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For the past two weeks I have been eating sweet things that I normally do not eat and have been indulging in snacks like tortilla chips, peanuts (too much) along with peanut butter and cookies. Is this a result of vitamin defincency? I have gained 5 pounds as a result of this binge and I really dont know how to stop it. I dont crave meat at all but Ive been told that I have to eat meat to maintain my calorie intake as well as my nutrients. Anyone please help, thank you!

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    Posted by DC Vegan at 02/04/08 16:21:56

    I sometimes go on junk food binges in the week or so before my time of the month. I don't know if you're male or female, but if you're a woman, that may be the reason.

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    Posted by Rafael at 12/16/07 03:21:16


    Confession time!

    Time to get dirty!

    I have the same condition / affliction very regularly.

    When my strong cravings come I sharpen my act & really focus on / follow these 7 steps.

    I -

    1) stock up on a big selection of especialy wonderful fresh whole nuts & fruits, especially organic bananas & I keep them in strategic places - in my bag - next to my bed - next to my computer.

    2) stock up on some extra-special salad ingredients & "graze" my way through the worst days of my craving period.

    3) reach for my box of psyllium husks first thing each morning & mix just a little with very tasty juice for some easy detox.

    4) jump on buses as often as I can - jumping off about 10 miles from my home & briskly walk back.

    5) discuss my cravings with 1 or 2 of my most sensible vegan well-wishers.

    5) take a look at my "tea shelf" & if it is looking a little bare I buy 4oz of a really excellent tea & start to drink it.

    6) for a few days strictly avoid certain "friends" who regularly recommend that I eat sections of decomposing animal corpses & offer to treat me to meals.

    7)have my notebook always to hand & keep some simple "body records" for a few days - how I feel at certain times of the day - body weight - what I ate & when - how long it took to come out (this requires a little toilet gazing & is much easier if you ingest some "markers" every few meals such as flax seeds / sweet corn / beetroot etc.).
    I also "think of racehorses" - if I was responsible a multi-million $ racehorse I would not feed it tortilla chips, peanuts, peanut butter and cookies etc.
    auungbong - "May the force be with you"

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    Posted by Rafael at 12/16/07 03:23:20

    Oops - missing word - I also "think of racehorses" - if I was responsible for a multi-million $ racehorse I would not feed it tortilla chips, peanuts, peanut butter and cookies etc.

    Mr. Webmaster - we need a "Preview" function badly!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 12/16/07 14:55:05

    Response to this part in particular:
    "Ive been told that I have to eat meat to maintain my calorie intake as well as my nutrients"

    Just to put it in perspective, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter is 94 calories and the equivalent of 1 oz of sirloin steak is about 52 calories. Sounds nuts (pun intended) that you'd need to eat meat for MORE calories? Nuts are a wonderful source of calories AND protein. That same size serving of nuts is 4 grams and the meat is almost 9 grams. The important thing to note is that over a day's time you should get plenty of protein if you are eating a variety of plant foods (especially nuts and legumes) to meet your needs. Most meat eaters way exceed their protein needs. For a person in generally good health your protein need is 0.8-1 gram per kilo of your weight.

    As far as otherwise why you are eating like you are, you are normal! Lots of people go through these phases (like rafael mentioned!), it's part of life! Most of us have to watch what we eat to keep our weight healthy, at least some of the time. Also, on a side note, with the winter around, a lot of people eat more to put on that blubber layer so you may just have to be extra careful!

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    Posted by auungbong at 12/16/07 19:07:44


    Thanks. I will try these 7 steps ( I was hoping for maybe 3...5 tops but 7... ehh). One question what is "box of psyllium husks ?" Also, thanks for not wanting to feed me those items (maybe the peanut butter can stay?) if I was a racehorse. Hahaha.

    All my friends and everyone I affiliate with are meat eaters. They eat meat in front of me and personally I could care less what they consume but its a bother when they are constantly nagging on me to eat the right amount of protein which " only comes from animals."

    I will bring a notebook with me while I look into my toilet and sketch out what I see. LOL.

    Other than that, thanks for the help and advice. I might think about going to my doctor to see if I can improve my intake of foods and what foods I can try that are new and unique and fufilling. I have researched so much but apparently it is not enough.

    Dank ya!

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    Posted by auungbong at 12/16/07 19:14:01


    Thanks for the quick reply back. Sadly enough, my nutrition intake has been very poor. I have been depending on Oatmeal, Yogurt and granola chunks, cake, popcorn, and more oatmeal (with raisans of course) for the past month... plus lots of apples and pineapple. I know that is why I am eating this way now. I have been feasting on peanuts and raisans way to much as well and I need to change my diet ASAP.

