your body needs glutathione. Glutathione strengthens your immune system. Glutathione is in broccoli, peaches, squash, spinach, cauliflower, & cabbage.

    On the weight loss end & feeling hungry side, you need to eat more protein. You can get this by eating soy, nuts & nut butters (peanut, cashew, almond). You need to eat healthy fats that can be found in nuts & nut butters, avocados, flax seeds, walnuts, etc. Don't avoid the fats. Just eat more healthy fats.

    You need omega 3's that can be found in flaxseed oil, flax seeds, & walnuts.

    Cut out or heavily reduce the gluten foods (wheat) you eat. Eat 100% whole grains. Wheat is commercially processed by splitting the kernel from the grain. Nature intended us to eat the whole grain. The parts of the wheat grain balance each other. Gluten-free diet or reduced gluten-based food intake will increase the auto-immune effects on the thyroid beneficially.

    Your mind is powerful. If you stress out, your immune system will be affected. I know it all too well. It's hard in the world we live in, even with doing meditation every day. We have to live & deal with other people & challenges in the world, as we go through each day at school or work. The key is how we respond, and not let it affect our physical body. You are doing so well with being aware & conscious of what you are eating. You are exercising. So think of my suggestions, as supplementing what you are already doing. You will feel better each day. I appreciate feedback on how this works for you. It helps me and others in similar situations. Good luck. Have a wonderful day!

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    Posted by yoruvalli at 01/13/19 13:10:10

    Hey Mountainmystic! Thanks a lot for the advice and the kind words. The point you made about protein makes sense to me, my mother always cooked tons of dishes including wheat pasta so when I went vegan I basically tried to "convert" all my favorites to a vegan version. Now that I use cronometer I actually noticed how much carbs that is, and how I am lacking protein and fat. Today I left out the wheat products and tried to have some potatoes, beans and chickpeas, I felt much more satiated and finally had a feeling that I actually ate enough😄

    I actually didn't know about the glutathione and I will definitely try to include those foods more into my diet.
    About stressing out...yeah, I probably shouldn't worry about it too much, it just takes some time for me and my body to get used to different foods, especially when I try out a new variety of high-protein foods😄Thanks for the advice, have a great day!

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 01/13/19 14:27:05

    Hey yoruvalli! Thanks for the response and feedback on the suggestions. It is great to hear that you took charge of your health, & changed a few things in your diet today & are feeling satiated after eating a meal, and being gluten free for a day. Feeling healthier will give you more energy as a vegan--more than you gave already. 😀 Thanks for sharing.

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    Posted by GulcinAkhan at 01/15/19 08:30:08

    try intermittent fasting

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    Posted by BaileyJosh at 01/17/19 02:58:02

    Supplements are very good for health. Broccoli sprouts are more potent to eat as it contains a supercharge phytochemicals called sulforaphane. To get the advantage of this, broccoli sprouts should be eaten raw which is the optimum way of getting its nutrient. Benefits to eating broccoli sprouts powder it cures cancer, diabetics, weight loss, and blood pressure. I have used this product from last 6 months at Kiwi Superfoods and I have 20kg weight loss after use this.

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    Posted by Nadezhda_UA at 01/18/19 13:35:17

    I live with the Hypothyroidism for 2 years. This disease involves the constant use of the hormone. I take pills - eutirox every morning (37.5 mcg as prescribed by my doctor). My weight is stable. i am a vegetarien. But this disease is autoimmune. No one knows exactly the reasons for its happening. I think, for my case, the reason is in eating meat for 30 years of my life (that is what i wrote in a book "The China Study" by Colin Campbell).
    I think, you should not torment yourself starving. This is not an option. Your condition can only get worse. Periodically do tests, take medicines and eat healthy foods. That is how i live (+ yoga and 7-day juice starvation 3 times a year).
    Last year I take 50 mcg of euthyrox, but this year - 37.5 mcg. The level of antibodies to thyroperoxidase decreased from 400 to 200 units. I think, vegetarianism has a positive effect on my condition.

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    Posted by CanuckInTheMills at 07/07/19 15:42:56

    Firstly I’ll say everyone is different. Everyone responds differently to different things. You may have to trial & error for quite a while before you find what works for you.
    I will be hypo for 10 yrs this Autumn.
    Here’s what I have discovered; Eating gluten is like buying thyroid meds and throwing them out the window. They don’t mix. Same as taking it with calcium or iron. Best if taken on empty stomach.
    Reducing calories only makes your hypothyroidism worse. You tax your body by not eating all the nutrients you need as your body is already struggling.
    Over exercising may be the stress that triggered your Thyroid Gland to fail in the first place. (I’ve found no clear reasons in medical literature anywhere, still looking!)
    Have an Endocrinologist who is up to date (Some GPs are still using old test standards to gauge T4 levels in the body) and willing to try ALL types of Thyroid medications. Here’s where it goes against Veganism totally... Biodentical hormones usually work the best. If your body is already not converting T4 to T3 , only taking T4 will not make you feel any better. It WILL take time to get dosages right. Rely on how you feel NOT blood test numbers.
    Brain fog (major symptom) will inhibit your ability to connect that you feel like cra-po-la because thyroid is low. Keep a check list that you resort to monthly. If all the boxes are checked then your doing well if they start dropping, get to Endo.
    And sleep a minimum of 8 hrs a night. Lack of sleep is your enemy. (Another possible cause of Thyroid failure) No you can’t make up for it on weekends.

    This is an ongoing journey for myself and I never stop reading about it. There are clearly not enough studies being done to find out why & way too much misinformation online & people just trying to make a buck off desperate individuals. This is how I came to be a Vegan; looking for information. Coming across Forks Over Knives, Dr Gregor and getting the Happy Cow app

    Sorry for this being so long.
    I wish you all the best in health. Never stop asking questions.

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    Posted by Harleymaee at 07/08/19 10:59:52

    Hey, I had the same! You feel like you can eat none stop as the food is good, but eating too much WILL lead to weight gain. You should check out Arbonne. They have great diet plans and coaching to set you up for a healthy happy you forever! Everything on their is vegan and cruelty free and comes with great benefits. They have a plan called the 30 day to healthy living which is all about cutting out inflammatory products. Gimme a message if you need more info ❤️

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    Posted by DanielShaw at 02/17/20 11:01:51

    Losing weight with hypothyroidism is a difficult task. But you can follow these tips to lose with hypothyroidism problem:
    1. Increase selenium intake
    2. Increase iodine intake
    3. Try Warm water and lemon
    4. Add Green tea in your Diet
    5. Avoid These Food products: Broccoli, lima beans, cabbage, peanuts, sweet potato, mustard, kale, kohlrabi