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Fat intake Hi everyone, new vegan here (although it’s not my first time, I was vegan for a year a few years ago). I’m convinced that plant based nutrition is the healthiest choice, that’s my motivation in choosing this path. But when tracking my food, I’m concerned to see that I cannot get my fat intake down to the levels suggested in all the literature, not even close. I’m currently eating around 35-40% of my calories as fat. I don’t eat ANY processed food, and I don’t eat excessive amounts of nuts/seeds, or pour oil over everything, so I genuinely can’t see how I can eat less fat. I seem to need this amount to stay satiated and not get low blood sugar symptoms; should I worry about my health? I’m a 42 year old woman, no health problems, and I’m in very good shape, around 19% body fat. I workout every day, mostly body weight stuff. So I don’t need to lose weight (it would be bad if I did), and I don’t have genetic predisposition to heart disease or diabetes or anything scary. Should I just listen to my body and carry on eating high fat? I’ll give you an idea of my days meals: Breakfast: oatmeal made with soy milk, blueberries, peanut butter Lunch: quinoa, roasted veggies, chick peas Dinner: stir fry veg, tofu, brown rice Snacks: fruit, dark chocolate, handful of nuts, hummus My overall calories is pretty low, 1800-1900, (I’m 5’10 and 135lbs, and active; my recommended calorie intake is 2000) so perhaps that’s skewing the percentages, so I’ll give you figures instead: Carbs: 218g (48%) Fat: 79g (39%) Protein: 61g (13%) I’d be so grateful for some advice!!!! Post Date: 05/15/18, Replies: 8 05/15/18 8
Maby my stomach doesnt want me to be a veg I have been vegan for more than a year and as much of a believer in animal rights and veganism i have almost come to the conclusion that i would be better off as a omnivore considering my wellness. Since i went vegan i have been having stomach issues like gas, diahrea and sometimes constipation. I have been taking probiotics and enzymes but they dont seem to work. And it doesnt seem to matter if i eat this or that. But for the last 5 weeks i have been having headaches too wich is very new to me. Could it just be that my stomach is less capable of digesting plant based food and food rich in fiber? I have a meeting with a digestion specialist in june, not sure what is going to come out of that but maby i will have to go back to eating animals because i am close to giving up on plant based food. Are there any people you know that have had this issue for such a long time? P.s. English is not my first language, and im not used to write in english. Post Date: 05/10/18, Replies: 1 05/10/18 1
Vegetarian diet not working for me? Hi all I have experimented with the vegetarian diet for a few months now. I am 17 years old and I wanted to do it for the "ethical" reason. Sadly I can clearly notice that I clearly do not "thrive" on this at all diet. I have gained weight on the vegetarian diet (normal range) but I do not feel good at all on it. My energy levels are just the same or even lower than when I was an omni. Most of the time after I eat I don't feel fully satiated, I feel more like 90% satiated and I continue to think about food. I think about food too much and I become irritable sometimes. I have tried adding fish to my diet, and I felt better. But after 3 days of eating fish, I haven't eaten any today and I feel bad again. What could be wrong? I eat a decent variety of food and I also eat eggs and cheese daily. Maybe this diet is not for me? I used to eat a high meat diet before January 2009. I think I'm getting enough protein. I do some weight training and my strength is just the same or even better than before. My iron levels are normal and I also get enough zinc. I added flax seeds for Omega 3, but didn't feel better. So what could be the problem? I'm interested in your opinions, maybe somebody else has/had the same problem? Post Date: 05/10/18, Replies: 4 05/10/18 4
Food to boost up my iron levels quickly I've been vegetarian for 2 and half years approx. And lately there has been a lot of issues among my family as well as economical issues, the stress is so big that I am not eating as much food as I should as I am not hungry, therefore my iron levels (which were already kinda low) are probably even lower my mom tells me I look paler and thinner, and I know I haven't been eating as I should, my hair has been falling lots too old the reason for that(it's been like that for a while even before things got bad) and I do not wish to spend more money on proteins, pills, or doctor visits as I am not in the luxury of spending money that easily, so I would like to know what greens I can eat to boost up my iron levels I mean I've been eating lentils and spinach but I still get tired easily and do not see much improvement, are there other foods that can help me faster? Post Date: 05/08/18, Replies: 4 05/08/18 4
Nutrient deficiency ? Hi, I am studying Bioresonance Therapy and the subject matter is Nutrient Deficiencies - the training manual states that "the human colon is not designed to extract nutrients from plant base sources exclusively." Does anyone have a response to this.? Post Date: 05/06/18, Replies: 0 05/06/18 0
