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While searching for Hong Kong, I just discovered Taiwan is listed under the heading, "Special Administrative Regions". This is totally incorrect. While the status of Taiwan may be disputed, it has never been claimed to be one of China's Special Administrative Regions (SAR) - of course not by Taiwan, but also not by PRC. The webpage of PRC's Department of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs states that it:

"develops diplomatic policies concerning the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), Macao SAR and Taiwan" (

Note that it does not use Taiwan SAR.
Suggestion: Remove Taiwan from that section. Not only is it propagating incorrect info, it can be viewed as a gesture by Happy Cow that is offensive (imposing its own resolution of the dispute), terribly ignorant of the area it is discussing, and misleading to readers.

Taiwan is already listed under Asia. If the purpose is to provide a link for people searching for Taiwan under China, then simply label it as such, for example: "Looking for Taiwan (R.O.C)? Click here". That way Happy Cow does not appear to be partisan in the dispute.

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    Posted by yogiexplorer at 07/31/16 01:33:37

    Thats true Taiwan is not SAR, it needs to be corrected

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    Posted by eric at 07/31/16 19:39:24

    Hi guys, thanks for posting about that. It must have slipped through in the redesign. We definitely know that since we've spent tons of time there and one of our co-founders is from there... how embarrassing! It's fixed now.

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