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Hi, I'm new here, but I've been vegan for a little over 10 months. I'm trying to lose weight just in general by eating healthier and working out so I drink a smoothie with Garden of Life protein powder every morning which has never given me a problem but lately I have had the WORST gas. Like clear a room, run for cover kind of gas. I've been eating beans more consistently just to be more healthy, and it's like just plain black beans or kidney beans, nothing added. I don't use oil in my cooking either. I am extremely lactose intolerant and when I ate dairy before I went vegan, I got gas like this, but just lately I've been experiencing the same thing. I pretty much cook all my meals at home, and if I don't, I make sure everything I eat is vegan. I'm not in pain or anything, I'm just sick of it, and so is my family.
Anything I might be doing wrong or should try doing?
Anything helps, thanks in advance!

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 04/08/18 13:32:37

    A few suggestions. Thanks for opening up and discussing this problem. Many people have this problem, mostly men. Gas can be caused by eating too fast and not chewing food enough before swallowing. Also, if you are talking while you are eating, this will cause gas. Oftentimes, mornings are a race to get out the door to work or school. You may be breathing rapidly. and then gulp down your drink or food. You draw in a lot of air. Just like if you are eating and your mouth is open, you are taking in extra air. This can cause gas.

    As for the beans and protein drink that may be causing, try some whole grain bread. Its heavier and will add to digestion process. Eat more greens and salads without salad dressing. Try olive oil and red vinegar. See how your body reacts and adjust your diet and intake of food and eating slower and with mouth closed. Less talking at dinner table or while eating on couch as many of us tend to do. Best wishes for success. Hope this helps and clears the air.

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    Posted by ManuelaGuarneri at 04/18/18 04:29:46

    though intestinal gas is normal and healthy can be annoying.
    the most important source of intestinal gas is bacterial fermentation in our colon of undigested sugars, cruciferous could be another source.
    Another source is to swallow extra air (by gum chewing, sucking on hard candies, drinking through a straw, eating too fast, talking while you eat, and cigarette smoking).
    Among beans soy lentils, split peas and canned beans usually cause less gas production. Soak beans multiple times, toss the cooking water if boil on your own. Chew them carefully to improve digestion. If you can't improve, you could try supplements that contain the enzyme alpha-galactosidase, to break up the bean sugars .
    Try to avoid combine potatoes with beans.
    There are spices too that could help, such as

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    Posted by ManuelaGuarneri at 04/18/18 04:33:53

    epazote is very effective

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