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Hi! I'm a new vegetarian & Happy Cow member who has mild to moderate Rheumatoid Arthritis. Has anyone experienced (or heard of) any positive effects of a vegetarian/vegan diet on RA/RA symptoms? Thanks!

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    Posted by teresitalovesgreens at 01/07/12 08:33:15

    Hi Wendy!
    I have severe RA (and have for many years, about 15) and have recently become vegan. I've tried many diets over the course of my RA and some seem to have helped a bit (Raw was great but quite difficult to maintain) and not-at-all (macrobiotic).
    There is much written about nightshade foods affecting arthritis (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant) but I personally haven't noticed any difference. Eating vegan has made me feel better over all (digestion, sleep, inner peace ;) but I still have my pain and stiffness and other soreness that comes from having the disease. Good luck to you in finding something that works, I hope it helps you, eating vegetarian certainly helps the planet and our animal friends..Best, Teresita

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    Posted by wendypc at 01/07/12 18:34:58

    Hi Teresita!
    Thanks so much for your response! I had the same experience as you did with the nightshade foods; I didn't notice any difference in the way I felt when I avoided them. I've only been eating vegetarian (and trying to avoid as much dairy as possible) for a short time, and overall I feel quite a bit better already. :) Have you ever tried practicing yoga? I recently began to practice, and it makes me feel a lot better (physically & spiritually). Good luck to you, too, in finding relief from your RA symptoms.

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    Posted by Veggie Mama at 03/22/12 15:02:43

    Hi. I really had major bouts with gout type arthritis. So much so that i spent time approx. every two months in a wheelchair! Now, I do not have it anymore. I gave up all things that were high in uric acid and i feel it is similar with RA. Worst for me was spinach, various kinds of mushrooms and dried beans, lentils, cooked tomatoes. I eliminated all those and also took MSM as a supplement and increased my pure water intake a lot. Also, i exercised and took digestive enzymes before every meal. Am gout free and RA free. So far so good. One year or more. Blessings!

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    Posted by wendypc at 03/25/12 15:59:46

    Hi Veggie Mama,
    Wow, that's amazing how much your health improved by exercising and changing your diet like you did. Congrats & continued good health to you! Thanks so much for the great info!

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