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Something I have noticed:

Typically it is stated the "B12 is necessary for normal cognitive functioning" - not healthy cognitive functioning, even if due to our schooling/culture this is comprehended as "healthy" per pattern recognition from the source (group).

B12 vitamins are not possible to find fairtrade that easily if at all to the extent I have searched (typically results on fair trade pop up easily enough). The vegan growth has gone on for quite a while and "b12-necessity" been claimed for a long time. Judging by the pattern of my experience it is possible to live entirely fairtrade. This is not an argument, more an observation that may result in arguments eventually.

I ponder if it is some kind of karma-compatability with fleshfarm-partakers that is equalized by unnecessary non-fair trade elements, especially for the sake of not our own race (a general pattern in nature seems to be that we do not eat our own and eat "farther away from" - like predators are not eating predators (humans do not fit in this category, some of us also eat dogs (those can be vegan though/omnivorous (only reinforcing the argument I guess)).

I know enough to state that "group-think" and empathic connections are healthily affected by going vegan, resulting in a change in social dynamics around people, thus the "normal cognitive functioning"? It may not be a bad change, not for oneself either.

It may even be an advantage to have lower levels of B12 in not ingesting meat/dairy, even if this diverts from the norm.

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    Posted by cep at 10/05/17 20:42:21

    YES B12 is a necessity. I take B12 supplements and can tell when I need one - I get fatigued. I am celiac and had multiple nutrient deficiencies, so I take many supplements.

    It may be that some people absorb or synthesize b12 sufficiently, while other people don't. I have read that b12 can be made by bacteria in your gut - maybe some people lack those bacteria.

    You can get blood tests for b12 and other nutrients. If you do so every 6-12 months you can watch the levels go up or down. My vitamin D went up over about a year or so after I started supplementing.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 10/05/17 21:56:13

    Just buy some organic nutritional yeast and sprinkle it on all your meals for B12. You can also buy synthetic sublingual B12 of which they sell many grades of filtration. Both are vegan.

    Also, get vegan 'plant based D3' gel caps from Puritan's pride web site.

    These are the only mandatory supplements for a vegan diet.

    Of course, through Vegan Medical Herbalolgy there are many other wonderful vegan dietary supplements. I like Amla from the company 'Himalaya' for my vitamin C because it is cooling, helps lower cholesterol and has other health benefits. This one may not be for everyone, see a state licensed Doctor of Herbalogy. I like Western Herbalogy best.

    And if one wants a magnesium calcium pill, there are great vegan versions of that too. Check out 'Solgar.'

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/06/17 07:23:32

    You say you need b12 based on fatigue, however that can pertain to addiction/readjustment period - much like coffee.
    Blood tests are only useful when there is certainty and pertains to the knowledge integrity structure. The D vitamin levels that you mention can be something else, I often experience "overlaps" of coincidence (a good argument for "science" in its modern form, which I prefer to name something a bit less universal than science).

    Nutritional yeast makes sense! I have been happy about Solgar as well. I'll take a look at Himalaya

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 11/18/17 05:38:58

    YES B12 IS NECESSARY. B12 isn't a social construct. It's not like someone saying you have to wear pants to go work, it's a human necessity. You could develop nerve damage, neurological damage, mental illness - in severe cases if you don't take B12 for decades you could even develop paralysis, blindness and/or dementia.

    I don't mean to be hateful, but from your posts here I think a B12 shot might be exactly what you need, your thinking doesn't seem to be as clear as it could be, and lack of B vitamins can cause that - it's actually one of the main culprits of mental degeneration in alcoholics, deficiency of B vitamins.

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    Posted by betterMonica at 12/12/17 23:07:40

    B12 is very important for your health! Otherwise you may not be active enough

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    Posted by JackGraeme at 12/18/17 12:02:22

    I feel b12 is necessary for multiple reasons like joint pain, poor memory, skin, hair and further more. Becadexamin is one such supplement available at cheapest rates.

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