    Maybe its time to see a nutrionist...because of my sudden change from a meat and vegetable diet to only vegetable? Ehh.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 12/16/07 22:13:14

    Yes, I'd highly recommend a nutritionist. Most doctors don't know much about nutrition so if you want the best advice I'd go to a nutritionist. To find one in your area, it depends on your medical insurance but you can find out through your hospital or go to and click on "find a nutrition professional". We are finally getting recognized this year with Registered Dietitian day March 10th yay :oP

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    Posted by SynthVegan at 12/17/07 04:17:22

    I too go through peanut stages, and yes, cookie/sweets stages as well [Vegan of course]. I actually just finished a major peanut butter stage and I will tell you one thing that I noticed, when I stopped taking my vitamins I went right to the peanut butter jar [unintentionally]! I intend on my vitamins again, I've just been going through a lot of stress right now [which also leads to these feasts on peanuts...LOL…and me awaking at 3AM this morning]. Maybe see about getting a Vegetarian multi-vitamin and be mindful of the ingredients in many of them. I've found gelatin in most vitamins or some other animal derived ingredient. I'm unsure of what stores are located in your area, maybe there is a Whole Foods Market? If so, check them out and see what they have to offer. I'm partial to the multi-vitamin made by "Country Life" called "Vegetarian Support" [], as I've found it to be most efficacious.
    The only other thing I would recommend is not buying particular items when at the grocery store. I avoid buying chips and cookies. I bypassed some Vegan cookies at the store yesterday, it was hard, but I did it. The way I look at it is if it's not in my house, I can't eat it. I hope everything works out for you!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 12/17/07 12:41:04

    I've noticed the thing I grab when I get one of these "let's eat a lot" attacks is dried figs and dates. I try not to keep cookies and whatnot in the house either so that when the sweet tooth hits I grab those dried fruits. But I still try to limit them, calories in dried fruits can really add up.

    syn - peanut butter and cookies? how about peanut butter cookies? :oP

    auungbong - yeah, that sounds pretty unbalanced! Lots of great recommendations here, I think you'll end up just fine. ^_^

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    Posted by SynthVegan at 12/17/07 13:21:51

    Tatiana – You're going to laugh, but I'm not a big fan of peanut butter cookies… LOL! Good point about the types of snacks though. I have a ton of carrots, radishes, tangerines and apples in my house now, so I'm forced to eat them when I want to snack.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 12/17/07 21:29:31

    Great suggestions!

    I also like Psyllium Husks - if you buy them from an "Indian" store they can cost almost nothing as they are a standard food ingredient (in Hindi the name is "Sat Isabgol")- if you buy them from health stores / online they can cost a small fortune - I generally buy "Telephone Brand" from Indian stores - they come packed in a mainly green card box in Asia.

    + "Sat-Isabgol is derived from the seeds of plant called 'Plantaqo Ovata'. Sat-Isabgol is also known as Psyllium Husks, Sat-Isabgol, and Ispaqhula. This is an annual herb grown in Gujarat & Rajasthan States of India.

    Sat-Isabgol is nothing but a filmy upper layer of Isabgol Seeds. It has a significant property of absorbing water and form a bulk mucilage. Its action is purely mechanical and its efficiancy is entirely due to the large quantity of mucilage present in the husks.

    Currently Sat-Isabgol is most oftenly used as a bulk fiber in foods supplements." +

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    Posted by KellyVeganGirl at 06/18/08 16:32:38

    I really don't really get any cravings. I just make sure I count calories and fat grams to prevent weight gain.

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    Posted by Barleycorn at 02/25/09 19:13:31

    Craving for treats in a new vegetarian is usually the result of deep-seated fears that a veggie diet is inadequate and that you will be depriving your body of something.Especially in those who go from carnivore to near vegan overnight.This ego response needs to be firmly dealt with. It comes on strongly if you are feeling off-colour.
    It is not dangerous to change suddenly, but you may have to deal with all your instincts that tell you so. For this (purely psychological) reason, it may be best if you have a carnivorous family, to leave a year or so between giving up meat, fish, poultry, eggs, etc. Remember you will (or shoud) be eating a variety of fruits and veggies way beyond theirs, and the deprival is theirs, not yours.

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    Posted by Chia at 02/26/09 22:07:33

    I also used to go through the pantry and eat whatever junk I could find because I was always feeling a lack in something nutritionally... but I was not eating smartly or healthily.

    It turned out that 3 well-balanced, hearty meals was the best solution for me personally.

    A balanced meal for me usually consists of a mix of the following:
    - GRAINcooked brown rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat noodles, etc
    - GREENS/VEGETABLEsteamed or stir fried fresh seasonal vegetable, organic when possible
    - LEGUMEcooked bean, tofu, seitan, tempeh, soy or wheat-gluten veggie "meat"
    - SIDES/Additionsseaweed, saukerkraut, kimchi, fresh raw salad, soup

    Between meals, I would snack on dry roasted nuts, fresh fruit, and/or occasionally mildly sweetened vegan cookie.

    Eating well is my key to helping me stay satisfied & healthy on a vegetarian diet.

    It take conscious planning and effort!

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