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Hey there lovely people,

I am looking for answers from those more experienced than me......I have been a vegetarian for almost a year now (yay) and I have noticed that lately I am getting heart palpitations-to the point that I wake up at night- and am so very cold all the time-I wear three layers to bed and am STILL cold! I take Red iron, b12, b6 and recently have added magnesium. I am low in iron and vitamin d. Could this cause the heart palpitations? I also get muscle twitches and every bone cracks! I have looked on the internet for possible causes but my head spins at the number of things it could be related to. Could it be a calcium deficiency? Help-so confused!!

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    Posted by Brunette17 at 08/08/12 21:25:58

    Hi how are you? It sounds like it could be a vitamin problem. It looks like you have gotten a blood test done. Is your b12 level okay because I have a friend who is b12 deficient and she is cold all the time, so it could have a connection to that or not. The muscle problems could be associated to the lack of vitamin d. I started taking a vitamin d supplement with calcium. Did you talk to a doctor to see what they thought?

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    Posted by AConferenceOfPears at 10/07/12 03:39:17

    I would go for a blood test and specifically ask them to test your thyroid function. I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and all of those symptoms appeared. The severe cold is a very specific symptom which fits, but the bone cracks and muscle twitches are indicators too. With so many and such wide-ranging symptoms, I would definitely go to the doctor as soon as you can.

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    Posted by kimartist at 11/06/15 10:21:34

    A couple years ago, I did a search for heart palpitations, extreme hot flashes and menopause. "Iodine deficiency" popped up and that was a "BINGO" moment for me. I mention it, because iodine is stored in the thyroid and too little can cause hypothyroidism, of which extreme cold is one of the symptoms. Couple that with the fact that iodine is no longer added to salt, flour, etc. (in the US at least) and "suddenly" you have an entire nation exhibiting symptoms related to iodine deficiency (of which obesity is one). There is a simple "patch test" that can be done at home - do a search for "iodine" and either "3-hour" or "6-hour" "patch" or "deficiency test." (There is not much difference between the two, in my opinion - if one is severely deficient, the iodine tincture disappears in a few minutes!)

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 11/06/15 21:25:59

    Are you eating enough fat? Even if you take B12 and get enough iron, you need nutrient density and fat.Make sure you eat enough hot or warm foods, use plenty of oils, nuts, seeds, and fatty plants like avacado. I suspect your bone cracking and coldness is about you not giving your body enough calories or healthy fats. Buy mock meats, Daiya, etc if you have to..make a tofurky roast with gravy...I know some people advocate it, but I think it's a mistake for vegans to go completely raw or too low on fat.

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