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I've been vegetarian for 12 years and on two occasions I have accidentally eaten meat in the form of broth (soups). On both occasions I was told there was no meat in the soup and I didn't know that I had ingested meat until 1am when I was in the bathroom puking up everything in my stomach. Every single article I have read online tells me that it's all psychosomatic and has to do with the guilt of eating meat. I have had zero clue that I ate meat until I was already sick. So I'm certain it isn't that. One time it was beef broth and one time it was chicken broth, so it isn't likely that it's some allergy to a type of meat. It must be something in my stomach rejecting the meat and forcing me to throw it up because it is unable to digest it. Yet every article states that's not possible and that it must be all in your head. No research has been done on the topic to see if there is some counter action in the stomach that makes a long time vegetarian throw up from eating meat. In both cases it was a very small amount of broth, I wasn't out eating a steak or a double pounder cheese burger. Has this happened to anyone else? I can't believe I'm the only one that has this reaction.

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    Posted by moshnotposh at 04/27/17 21:00:04

    This is my condition. Once I accidentally ate meat in restaurant and after two minutes I start changing my colour to green!

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    Posted by Hellhound at 05/24/17 11:10:34

    I stopped eating mammals and birds when I was four then I stopped eating fish when I was nine. Now I find it hard to be in the same room as meat as the smell makes me want to throw up.
    Meat takes an unhealthy amount of time to digest therefore I find it easy to believe that your body just couldn't take it after being on a healthy vegetarian diet for years.

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