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Captcha me I find the capcha-like system on each text submission quite an aggravation. It frequently fails and as we are already members I do not see the point. Post Date: 10/05/14, Replies: 1 10/05/14 1
Veg Airport Listings I wish there was a better way to add listings in airports... maybe I'm missing something? I just add it as a regular restaurant and then in the "cross streets" field write the terminal. It would be great if there was a way to add listings to an airport? Like a new type of listing that was categorized by airport... I've also found it difficult to find restaurants in airports while traveling. Post Date: 09/01/14, Replies: 1 09/01/14 1
Calling All Experts Hi Everyone, If you are especially knowlegable about a field or topic related to vegetarianism and veganism and would like to write an article to be published on HappyCow, please email us. Related topics may be anything about vegetarian health, vegan diet, nutrition, healthy foods, animal rights, raw food diet, home gardening, organic gardening, vegetarian nutrition for pets, arguments for a vegetarian diet, vegetarian philosophy, travel tips about a major city or country, etc... HappyCow will link to your website or blog from any accepted articles you write. To begin, use the "Contact Us" buttom at the top of this page. Thanks! webmaster -eric Post Date: 08/25/14, Replies: 6 08/25/14 6
Contributions (Member Points) How about getting "Member Points" for; 1) updating a listing? 2) adding a recipe? 3) posting to a forum topic and/or starting a new forum topic? Post Date: 08/09/14, Replies: 1 08/09/14 1
Filter places by opening time When you are visiointi a new city on sunday for example it would be nice to ne able to filter which places are open that day. Also the time of the day, to see which ones are open before 10 for example Post Date: 08/07/14, Replies: 2 08/07/14 2
How To Become Fan On HappyCow? I visit somebodies Member Profile and want to become FAN but i cant figure out how to do that. How can i become FAN form somebody here on HappyCow? Post Date: 08/04/14, Replies: 4 08/04/14 4
I wish scrolling map would update listings The most intuitive way for me to search for new restaurants is to bring up a starting location and then pan and zoom the map. For example, if I'm on a road trip, I might want to scroll along the highway I'm taking. This doesn't really work though: once you scroll beyond the initial search city, no new listings appear. Maybe it's just me, but I find this terribly annoying, and it's awkward to go back to the previous screen, choose a new city for the next search, etc. this seems to be a problem on the Phone app (iOS) too. Maybe I'm missing something? Post Date: 07/17/14, Replies: 2 07/17/14 2
Why is vegan censored? I am wondering! Why is "vegan" censored on this site at times? :/ Post Date: 07/15/14, Replies: 8 07/15/14 8
I just went to a new shelter today looking I just went to a new shelter today looking to adopt a dog with little time to rescue and find it a home. My husband is allergic to cats so we cannot have any. There was this little black and white kitten about 8 weeks old, quiet, nice and playful. She has been there a week today and that is there limit! I just did not feel right leaving her there and I cried the whole way home. I would be willing to pay her adoption fee even though and whatever else if the right person would give her a home. I hope she is not dead by then. I am going to call the shelter and tell her that I am coming to get her. They are closed tomorrow because that's when they get rid of the old animals. Please someone respond. Thanks you can text me at 714-615-8870. I live in temecula, ca Post Date: 07/09/14, Replies: 6 07/09/14 6
Cruelty Free and Vegan blogger here :) Just thought i would share with you lovely people my cruelty free and vegan blog with :) Post Date: 05/21/14, Replies: 2 05/21/14 2
Happy Cow Donation Purpose? Hello Happy Cow, Firstly, what a wonderful website, Happy Cow Mobile Phone Application, community and service provide. For that, Thank You! I have a question if I may in relation to why you offer donation options to your website? My understanding, thus far, is that you offer a variety of store items to include apparel, receive funds through advertisements on your website and, offer a mobile application at a cost in extension to your website (which is wonderful by the way). To this I ask myself why the donation and to where or whom benefits from this? There at some point would be an excess for profit once you collaborate all of the aforementioned into one basket. Am I mistaken in thinking that you would be an in profit organisation? If so and you are positively using the donations in weaker sectors in need of support for people, animals or to better spread "the word" then, could you please guide to me where this information can be located, if at all? Warm regards, fnv PS. If any member/s could shed some light that would be wunderbar. Post Date: 12/25/13, Replies: 3 12/25/13 3
Favorite books I'm aware of hundreds of books on animal rights and related issues. I'd like to see members create a master list by suggesting their favorites. Here are my current Top Ten: Neither Man Nor Beast...........Carol Adams When Elephants Weep.............Jeffrey Masson An Unnatural Order..............Jim Mason Eternal Treblinka...............Charles Patterson Intimate Nature.................Linda Hogan Biological Exuberance...........Bruce Bagemihl Terrorists or Freedom Fighters..Best and Nocella Animal Liberation...............Peter Singer Man and the Natural World.......Keith Thomas Dominance and Affection.........Yi-Fu Tuan Most of these authors have also published other great books... Post Date: 11/22/13, Replies: 2 11/22/13 2
function rooms for private parties I would love it if Happy Cow could somehow list info for restaurants that have a private function room for parties. I have been pulling my hair out trying to find such a place in Vancouver. I suppose it's not such a big deal for cities with very few options but for larger cities, it is a real mission to find out this information! Cheers! (and thanks for all your hard work) Post Date: 10/12/13, Replies: 1 10/12/13 1