Gas. I have gas. Hi, I'm new here, but I've been vegan for a little over 10 months. I'm trying to lose weight just in general by eating healthier and working out so I drink a smoothie with Garden of Life protein powder every morning which has never given me a problem but lately I have had the WORST gas. Like clear a room, run for cover kind of gas. I've been eating beans more consistently just to be more healthy, and it's like just plain black beans or kidney beans, nothing added. I don't use oil in my cooking either. I am extremely lactose intolerant and when I ate dairy before I went vegan, I got gas like this, but just lately I've been experiencing the same thing. I pretty much cook all my meals at home, and if I don't, I make sure everything I eat is vegan. I'm not in pain or anything, I'm just sick of it, and so is my family. Anything I might be doing wrong or should try doing? Anything helps, thanks in advance! Post Date: 04/18/18, Replies: 3 04/18/18 3
Foods that help with inflammation?? Hi, friends. I’m an active, (mostly) vegan 22 year old with a well balanced diet. Sometimes my job requires me to be active and on my feet all day, leaving me with aching knees the following day! It’s not to concerning level, just annoying and leaves me wanting to take ibuprofen. I’ve looked all over the Internet, but most Foods that are anti-inflammatory I already eat- like turmeric. Do I maybe need to eat more tumeric? Or are there some other foods/spices/supplements anyone knows of that help? I’d love to solve this naturally. Thank you :) Post Date: 04/18/18, Replies: 3 04/18/18 3
Is a tasty vegan protein powder out there? Hi! I've been searching for a vegan protein powder to add to my diet and I just can't stand any of the ones I've tried! Weird part is I'm the type of person to eat not so tasty food just not to waste it, I can really tolerate bad taste, but these had me gagging! I tried three different types of Garden of Life, and a rice protein powder and all were equally disgusting to me! Issue is that's all i found locally in packet form and I really don't want to buy a large container unless I'm positive it tastes good :\ It doesn't have to taste like ice cream but just something I can manage to get down would be nice lol A new member and just here to see if anyone has any expertise on the matter/recommendations! Thank you so much! Post Date: 04/16/18, Replies: 11 04/16/18 11
Constantly getting sick on a vegan diet I have been vegan for about a year and a half. Since then I have been getting sick the last 10 months at least once ever couple of months. I am in college and every time I fly home every couple of months I get sick! I don't feel bad on a vegan diet I enjoy eating vegan. I either get sick before coming home or a couple of days after I am home I will get sick. I have been home for 2 weeks now for summer break and I just got sick again! I think I eat a decently good diet with variety such as I make my own water melon juice, salads, lots of stir fry with rice, toast and avocado, soy products, almond milk, seeds and nuts and so on! I need help figuring out how I can help my self from getting sick all the time. I am a vegan because I don't like the slaughtering and torturing of animals just so I can have an omelet or a piece of stake. I am getting desperate here. Please I need help. Post Date: 04/04/18, Replies: 10 04/04/18 10
My hair is thinning This is probably unrelated to my going from lacto ovo vegetarian to vegan 6 months ago but my hair is seriously thinning and Im only 25! I am getting bloodwork done at the Drs but Im curious if anyone knows of any vitamins or minerals that contribute to full thick hair. Post Date: 04/04/18, Replies: 29 04/04/18 29
Is Intermittent Fasting Good? Is intermittent fasting recommended when trying to lower your weight? I'm a vegetarian but my brother keeps insisting on this type of weight loss strategy. He's doing 15 mins workout every day and only eats at this times: 12:00nn - 8:00 pm and went fasting at 8:00pm-12:00nn (everyday). Is this okay? We all know that breakfast is the most important meal and skipping breakfast may lead to Gastroenteritis and ulcer. Any advice so I can convince him otherwise? Thanks! Regards, Lucy Post Date: 04/02/18, Replies: 1 04/02/18 1
Asthmatic Vegan Discovers Meds Aren't Veg TL/DR: I'm an asthmatic and have been vegan for half my life. I recently discovered my medicines contain a milk protein. I'm upset with myself and ashamed. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 5 and back then I would occasionally get asthma attacks so it was pretty serious. By the time I was 25 my asthma was more controlled so I was given different medication - Advair Diskus and Singulair. I stayed on those for ten years, up until two weeks ago, when my doctor discovered my asthma was under even more control. He changed my medicine again, this time to FloVent. And I should mention I've been vegan since 18 (I'm now 35). For two weeks I haven't taken the Advair, by my doctors orders, while I waited for the FloVent to come in. And I felt fine without it. Then the FloVent came and right on the box it listed Lactose Monohydrate as an ingredient. Now, I'm familiar with that ingredient because when I was shopping for a new seasonal allergy med it was in most things. My doctor knows I'm vegan and he himself is vegetarian so I was pretty upset when I saw this med