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Calling All Experts Hi Everyone, If you are especially knowlegable about a field or topic related to vegetarianism and veganism and would like to write an article to be published on HappyCow, please email us. Related topics may be anything about vegetarian health, vegan diet, nutrition, healthy foods, animal rights, raw food diet, home gardening, organic gardening, vegetarian nutrition for pets, arguments for a vegetarian diet, vegetarian philosophy, travel tips about a major city or country, etc... HappyCow will link to your website or blog from any accepted articles you write. To begin, use the "Contact Us" buttom at the top of this page. Thanks! webmaster -eric Post Date: 08/25/14, Replies: 6
Veg Home Chefs and Caterers Hello, Can we also extend listing to home chefs and caterers who adhere to Veg or Vegan or both? Thanks and Regards, -Dhanesh Post Date: 03/20/17, Replies: 1
Extend functionalities Hello, Can we please extend functionalities to: 1) Menu listing and if possible even daily/weekly specials 2) Reservation 3) Order food from given listing. Payment and food delivery mechanism to be identified. 4) Place party orders 5) Place order as per own taste/requirement along with location, dates, etc. which in turn will be responded by one or more of the local providers. Thanks and Regards, -Dhanesh Post Date: 03/20/17, Replies: 2
Multi-lingual content Hello, Will it be possible to create all content in different languages. We can use this great community to provide correct translation of English content into other languages. I'm happy to lead this as a Tech project. Thanks and Regards, Dhanesh Post Date: 03/20/17, Replies: 1
how to get updates by email for cities? I tried to add a city to follow to my list but could not find any way of doing this. Can anyone help?? thanks! Post Date: 03/05/17, Replies: 9
Grandfathered 5 Stars Reviews I just noticed when trying to give my favorite restaurant a 5 star review that I was only able to give them a maximum of 4 stars for only being veg-friendly. I personally have no problem with this and support this rating system. Though, I noticed earlier when giving another review to SOL CAL cafe, that it shows them with 4 1/2 stars while scrolling through. Over a year ago they switched from being fully vegan to serving meat and dairy. It seems they were allowed to grandfather in their 5 star ratings from when they were vegan. It doesn't seem fair to me that restaurants that abandon vegetarianism get to keep their ratings exclusive to vegetarian restaurants and not deal with the same handicap as their competitors. They should have to play by the same rules and have their 5 star reviews taken down to 4. Post Date: 02/15/17, Replies: 1
API for the website? Hi, I've written the "Gary bot", which runs on the www.reddit.com/r/vegan subreddit. He responds to common queries about veganism, so - for example - typing @Gary! Nutrition will return a list of websites talking about vegan nutrition. That's a long-winded introduction to my real question. A common question on /r/vegan is: "I'm visiting x city, where can I eat?" I'm hoping to add functionality to Gary, so that you can type: @Gary! London and he responds with the best vegan restaurants in London. I can maintain the responses manually, but it would be helpful if I could script Gary to query an API on HappyCow to get the results. That's a long-winded preamble to the actual question, which is: Is there currently an available API on HappyCow that I could use for this purpose? Thanks for any help you can give. All the best Matt Post Date: 02/10/17, Replies: 2
Addition for Your List of Vegan Blogs You forgot an awesome, original restaurant review blog: Vegan Town USA vegantownusa.wordpress.com Vegan Town – to make your town more vegan-friendly by winning food prizes away from meat eaters and telling people about your vegan finds. Vegan Town USA is the flagship vegan town blog; originator of the “vegan town” term of art; copied incorrectly by UK vendor! Anyone is welcome to start a “vegan town” blog as long as they refrain from diluting the trademark. Post Date: 01/27/17, Replies: 0
Profile, Religious Path How about adding "freethinker" to your list of choices? I'd like to list that on my Profile. Post Date: 01/24/17, Replies: 0
Publish your avatar dimensions for new use Hi there I'm new here and can't upload an avatar - a message the dimensions of my image are wrong. Don't know what the dimensions should be? How does anyone ever upload their photo? The image I'm trying to use is tiny as well. Thanks. Post Date: 01/13/17, Replies: 2
Make forums searchable It'd be great to have a way to search the forums by keyword. Like for this suggestion - no clue if someone's already submitted it! I scrolled through 1 page of suggestions, but stopped there. That's probably pretty typical of how people search for information without an option to plug in keywords. Post Date: 12/07/16, Replies: 2
Sync My Trips created on website to Mobile How do I get my Trips created on the computer on the mobile? Post Date: 12/07/16, Replies: 2
Change Icon - Favourite List When you add an item to your favourite list, the green heart on the place's page should change so users know it's been marked as a one of their favourites. Maybe it should be a green heart outline and become a full green heart when added to favourites. Post Date: 11/07/16, Replies: 1
link to happycow android app from email i've installed the pro version of the android app on my phone. i also subscribe to email updates from happy cow. when i click on the links, either through my browser or the email app, it redirects me to a browser page that says "get the happycow app", with the only options being "get it on google play" or "go to happycow website". how can i skip this step and be immediately directed to the happycow app which is already installed? i'm using android 5.0 on an asus zenfone, if it helps. Post Date: 09/17/16, Replies: 1
how long does it take -- new listing? i just added a new listing for a town that generally is not very veg-friendly, but the listing is not showing. how long does this process take? how do i know if it gets added or not? thanks Post Date: 09/07/16, Replies: 3
Happy Cow BlackBerry App Please consider making an app for either BlackBerry 7 or BlackBerry 10( QNX ). Post Date: 08/22/16, Replies: 1