My dad's birthday...ruined My dad wanted to go to a BBQ restaurant for his birthday. I said sure. Get off work, come home, change clothes, leave house. Go into the restaurant. Everything is ok, seems like it would be fine to eat there since I am used to watching them eat meat in front of me. Pick up menu, nothing healthy except fries and a salad. Waiter comes over, asks for drinks, etc. Mom orders, dad orders, I order fries and a salad with dressing on the side no meat. Waiter comes over with food, gives me french fries and salad. But wait. Wtf is this? White stuff? Parmesan cheese? I decide not to waste it, just give it to mom in a doggy bag. Feel guilty for trying to go out to eat with parents, since everytime I go out with them I can never eat anything because I eat so [censored]ing weird. Start to wimper, take a sip of water, run to restroom. Go to a stall, bawl my eyes out silenty for 10 minutes against the wall. Sitting, thinking, what am I doing? Why is life have to be so difficult? Go back to tabel, mom and dad are asking where I was, tell them I was in the restroom. Grab salad, walk outside before they do, stare into sky and keep pondering and still trying to hold in the tears that I have about this. Mom asks if I am crying, I tell her I am not. Get into car, they apologize for asking me to come out, I tell them it's not their fault "I am so [censored]ing weird and obscure". Go home, keep silent the entire drive. Get into house, run upstairs to my room, shut my door. Brushing off the salad would be an option. Still wouldn't eat it. I am lactose intolerant. Not being able to eat anything with my family is the worst feeling in the entire world. I hate it. Every goddamn family reunion and gathering has all been the same: no one makes anything that I eat because I am just a picky eater. Really, I have no sense of why I do this sometimes. What am I doing this for? Then I look outside, at my dog, at the flowers, at the birds, squirrels, insects.....I realize what I do this for. I want to end all of the things that people think as being healthy. I have read a bunch of short stories but they were Star Trek. One story was of people that couldn't stand Earth, so they go develope their own planet free from their ignorance. I want to do that. It's what I want is to be with people as weird as me who don't eat any animals or anything from them. And then I will tell my grandchildren of how people used to eat brutally killed animals for nutrients and they would think I was telling a horror story and think of these people as ignorant and stupid people or they would think I was fibbing or telling a lie. Unfortuneately, I only dream of this and the present can only change if I do something but there is nothing for me to change. I cannot change any others for being ignorant. I know now, that although I may be ignorant for not eating animals, I still feel happy being who I am and no one can change me for that. Post Date: 07/08/13, Replies: 2 07/08/13 2
Bees need to be protected! This theater shows the Swiss documentary "More Than Honey": If you live near France, go watch it. If Not, find where you can watch the documentary: Also read this page, although the petition is yet sent: Let us all act for a better world! Post Date: 03/22/13, Replies: 4 03/22/13 4
How Long Before a Draft Post is Timed Out? Yes, yes, we all appreciate that we need to be sensible and prepare anything of substance in a programme such as 'Word' and then cut and paste it. In the real world however we are human and sometimes commence what is intended as being a short reply in situ. It gets longer - time drifts by - and then BOOM! One's internet has lost connection to that page and half an hour's work has also been permanently lost. My i.t. knowledge is close to zero, but I get the impression that on many sites one is not timed out provided one keeps typing. However, I lost a detailed post here which was disappointing, particularly as I put in a lot of work instead of going to bed. Please advise as to how exactly the timed out procedure works here. Please presume complete ignorance and you won't be far off the mark. Thanks. Post Date: 12/29/12, Replies: 1 12/29/12 1
Vegan tip of the day I think it would be nice if on the home page there was a place for a 'vegan tip of the day.' A brief tidbit or helpful hint on surviving in the meat driven world. It could be anything, form a product to avoid, to a trick on making veggies fun for kids. Post Date: 08/20/12, Replies: 2 08/20/12 2
Happy Cow Android App Just wanted to say thanks for making this app :D It works great on my phone and it seems like it'll be very useful! Post Date: 08/20/12, Replies: 4 08/20/12 4
A place for veggie stories Hi, I think it would be neat if there was one place where alot of us could post our experiences in dealing with meat eaters, and the lessons in life that we've learned over the years. I thinks its a good idea because many new members, and people new to veg*nism, enter the chatroom seeking difficult questions that cant always be answered in that setting. Sometimes they enter when the current conversation moves with its own momentun, and the question goes unheard. We try our best to help out, but it would be nice to have something more substantial to rely on. Not like a blog (where people just go to vent or ramble about thier problens), or a forum (where the topic tends to be evolve around each comment). What I have in mind is something simple and easy to find; in the topics link maybe. I can imagine quite a compilation of tales to beheld for those seeking to benefit for those looking advice and understanding among thoses who have been there. And maybe a few laughs anc be shared to, who knows. Anyway, thats my suggestion to help make Happy Cow a better place. Post Date: 05/25/12, Replies: 7 05/25/12 7