he prescribed had a milk ingredient. Then I looked up Advair -- same manufacturer as FloVent, same lactose monohydrate ingredient. Oh and Singulair has the same ingredient as well. So basically I had been consuming milk, unbeknownst to me, for at least ten years. I felt like I got punched in the face and I started tearing up. Just the thought of all those cows in all those factory farms, their utters hooked up to tubes, their bodies tricked into pregnancy to force milking. They are sexually assaulted and abused so people can put their milk on their Cinnamon Toast Crunch. And now the realization that I was a part of this - that without my knowledge, I have been contributing to their suffering. It was just too much for to handle at that moment. ***NOTE: its already hard enough for me to deal with the fact that these medicines are tested on animals. Not a second goes by when I'm not thinking about how some animal in a laboratory is getting forced to take my asthma med to see potential side effects. And it upsets me so much but I've been led to believe for so long that I need these meds. I guess I'm writing to let people know to check their meds' ingredients but mostly to vent. I don't know why I never checked earlier. I feel so stupid and ashamed. I called my doctor to see if there's something else I can be switched to and I'm waiting to hear back from a nurse. But at this point, I really feel like I want to stop taking anything though. I feel fine. I'm able to run a couple miles every day and I haven't had an asthma attack since I was a kid. I have to keep telling myself that we learn from our mistakes. I just wish I learned the truth sooner. Have a great day everybody. - Jason Post Date: 03/08/18, Replies: 3 03/08/18 3
My 68 Lbs. Weight Loss I've been a vegetarian for almost all my life, and I've faced the unique problem of being overweight. Maybe, though, it wasn't that "unique". Reading through the experiences of others, it's clear that a lot of us have had to struggle with our weight. Some people think meat-free eating is enough, but we can still overeat, and make poor food decisions, just like anyone else. So after facing this challenge, dropping 68lbs., and being a healthy weight for the first time that I can remember, I want to share my experience with others. I just published my story on my blog - the Veggie Novelist. I hope those facing a similar challenge can use my story to help them too! Post Date: 03/08/18, Replies: 0 03/08/18 0
B12 - is it necessary? Something I have noticed: Typically it is stated the "B12 is necessary for normal cognitive functioning" - not healthy cognitive functioning, even if due to our schooling/culture this is comprehended as "healthy" per pattern recognition from the source (group). B12 vitamins are not possible to find fairtrade that easily if at all to the extent I have searched (typically results on fair trade pop up easily enough). The vegan growth has gone on for quite a while and "b12-necessity" been claimed for a long time. Judging by the pattern of my experience it is possible to live entirely fairtrade. This is not an argument, more an observation that may result in arguments eventually. I ponder if it is some kind of karma-compatability with fleshfarm-partakers that is equalized by unnecessary non-fair trade elements, especially for the sake of not our own race (a general pattern in nature seems to be that we do not eat our own and eat "farther away from" - like predators are not eating predators (humans do not fit in this category, some of us also eat dogs (those can be vegan though/omnivorous (only reinforcing the argument I guess)). I know enough to state that "group-think" and empathic connections are healthily affected by going vegan, resulting in a change in social dynamics around people, thus the "normal cognitive functioning"? It may not be a bad change, not for oneself either. It may even be an advantage to have lower levels of B12 in not ingesting meat/dairy, even if this diverts from the norm. Post Date: 03/06/18, Replies: 8 03/06/18 8
Food Intolerance and Being Vegetarian Hi everyone! My name is Aditi, and I'm a new member of the Happy Cow Community. Last summer, I discovered that I was highly intolerant to any foods that have cow's milk, eggs, and yeast. While I've pretty much gotten used to almond milk as a substitute for cow's milk, I'm having trouble eliminating all foods that have eggs and yeast in them because I feel like they're laced in EVERYTHING. However, since I am a struggling carnivore at the moment, I am not truly well-versed in vegetarian or vegan diet options and I know eggs and yeast can easily be avoided. I just need to learn about how. I would love to get some help and guidance, I am all ears! Open to any suggestions at all, and would love to learn about possible alternatives to eggs and yeast, even simple list of food items that don't have either of those in them! Thank you everyone! Post Date: 03/05/18, Replies: 0 03/05/18 0
Dry skin I have been vegetarian for about 8 years. I cannot seem to do anything for my dry skin. Is there a food or supplement that will help in healing my dry skin? Does anyone else suffer from dry skin? Post Date: 03/03/18, Replies: 2 03/03/18 2
