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Have you been following the story of Navenna Shine? She's a 65 year old woman who lives in Seattle. She's trying to emulate an obscure group of yogis known as the Breatharians, who supposedly had the ability to live on nothing more than sun light.

Ms. Shine is now 33 days into her diet and has lost 20 pounds. Her goal is to be on this diet for SIX MONTHS.

What do you think?

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    Posted by AMarsh93 at 06/14/13 08:15:33

    Wow, what an interesting story. I hope it ends well for her. Is she going at this alone or does she have doctors monitoring her?

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 06/08/13 11:57:40

    I would go on that diet if you could actually be healthy on it the rest of your life. From what I know if you do that diet you would starve yourself to death. If you have a link to info that proves otherwise I would like to see it. The best lifestyle I know is vegan. It is the most ethical lifestyle you can have. Animals are murdered and raped so you can eat them and what comes out of there body. Plants don't have a brain so they don't feel pain. My info link:
    Watch Gary's Speech at GA Tech. If we could live on sunlight and water it would be even more ethical because it would greatly reduce are impact on earth. Vegans have plenty of places they get all the vitamins they need. I don't see how you would get many vitamins on sun and water. I would love for you to prove I was wrong about not being able to live the rest of your life on a sunlight water diet but, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence which there appeasers to be a lack of in this case.

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    Posted by DC1346 at 06/11/13 08:56:02

    I must admit that I enjoy eating. I also enjoy cooking ... which is why I became a chef as well as a Culinary Arts instructor.

    I think this woman is out for her 15 minutes of fame. The fact that she's LOST 20 lbs. during her first month is disturbing particularly since she still has 5 months left in her diet. I earnestly hope that someone is looking after her, because if she collapses from malnutrition and can't call for help, she could die.

    The sad reality is that we all need energy to live. We convert energy from food into glucose and use this energy to run our bodies.

    The bottom line is that we HAVE to eat.

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    Posted by StephenS at 06/14/13 22:39:19

    My sister (vegan) wanted to become a Breatharian in her 'Hawaii Days'. She did a lot of research and such and basically learned that there was only 2 places left on the earth where you could get the unadulterated oxygen you need to ensure a healthy Breath based lifestyle. That's the Andes and the Himalayas. She ended up going Fruitarian instead.

    As to the comment that plants don't feel pain - I've been Veg/an for 25 years now, I am an organic farmer, Botany degree. There is a whole school of knowledge out there to contest this fact. Though plants may not feel or express as we (or other heart and brain based animals) do - I don't know if we can really say they do not feel pain. I think for us as vegans to use this argument as a morale high ground - really - is just an easy (and most likely false) argument.
    Instead - I think we should focus on the environmental, social, medical and food distribution arguments which show how much better a plant based diet is to a meat based one. As a 15 year organic/sustainable farmer - I will swear to the fact that plants do have a whole range of biological response to threat and attack - which though we may not see as pain - is definitely a survival response - including the ability to alert other members of the plant community of danger - as well as visible and nonvisible reactions from said community. And don't even try to convince me that plants don't bleed - or enjoy music and sweet talk :)

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/20/13 04:53:53

    While fasting on air and water can be very good for cleansing and weight reduction, I'm unaware of any substantiated evidence of going more than a few weeks without serious problems arising.

    I've been vegetarian since 1975 and vegan since '85, and have read countless books and articles. I've also written a few books and spoken in many classrooms and done TV and radio talk shows.

    Regarding plants feeling pain. The vast majority of botanists, biologists and neurologists agree that as plants have no central nervous system, it's very likely that they experience pain.

    Even if they did of course, a vegan "causes" the death of far fewer plants than a meat and dairy eater, because of the vast amounts of plants that "farm" animals consume and the vast amounts of forests clear-cut to create pasture.

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    Posted by CandiceHill at 07/09/13 00:16:03

    For sure that she will reach her goal on losing weight.I never thought that sunlight can be helpful for an healthy lifestyle.

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    Posted by elfmaiden713 at 08/15/13 17:59:07

    This is absurd. Humans are animals, not plants, and we are incapable of photosynthesis. I can sit in the sunlight for 18 hours, but all I will get is a massive sunburn and a grumbling stomach. Of course Ms. Shine lost weight. She is starving herself! I guarantee you that no doctor is monitoring her because any sane medical professional would strongly urge her not to do this "diet" and would refer her to a licensed nutritional therapist. People need FOOD to live or else we'll die, and we can't eat sunlight. End of story.

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    Posted by DunkiesandDimeys at 06/18/14 12:52:22

    The only reason she lost 20 pounds is she's starving yourself. You can't lose that much weight in that amount of time in any healthy way. There's a reason all living organisms consume some sort of nutrients to survive, and unless you find some sort of way to help humans photosynthesize you're going to end up killing or at least seriously injuring yourself.

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    Posted by The Hammer at 06/29/14 01:41:09

    breatharians aren't yogi's, they are are frauds. the only ones that seemingly could survive on air alone, have been caught cheating sooner or later.
    just Google Inedia (another word for breatharianism) and read all about the frauds like Jasmuheen.

    Anyone with a functioning brain can figure out that our physical body needs food.

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    Posted by Shailluis at 06/27/14 01:16:25

    sunlight is the gud source of vitamin D....and water is necessary for every human being....

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    Posted by vegan2005 at 10/07/14 17:32:04

    She stopped after forty seven days and lost 30 pounds. Her story is here:
    Judging by her current picture she was remarkably overweight and this 47 days fasting could just help her to gain some health. The question is can she continue to keep this healthy weight for a long time?

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    Posted by rahul2630 at 10/08/14 22:57:05

    Really inspirational story, Hope she will achieve her goal.

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