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I am having trouble with eating this way recently and finding variety to sustain my eating meals at work and meals on the go. I am a healthy person who only wants to consumes whole foods and find anyone I go to lately for advice on what to eat leads me to the processed fake garbage in the stores. I have a skin issue that seems to inflame when I eat to many cold foods like smoothies, banana nice cream, oats, rice and potatoes. I also can not eat nuts as my stomach gets very bloated and uncomfortable and beans/legumes do the same. I am not to found of high carb foods as they make me feel dizzy and crash. So I ask what can I eat? I eat chia seeds occasionally and flax everyday and hemp hearts as well on occasion but I need protein and just food for energy. I can not sustain this by living on chia seed, etc alone. I am hungry, frustrated and confused. PLease nay help would be greatly appreciated. I am not a bunny and like eating real food with texture and as a very hungry person often and one who eats a lot I need things that will fill me up?

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    Posted by westcornersville at 06/06/17 00:00:24

    First of all, regarding nuts, is this just the traditional tree nuts (pecans, walnuts, pistachios, etc.) or does it include foods that are called nuts but aren't actually nuts, like cashews? Does this include seeds, like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds or sacha inchi seeds? Hopefully some seeds or nuts will work. It sounds like you have blood sugar variations when you eat carbs, though if that's the case, you could try lower-glycemic (generally complex) carbs. Fortunately, you don't mention fruits and vegetables as issues overall--these certainly provide a lot of nutrients, and in many places there's a huge variety of fruits and veggies available, and some have more calories (like sweet potatoes) with just moderate (or low) glycemic indices. There are vegan protein powders if you need to supplement a bit, especially while looking for whole food sources.

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