Vitamins for vegans I'm newly vegan and would like to see what vitamins are reccomended by actual people who actually take them. I know what vitamins my body needs, just wondering what brands are better than others or just simply what you all prefer. Thank you! :) Post Date: 03/03/18, Replies: 6 03/03/18 6
Joint pain? Hello, I started a Vegan diet about 20day ago and now I am experiencing joint pain. I didn't increase my activity level and I have not changed my daily routine. It mainly in my hands and my knees, advil doesnt seem to do anything for me. I do have some relief with activity but my question really is am I am missing something in my diet that would cause this? Should i be adding a supplement? I have been finding nothing but negative reviews on the diet and not a lot of help. Post Date: 03/03/18, Replies: 21 03/03/18 21
Extreme bloating, new vegetarian So, I am 2 months into vegetarianism, and while I havent cut out eggs or fish, I have been trying to cook meals without them, so I can really learn a new lifestyle. Tbh, I don't miss meat nearly as much as I thought I would however, I am SO painfully bloated 24/7. I have never felt this awful before and it honestly scares me. I actually look pregnant. I feel like I have a beach ball in my stomach. It actually makes working out difficult because I feel like I can't bend over! I know that it was to be expected at first, but it this normal 2 months in?? I have tried many at home rememdies including ginger tea, tons of water, digestive enzymes, not eating beans and cauliflower etc and have has no relief. Can anyone give me advice or let me know if this is normal or not? It's starting to feel like I just created a huge issue for myself, but I think of the animals and don't want to go back. Post Date: 02/28/18, Replies: 1 02/28/18 1
Weaning a nursing vegan toddler hello, I still nurse my toddler and plan to keep him vegan as long as I can. Anyone have experience weaning their toddler? Any tips and advance? My main question, do I give him milk alternative to help wean him? Problem is I don’t want him getting used to a milk alternative because I don’t think it’s necessary but I guess I can always wean him off that when he is older. Advice and tips please! TIA Post Date: 02/25/18, Replies: 1 02/25/18 1
Vegan Fitness Workout For Beginners Are you looking to get in shape? I'm a vegan fitness training and I'm here to help you achieve your fitness goals. Here is a free workout for you. Check it out and let me know what you think. Post Date: 02/19/18, Replies: 0 02/19/18 0
Whole Body Cleanse system safe? I went to a health store and bought this cleanse system(internal). The sales lady told me this is the most popular one and the most effective. Any suggestions? Enzmatic therapy: Whole Body Cleanse, Internal body cleansing system. The three products that I am supposed to use are the following and the process. Week 1 Laxative formula: 3 tablets at night Super Milk Thistle: 1 ultracap at night Fiber Fusion: 4 ultracaps in the morning and 4 at night Week 2 Laxative formula: 2 tablets at night Super Milk Thistle: 1 ultracap in AM and 2 at night Fiber Fusion: 4 in morning and 4 at night It seems like a lot to consume but I have never taken a cleansing system before. I have been searching for diecticians/nutrionists around my area but I can find none and/or have contacted some but they have not caled back yet (maybe cuz its the holidays, offices are closed?) If anyone can help that owuld be great. Thanks! Post Date: 02/19/18, Replies: 5 02/19/18 5
17 Unbeatable Supplements You Can Take Tod Hey guys, I just published this article about 17 Unbeatable Supplements for your healing your Leaky Gut forever, so wanted to share a short-and sweet version here. Leaky Gut is an uncomfortable problem that can cause extreme discomfort, stomach upset, and a host of associated and often severe health problems. It happens when the delicate lining of your intestines becomes too porous, allowing toxins and bacteria to enter your bloodstream and flood your system. The key to curing a leaky gut lies in restoring a healthy intestinal lining, which seals your gut and keeps those harmful toxins out. However, it can be difficult to know the best way to treat this uncomfortable problem, especially when prescription medication often makes things worse. In this post, we're going to show you how to heal leaky gut syndrome fast. Here you'll find 17 great all-natural supplements for leaky gut syndrome symptoms that will cure and repair your gut wall, without the need for prescription meds. Conclusion If a leaky gut is getting you down, by incorporating just one or two of the above-recommended supplements into your diet, you could soon start to see and feel a reduction in symptoms. As many of the supplements mentioned are relatively inexpensive, why not try combining three or four, if you want to see a dramatic improvement even faster? Remember the goal here is to improve overall gut health and intestinal function, so make sure you're also following a healthy diet, if you want to see the maximum benefits. Eliminate gluten, alcohol, and all processed foods, and reduce sugar and caffeine to a minimum, to really enhance the benefits of your new supplement regime. Don't forget the power of movement either, gentle exercise like yoga, stretching, pilates, and walking will all aid your body as your gut lining tries to repair itself. If you follow this advice and harness it in combination with one or more of the recommended leaky gut treatment supplements recommended in this plan, you will see a marked improvement in your energy and mood. You will also enjoy lower levels of inflammation and irritation, as a result of improved intestinal health. Now you know the supplements to heal your gut wall that your system requires, you can seal your leaky gut and suffer no longer. This treatment plan will empower you to get proactive and feed your body the substances it needs to replenish and repair itself, enabling you to cure your leaky gut syndrome forever. Continue reading about 17 Unbeatable Supplements Post Date: 02/19/18, Replies: 0 02/19/18 0
