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I've been vegan for around five years, since I was fifteen. I was doing fine, but since last year I've struggled with fatigue and concentration problems. I tried to correct the most "common" problems, B12, calcium, vitamin A and D deficiency, poor protein intake, zinc, iron... but nothing has worked. It's frustrating because almost every [censored]ing nutritional problem causes fatigue and brain fog, so is imposible to tell what is wrong unless you try all the blood tests in existence.

The last two options in my mind are a diet poor in fat and omega 3 deficiency (I didn't really consider it till now, because when I was a child I never ate fish, and neither did my family, that aren't vegetarian and always were ok, so I thought it was not a problem). But I can´t keep guessing. I`m a student and I don't have a lot of money to spend buying all the superfood and supplements that, maybe, could help me.

I went to a couple of nutritionist and doctors, but none of them knew how to handle the situation. The best advice was the typical "Just eat meat and everything will be ok". Thank you, Captain Obvious.

If it continues like this, I really think I would give up.

A couple of questions: how common are in vegan problems due to bad fat intake? What other problems could I be overlooking?

I would be grateful for any advice.

PD: sorry for my english.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 08/11/17 00:33:57

    David--I would look at how your diet has changed in past year with the onset of fatigue and brain fog. Refined white sugar and the chemicals and additives in factory processed foods will cause this. Also if you are eating a lot of carbohydrates, like breads, cereals, and processed foods, these can cause one to feel fatigued. I recommend exercising more to get your metabolism going at a higher rate and adrenalin levels up. This will help you with more energy.

    Try doing this 3 times a day or more. Take a deep breath in, hold it for a few seconds, and let it out. Do this 7 times. Do the repetitions 3 times a day. You will get more oxygen into your lungs and blood. You should feel better, more balanced, and more alive. You are young. You have a great life ahead of you. Believe it.

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    Posted by RawRachel at 08/11/17 01:04:56

    Hi, i would ask you what ARE you consuming now and what were you consuming then?. I believe in consuming 50% or more of your foods as raw fruits and vegetables to maximize your nutrition and enzymes; salads, smoothies, raw fruit.
    In addition perhaps your symptoms relate to emotional issues, not simply food related one's. To get more woo-woo; the earth changes/frequency/going from 3d to 5d, have been going on and maybe you are a highly spiritual person who has been feeling those issues (which do cause fatigue, aches and pains, and other symptoms)..
    I have been doing this since 1987 and I have learned not all vegans or vegetarians are the same. I am not a big fan of soy foods. I believe there are disagreements about its' benefits and eating it may or may not depress your thyroid. You can be an unhealthy vegan by eating so many available packaged and frozen foods and there are many fast food vegan meals available that lack nutrition.
    The type of vitamins you have been taking may be good or not so good quality. I I think vitamins and minerals should come from our foods, but vegans do need to supplement B-12. I like the B-12 PATCHES that absorb through the skin as i think other forms of B-12 can just end up in your urine. Perhaps you would consider a consultation with a vegan registered dietician and they can do an evaluation and make suggestions.
    Hope this helps, namaste',, rachel

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 08/11/17 16:34:23

    RawRachel--happy to see your reference on the 3D to 5D energies reference. There is a huge energy influx on the planet, and Gaia is cleansing herself and already in 5D space. As Bob Dylan said in a song, The Times They are a Changin' It's an exciting time to be here on Earth. Our bodies, minds, and spirits are responding to the Earth changes and we are changing from a physical to a more crystalline form. Our vibrational frequencies are raising. I know you know this already, just from your 5D reference above.

    Back to 3D ( the buzz I had going), thanks for the B12 info. A carnivore friend of mine keeps telling me to take a B12 vitamin every day for energy. Now, you have mentioned it, so I meant to hear this and act on it asap. Glad to see that you are on the 5d vision train and this new life is coming rapidly. I have actually heard that we may even have split 3D, 4D, & 5D consciousness and living on Earth, with those refusing to get out of lower 3D energies. Basically, we will be vibrating at different frequencies and will be invisible to people in 3D. I am seeing it already with interactions with people in my rural mountain community and also many 3D friends and family. The paths are not crossing with lower energy 3D people, or I am crossing paths with some are talking about and are open to 4D and 5D ideas. What do you think? For those reading this, No, I don't take any drugs and don't drink alcohol. This is higher consciousness where I am writing from.

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    Posted by VeganFaith at 08/13/17 16:55:32

    I'm not sure what your diet consists of, but I feel that maybe you aren't eating enough raw foods and starches. Perhaps, if you aren't already, try doing at least one raw meal a day. Just to see how you fair.
    I hope you feel better soon! Don't give up!
    Meat may give you temporary relief during this troubling time, but it's only killing you in the end.

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    Posted by cep at 10/05/17 21:07:42

    All of the above sound like guesses. I have the same problem, every time I try to go vegan my energy just crashes. I had that problem before trying vegan too, until I went to a nutritionist and was diagnosed with celiac, several vitamin deficiencies (D, B12, iron), and recurring mono.

    I think it could be a particular vitamin deficiency. Sadly the only way to find out is by trial and error, but blood tests can certainly help. I have not gone for blood testing to find out vegan diet problems.

    I searched for "vegan diet troubleshoot" which pulled up a number of pages that point to some of the nutritional pitfalls. It's frustrating that pro-vegan sites don't discuss these at all, so those of us with digestive deficiencies are never addressed.

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    Posted by JeromeOberholtzer at 01/05/18 07:10:17

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    Posted by kiranbabuk at 02/10/18 08:09:34

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