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so I was drinking this "naked greens and protein" juice and halfway through the bottle I saw "whey and soy protein isolate" on the side. I immediately started spitting and drinking water. I tried vomiting 5 times but I couldn't): now I have gas and stomach cramps and my throat feels clogged. I told my family and all they did was laugh. has anyone else accidentally done something like this
I feel absolutely disgusting and bloated.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/11/16 17:50:31

    Reading labels before consuming is advised, even with familiar brands, as companies are commonly bought and sold by bigger corporations and change their ingredients. Many formerly vegan products may no longer be so.

    Yes, dairy products cause congestion. Soy protein isolate is vegan but is a highly processed food and considered to be of limited value nutritionally.

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    Posted by eric at 07/13/16 17:13:11

    I always assume things aren't vegan until I learn otherwise. Yet, we can only do our best. Just detox and move on. :-)

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    Posted by bananabutt at 07/16/16 07:08:41

    thanks (: I'll be more
    careful next time

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    Posted by theVejewtarian at 07/16/16 18:43:45

    Hi there, bananabutt, I was told yesterday that certain food was vegan in a restaurant but after eating it I tasted milk in it, so I asked another person of this restaurant staff and he told me the food I ate had milk in it. I'm certain I've developed some milk intolerance after 12 years living without it, for I had the same symptoms you had yourself, bloated belly, gas, this egg smelling burp (sulphuric burp) and diarrhoea. I agree with our friend eric, always assume it's not vegan and sometimes doubt it is even if told so. I happened to see foodtrucks serving "vegan food" a lot of times this last year, most of the times I went the person serving the food and asked: "Is it vegan?" "Yes, it is..." "And what does being vegan means?" "...I'm not certain." This happens because most of the time the employees are not as well informed as the person who created the dish, so they think it's OK to use the same cookware without washing it and so on.
    I've had a very bad case of food poisoning last year after eating "vegan" thai food from a certain foodtruck here in Brazil. The employee preparing the dish didn't know vegans didn't eat seafood.
    Well, I hope you get better, I'm feeling better myself today, fight on!

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    Posted by monaveggie at 07/16/16 19:08:07

    I made mistakes along the way too. And I felt as horrible as you do, but it's okay we are not perfect and we learn from our mistakes.

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