Bloating problem I went vegan 9 months ago. When I went vegan, I loss some weight, my digestion has accelerated, I felt light and good in my body. Now it is month or so and everything has returned to the state when I was carnivore. I am bloated after ANYTHING I eat, I have cramps in my belly, gas, I gained weight and my metabolism has slowed down. I don't remember some changes in my diet that could cause this and I don't have idea why is this happening. Could someone give me any advice? Post Date: 02/15/18, Replies: 1 02/15/18 1
I offer menu per week (prof. dietician) Hey! Last year I became a licensed dietician - I finished my studies at the University of Life Sciences in Poznan (Poland). For almost 2 years I am a vegan. As a result, I would like to share my knowledge and experience with others, and help people who would like their diet to be well balanced. I can make a weekly menu based on the most valuable and healthy vegan products covering the needs of the essential nutrients with the guarantee of individual approach to each person. Interested? - please, write a private message. 🙂 Post Date: 02/14/18, Replies: 0 02/14/18 0
Awesome! 15 Powerful Supplements that Will Hey guys, I just published this article 15 Powerful Supplements, so wanted to share a short-and sweet version here. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re from; fatigue can be one of the most difficult physical states to conquer. Whether you’re a student, an office worker, a parent, an Olympic contestant or anything in between, the condition of fatigue is one of the most common symptoms suffered by individuals living in the modern world. Unfortunately, feeling tired isn’t the only symptom you’ll feel when your body begins to feel drained. Feeling sleep-deprived comes hand in hand with an extensive range of negative side effects. From increased levels of stress and tension to decreased levels of productivity, it’s not uncommon to feel spaced out and disconnected from reality, both from yourself and the people around you, when the first signs of fatigue start to take hold. Fortunately, there is an extensive range of completely natural supplements for fatigue that gives you the opportunity to combat these symptoms and signs of tiredness, enabling you to carry on with your day effectively and productively. These supplements can help to reduce your stress and tension levels while allowing you to complete what you need to get done. Here, we’ll explore some of the most effective fatigue-fighting supplements on the market, giving you the power and edge you need to conquer each day. Conclusion Fighting the effects of fatigue with supplements is one of the greatest improvements you can make to your everyday life. At its core, you’re simply replacing the vitamins, nutrients, and substances that your body uses up every day but simply don’t have time to replace properly through your lifestyle or diet. Remember to always consult your doctor before administering supplements for their advice and recommendations on dosages. Get ready to live a life where nothing can stand in your way! Continue Reading 15 Powerful Supplements Post Date: 02/10/18, Replies: 0 02/10/18 0
Health problems, need help. I've been vegan for around five years, since I was fifteen. I was doing fine, but since last year I've struggled with fatigue and concentration problems. I tried to correct the most "common" problems, B12, calcium, vitamin A and D deficiency, poor protein intake, zinc, iron... but nothing has worked. It's frustrating because almost every [censored]ing nutritional problem causes fatigue and brain fog, so is imposible to tell what is wrong unless you try all the blood tests in existence. The last two options in my mind are a diet poor in fat and omega 3 deficiency (I didn't really consider it till now, because when I was a child I never ate fish, and neither did my family, that aren't vegetarian and always were ok, so I thought it was not a problem). But I can´t keep guessing. I`m a student and I don't have a lot of money to spend buying all the superfood and supplements that, maybe, could help me. I went to a couple of nutritionist and doctors, but none of them knew how to handle the situation. The best advice was the typical "Just eat meat and everything will be ok". Thank you, Captain Obvious. If it continues like this, I really think I would give up. A couple of questions: how common are in vegan problems due to bad fat intake? What other problems could I be overlooking? I would be grateful for any advice. PD: sorry for my english. Post Date: 02/10/18, Replies: 7 02/10/18 7

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