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I can understand blocking out some HTML, but links as well? How are we supposed to link to vital stuff both in this website, and other websites?

Many sites make a mistake by not allowing linking in their forums. They feel it will make their visitors go elsewhere while in reality, it improves the websites value in the webiverse. Search engines don't like websites very much that keep to themselves... they like websites that are linked to, and websites that link out.

Highly recommend allowing the ability to link and creating headings, otherwise its all just the same text and not much possibility to quickly scan a piece of content to see if its relevant.


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    Posted by webmaster at 06/27/08 22:53:04

    Hi CosmicBDog,

    Actually links are allowed. However, the member must first get a validation by the webmaster and have their trusted level bumped up. For some reason I've never done this to your account, sorry. It's all set now, and you can link as you like.Please type the link without any html code, just as a valid url, like:
    (include the "http://" part)

    For anyone else who would like this, just update your profile so that most fields are filled out, write a review or two, etc,... and then email me.

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