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I know the answer to begin with: Eat well balanced meal with greens, fruits, grains, and legumes. Stay away from dairy, sugars, meat, and so forth.

My question is:

My son needs more vitamin A in his diet to help clear up the acne on his face -- doctor says...

But when looking for vitamins, and I thought I was up on all this, most vitamins are made with gelatin which is meat based. OM GOSH!!!

We looked at the dry ones and it is made with fish oils and so forth.

Do you vegans / vegetarians that say you are one, eat the properly made vitamins or are you ignorant to it as I was?

I tossed out my E, multi vitamin, and so forth. I was stupid and ill-informed.

So we now go to four exceptional health food stores in our area, and looking closer at their vitamin section, we noticed that 98% of everything they carry is NOT for the vegetarian community.

The irony of this is that the manufactures of these products have misleading company names like NATURES WAY, and so forth.

They had a beta carotene that will work, but the other 12 beta carotene products contain gelatin and other animal products.

So what do you do for your vitamins? Omega 3's come from plant life as well...

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    Posted by DaniPower at 08/08/11 06:42:49

    Hey guys - I've been vegan for about 6 years now and the one thing I noticed just like everyone else no doubt is the gradual lethargicness and weakness. Although I've tried supplements/ vitamins it does take a long time to get into the blood stream. I've actually ended up using patches as an alternative and ever since then I've had a lot more energy.These are the ones I used - hope this helps x

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    Posted by Tatiana at 07/02/09 11:55:48

    There are vitamins out there specifically for vegans, they are just harder to find. I can't for the life of me remember the brand right now, but I take a chewable multivitamin that I got from Whole Foods that is vegan. If you are looking for omega 3's, you can just get flax oil or ground flax seed, that should be just fine.

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    Posted by lmzeigler at 07/04/09 10:51:54

    Check out They have a huge selection of 100% vegan vitamins, including multivitamins and individual vitamins. Good luck!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 07/04/09 14:25:00

    That website has quite a variety of vitamins and minerals! After looking at it, I remembered the one I bought was Country Life, chewable Multivitamin. I bought it at the Whole Foods in Sacramento, so davenport, if you still live in Grass Valley, that may be an option if you didn't want to mail order.

    Man, I gotta spend some time on that site, many things to look at!

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    Posted by Hannah at 07/16/09 11:57:02

    I avoid junk food and cold drinks, in diet I prefer green vegetables and in drink I like milk and lemon juice.


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    Posted by *Little Bit* at 08/25/09 18:14:53

    Hi! I'm taking a energy-multivitamin made by Rainbow Lite. It's actually vegan/vegetarian approved. No animal or gelatin products in it at all! You can purchase it at a local whole food store or go to! They have them for children, teenagers & adults

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    Posted by Rustic Vego at 09/09/09 23:28:43

    I had bloods done when I was feeling unwell and found I was low in Vitamin B12 and folate. They are not the deficiencies I thought I would need to watch out for. I had tablets for folate and B12 shots to restore my levels. I now have to be careful to include B12 and folate rich foods in my diet more often.

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    Posted by Barleycorn at 10/30/09 19:08:54

    B12 deficiency in vegans is something to be watched. In ordinary vegetarians, eating cheese and milk, it is unusual except in the elderly, for whom it can be caused by gastric dystrophy - stomach decay, not diet. But folate deficiency in a vegetarian diet!!? Crikey. I've been vegetarian fo 50 years (apart from cheese, milk, butter, yoghurt and honey)and my folate has always been at the upper limit or beyond.In general, once you become a vegetarian you can forget about vitamins, or getting enough proteins etc, if you eat sensibly; even vegetables grown in the poorest soils will have enough. BUT not so with minerals, which tend to be more important than vitamins.What I shun like the plague is either from bottles (unless prescribed for some condition, and additives/fortification in foods.Men over 35 usually have too much blood iron, which can cause heart attack, so I check all cereals and spreads etc to make sure none has been added. It should not be mass medicated, since it can be harmfull unless prescribed by a doctor after a serum test. Vegetarianism may be a sacrifice to save the planet, but it's also a feast to save your health!.

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    Posted by photosynthesize at 11/12/09 20:38:00

    Would your son's diet be deficient in vitamin A? Because vitamin A is readily availiable in diets that have vegetables...just based on some of the packaged veggies in my house, canned pumpkin has 300% of the RDA for vitamin A per half cup, one long (not baby) carrot has 110%, a third cup of frozen spinach has 50%, and even the rice milk has 10% of your RDA for vitamin A. In my opinion, a vegan diet would mean higher levels of vitamin A if being vegan meant eating more vegetables than the average person.

    If your son does eat a lot of veggies, then he shouldn't be deficient. Vitamin supplements only help if there is a deficiency to begin with, it doesn't help with acne or anything else if you already have enough of the vitamin.

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    Posted by AndyT at 10/06/10 08:27:53

    The only thing that is really difficult for vegans is normally the vitamin B complex, and there are special preparations available - e.g. VEG-1:

    Of course, for Vitamin A one of the best ways to get it might be ... juicing carrots.

    Best regards,

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    Posted by rmark25 at 10/06/10 21:29:49

    even check with national chains like GNC or Vitamin world..I believe they have multi vitamins that are vegan. just ask the salesperson

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