Does HC underrepresent vegfriendly venues? Health food store - We will add it just as soon as possible. I found a Thai restaurant in Folsom, CA yesterday with a separate vegan-friendly dinner menu with over 30 items, and about 15 items on a separate veg lunch menu. I think it's important to have this restaurant to put Folsom on the map, otherwise vegans traveling thru here have zero options. But I ran into the below policy. Folsom is a mainstream city that does not have any pure vegetarian restaurants, nor health food stores (other than ones selling only vitamins), nor farmers' markets that I know of. A vegan traveling thru Folsom might love to know about this restaurant, but I can't seem to get it listed b/c of the policy below, which I think does a disservice to travelers. I think that when one does a search for "100% vegetarian restaurants" for a particular city, they should simply get a "no match found" message. Or a "no match found, but this city has at least one listing for a veg-friendly restaurant." The policy: "Also note regarding Veg-friendly but Not 100% Vegetarian: In order to add a new US city to the HappyCow website, there needs to be a pure vegetarian restaurant OR a health food store in that city also, in order for us to add veg-friendly/not 100% veg places. Otherwise, when a visitors chooses the "Show 100% vegetarian only" default, the newly created city will not show, and the website will lead the visitor to an ERROR page ("this page does not exist... there are no vegetarian restaurants in this city")." Post Date: 08/15/16, Replies: 61
Edit oder change uploaded photos Hello, I didn't find a threat with this topic. That's why I ask you here: How can I change or edit the text below my uploaded photos? Thanks for your help! NaukaW. Post Date: 08/15/16, Replies: 1
window sticker Hey! Recently i had lunch somewhere where they had a happycow sticker on the window with their star rating on it. Was it self made, or an official happycow thing? If the latter, how could i get one for my shop? Post Date: 08/06/16, Replies: 2
Site Request: Countries by veg*n density I know that HappyCow has a list of the top-rated veg*n restaurants in the world, but I think it would be interesting to see a list of countries/provinces/etc. ranked by veg*n density. Here's what I know: * HappyCow has a list of veg*n restaurants * It shouldn't be too hard to find the area of a country/province/state/etc. * So, you could create a feature that allows you to see a list of countries/provinces/states, etc. sorted by veg*n restaurants/km^2. I feel like this would not just be cool, but could help people who want to travel somewhere, but are not sure where. They can look at that list, and then see where has the most/least options per km^2. Post Date: 08/05/16, Replies: 3
Site Suggestion: Taiwan is not an SAR While searching for Hong Kong, I just discovered Taiwan is listed under the heading, "Special Administrative Regions". This is totally incorrect. While the status of Taiwan may be disputed, it has never been claimed to be one of China's Special Administrative Regions (SAR) - of course not by Taiwan, but also not by PRC. The webpage of PRC's Department of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs states that it: "develops diplomatic policies concerning the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), Macao SAR and Taiwan" (www.fmprc.gov.cn/mfa_eng/wjb_663304/zzjg_663340/gats_665294/) Note that it does not use Taiwan SAR. Suggestion: Remove Taiwan from that section. Not only is it propagating incorrect info, it can be viewed as a gesture by Happy Cow that is offensive (imposing its own resolution of the dispute), terribly ignorant of the area it is discussing, and misleading to readers. Taiwan is already listed under Asia. If the purpose is to provide a link for people searching for Taiwan under China, then simply label it as such, for example: "Looking for Taiwan (R.O.C)? Click here". That way Happy Cow does not appear to be partisan in the dispute. Post Date: 07/31/16, Replies: 2
New location-setting-procedure not works. The new location-setting-procedure for registration of new restaurants does not work properly. After setting the marker on a place on the map, the system automatically moves the marker (to an other street). So for example for the restaurant "Casa Natural Lugervit" in El Vigia, Venezuela. Post Date: 06/14/16, Replies: 3
Please Bring Back Chat Many people are voicing their sorrow that the chat room has disappeared from Happy Cow. The chat room was a fantastic avenue for vegans and vegetarians to share their experiences, recipes, and simply a place for people who don't have many others who share their values to commiserate. It was a valuable resource for new vegans and vegetarians to get real-time information and support. It would be a shame to see it not return. Post Date: 06/06/16, Replies: 11
Changing language I just download the app and it's all on Hebrew and I don't know how to change, so how can I change the language?! Post Date: 06/04/16, Replies: 2
make chat easier to find? Hi -- So glad you've brought back chat (I hear, from a couple chat friends) -- but -- where is it?? I'm loooooking..... /me wonders if blue turtle or beatnik or anomaly have found out how to get there yet.... THANK YOU!! Post Date: 06/03/16, Replies: 2
Listings for transport operators Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to add a train/plane/ship company on HappyCow? SJ, the Swedish state railways, now have vegan breakfasts and hot lunches and dinners in their buffets, and these can be ordered in advance when buying the ticket in advance to guarantee there will be enough in stock. The German national rail company has also advertised recently that they are introducing a vegan menu. I thought this could be useful for international travellers, but wasn't sure how to add this to HappyCow. What do you think? :) Best wishes, Amy1274 Post Date: 01/14/16, Replies: 1
Reviews without a Rating Hi everyone, We've had many requests to allow members to rate a listing without adding a review. In our discussions so far it seems like a bad idea since there is no accountability, and could easily hurt a restaurant's business without offering any feedback to owners who care to improve. Would be great to get your ideas / suggestions regarding this as well here in this thread. Thanks, Eric Post Date: 09/16/15, Replies: 2

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