Restaurants closed down I'm traveling in South America at the moment and have encountered this problem multiple times. Each time I have of course reported them as closed on Happy Cow but it's really annoying and shouldn't be happening. So I was wondering if it's possible to add a feature which flags the restaurant up as possibly being closed if someone hasn't posted a review in more than a year? Or a just button that users can click to confirm it's still open and Happy Cow could display the date the button was last clicked? Post Date: 04/25/12, Replies: 1 04/25/12 1
Chatroom down :( Anybody heard anything about when our fave chatroom will be back up again? :) Post Date: 10/07/11, Replies: 6 10/07/11 6
Happy cow member of the week I think it would be cool if we had a member of the week for each week. Or member of the month or year. Maybe decided by number of reviews writen the week before, best written review, best picture uploaded, or simply by popular vote. I like the idea of voting on happy cow; it seems like a way to get people more involved. Proposing candidates and whatnot. Hey for that matter, does HC have an ambassador? OK that one is a stretch. LOL but you see what i'm getting at here. Post Date: 09/04/11, Replies: 3 09/04/11 3
Suggestion for Forum pages Hi, apologies if this has already been suggested, but on the Forum pages, could you sort the topics by "Last Reply" instead of by "Post Date"? It would make it easier to view only new content. Thanks, Truly Post Date: 09/04/11, Replies: 2 09/04/11 2
Contact Us links on website and iPhone app Had the hardest time finding a way to communicate with you which means others are too! Post Date: 06/28/11, Replies: 3 06/28/11 3
Add new places via iPhone app Would like a way of adding new restaurants, etc within the iPhone app. Can do this on apps like foursquare and gowalla. Post Date: 06/25/11, Replies: 0 06/25/11 0
Animal Ingredients 2.0 The listing of animal ingredients here on Happy Cow is so helpful. To make my product purchasing a more conscience one, I copied the list, edited out the definitions, and formated it into a handy wallet feature. Now when i go grocery shopping, I consult my quick-list, and am able to shop worry free about ot knowing about what is really in my food. My suggestion is to feature a second animal ingredient list here on Happy Cow; one that is just the ingredients and is formated for easy printing. So that people like me, who dont always know what the technical terms for some of the animal ingredients are, can always have an easy to read list at hand. *Food for thought* Post Date: 09/09/10, Replies: 3 09/09/10 3
Restaurant Listing Debate: Not 100% Veg In order to continue our discussion regarding Happy Cow listings of Veg-friendly restaurants (, the webmaster asked that we start a new discussion. While adding a section that says old listings or Veg-friendly places that don't meet HC criterion is a good idea, it really is a bad idea. In doing so, you're going to get rivalry from restaurant owners or people partial to the restaurant, so why not let the reviewers do this part for you? Here what I would do: List the restaurant at the very end of all listings, I believe the non-100%-veggie places are in a light pink color now, so why not list those other ones in grey. Add a disclaimer within the description basically stating "Warning: This is not a 100% Vegetarian/Vegan place. Happy Cow does not support this restaurant as meat/dairy contamination is very likely" (or something close to that) – this solves the issue with preference and owner rivalry. If it's a bad restaurant, it will be clearly reflected in negative reviews by HC members. And when the owners read what the consumer has to say, maybe they'll clean up their act. By keeping only the good restaurants on the site, I think, only does more harm than good. Like I had said previously, how will we know if a place is good/bad? If I find a place that has Vegan options, I want to find out about it and possibly try it. I understand that if a place is not listed on the site that it probably doesn't meet HC's standards, but how do we really know if that place meets HC's standards??? What if it's a new place? Or a place that no one has discovered (the webmaster can't be out everywhere scouting these restaurants out)? A lot of places don't advertize; and I know a lot shy away from the word Vegan, especially in the Midwest where the term is still unfamiliar to many. For example, there is a place called Sweet Cakes Bakery that carries about 50% Vegan baked goods, if you ask they will tell and assure you of the Vegan items …but they don't advertize things as being Vegan – same with Bleeding Heart Bakery (well they have the words Vegan posted in the store). I'm so lucky I found those places via word-of-mouth; otherwise, I wouldn't be able to enjoy these wonderful Vegan baked goods. My overall point is that I don't thing being one-sided does any good. It also comes across as being elitist to others; I feel that this tends to shy others away from Veganism. I truly wonder how many people are scared off due to this; we're essentially being counterproductive when it comes to helping people become Vegetarian/Vegan. And another point I'd like to make, what about new Vegetarians/Vegans or those thinking about going that route? I'd think the unknown would be scary to some; when I was just vegetarian (for almost all of my life) and had never even known about these special Veggie places…I was weary. I remember being 18 and weary about going to Chicago Diner (which is one of my favorite places now). For the newcomers, I think having those places (with some veggie options) listed helps to ease them into Vegetarianism; the familiarity of what they knew is there while they're free to explore the unknown, become more interested, and then begin to explore fully Vegetarian/Vegan places. What does everyone else think? Post Date: 09/07/10, Replies: 62 09/07/10 62

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