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Ive been vegan for a really long time now and I recently have been suffering from headaches, constipation and insomnia. Also my whole right side of my body is swollen too and my mom says its a genetic thing but, I only started noticing it. I went to the emergency room to get a CT scan and I don't have anything wrong in my head atm.
My cats have worms and ive been thinking that's what it is but, Ive been doing tons of research in hopes of curing this. I am currently on a parasitic cleanse to see if that fixes it.
Also I take vitamin B12, C, Iron and a probiotic regularly.
I don't eat many greens either. If anyone knows what is wrong with me please help.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/10/15 04:00:59

    The possible causes of your problems are many. Without knowing details of your diet and other lifestyle habits, a diagnosis here would be mostly guesswork. The problem could be environmental or related to stress, or...

    If your current doctor(s) can't find the cause, you may want to see other professionals.

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    Posted by RashaHassan at 07/10/15 05:51:02

    Hi, since i've been eating "clean" i never have headaches..i feel headaches coming (i feel heaviness and pressure in my head) when i need more water. I hope you increase your water intake, try adding a few drops of lemon to it, it does me wonders. hope u feel better soon.
    Another thing, take your cats to the vet for a check up.

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    Posted by Alyssasmithsweet at 07/12/15 02:56:30

    Are you drinking enough water? With headaches and constipation it sounds like you do not have enough water to flush all of the toxins out. Try drinking at least 64 ounces a day and keep track to see if you are improving of the course of the next week.. That maybe the culprit.

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