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I have been vegetarian for about 8 years. I cannot seem to do anything for my dry skin. Is there a food or supplement that will help in healing my dry skin? Does anyone else suffer from dry skin?

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    Posted by DavyKOTWF at 12/25/17 15:36:08

    1) Try the typical things, coconut oil, 2 Tbsp a day. or
    2) Omega 3's, chia seeds and flaxseed are the top

    See if those help. I have dry skin too, arms and especially feet, around my big toe and my heels. The two above didn't help me much, so I'm trying a new one I read about. Upping your Niacin or B3, trying 500mg a day so far, taken half in the morn. and half at night. If you get a supplement, be sure to get the flush kind, not the 'non flush' kind. Seeing if that will help.
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    Posted by justkel at 03/03/18 22:57:28

    Are you following the “High carb, Low fat” trend by any chance?

    I was HCLF for a good portion of time when I first went vegan. Huge mistake, I never had skin issues in my life, then I started getting small breakouts on my chest and my skin was noticably dryer. I switched it up to a higher fat diet and my skin issues resolved themselves.

    I seriously recommend eating more fat. Throughout the week I eat a lot of flaxseed, coconut, olives, nuts (brazil, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pine), seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame), avocados are amazing!!

    Generally make sure you’re eating a balanced diet and getting all your B-vitamins and Vitamin C daily.

    Another possible cause for concern is Vitamin A. Apparently vegans have trouble converting plant sources of Vit A into Retinol (true Vitamin A), though there are many skeptics who disagree with this. But if you’re vegetarian, maybe consider eating more egg yolks? (Though definitely eliminate dairy. Dairy already has a notoriously bad rep for being linked to skin issues) - and another worthy mention is that if you do eat high sugar and inflammatory foods, these can also be a potential cause for your skin issues. Definitely eliminate refined sugar and processed junk.

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