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I'm hoping this experience is uncommon, but: Last week in Brownsville we found a diner with gorgeous green signage, menus, etc. where everything was touted as pure + natural. We ordered a couple different soy sandwiches. One bite each and we sensed something was wrong. The waiter lied to my wife, but when I asked to talk to the cook he shrugged and admitted that the soy stuff has a substantial amount of beef, "For flavor." Now, there's no way these guys are going to reprint their expensive menus, so it bothers me to know that we won't be the last folks scammed by these jerks. Don't know how many places like this exist though.

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    Posted by treehugger at 06/21/07 09:01:13

    My god!! That's just awful!
    Were they actually maked up as vegan or vegetarian? If so then there's definately a case for reporting them.

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    Posted by stef42678 at 06/25/07 01:26:14

    Wow I can't believe that! I think a great addition to this website would be a section for places NOT to go so that situations like this don't happen. Thanks for the warning!

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    Posted by Terry B. at 07/06/07 19:07:05

    I have seen that before.

    The good news is that vegetarian is becoming more mainstream and in vogue. The bad news is that a lot of folks are going to use it as a catchphrase for advertising. For instance, ten years ago, I knew very few vegetarians and a good number of people didn't even know what it was. Now, it seems that every other person I meet claims that they are "partly vegetarian" or were vegetarian for ten years. Heck, in my last office, there were four other people who identified themselves as vegetarian. Of course, three of them ate meat of some kind on a daily basis which made it sort of hard for the two of us who didn't. ("What do you mean, you don't eat spaghetti and meatballs? The other vegetarians are.")

    "Pure and natural" doesn't mean anything and McDonald's could use it on their menus if they wanted. The term vegetarian isn't regulated either and, unless you know, it's better to ask a lot of questions before you decide what to eat.

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    Posted by Tom at 07/13/07 05:12:34

    >>I meet claims that they were vegetarian for ten years.

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    Posted by Tom at 07/13/07 05:16:30

    When I hear that claim I almost always comment that "in actuality they were just on a meatless diet. Becoming vegetarian is a shift of consciousness." That usually gets people to recognize and think about the decision as a positive lifestyle choice with much depth.

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    Posted by Terry B. at 07/14/07 06:58:57

    No, they weren't on a meatless diet at all. They were just either trying to connect by saying that they had something in common with others or trying to be fashionable. It really doesn't bother me if others want to call themselves Martians or Hulkamaniacs though it does make things harder for others. However, I like to see it as a positive thing -- at least people know what the word means nowadays.

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    Posted by Aardy at 02/02/08 13:24:42

    I think that is awful too, however, I don't think we can have a free-for-all here of blackmailing businesses. Is there any way someone can check the establishments officially that are recommended on happycow and if there is a problem take them out of the recommended list?
    I've been thinking about this a lot because the vegetarian restaurant in my hometown (most popular one) has been using sulfates as a preservative on all the salad bar options to keep them fresh. I asked, and was told the truth. I gave my opinion about that behavior flying in the face of good health and vegetarianism and of course don't frequent that restaurant any more. It is also listed in happycow list as a recommended place to go. Now I wouldn't even tell my worst enemy to go there!

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    Posted by KellyVeganGirl at 06/18/08 16:25:40

    That's disgusting! People can so pathetic!
    You have punched the waiter and j/k

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