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The most intuitive way for me to search for new restaurants is to bring up a starting location and then pan and zoom the map. For example, if I'm on a road trip, I might want to scroll along the highway I'm taking. This doesn't really work though: once you scroll beyond the initial search city, no new listings appear. Maybe it's just me, but I find this terribly annoying, and it's awkward to go back to the previous screen, choose a new city for the next search, etc. this seems to be a problem on the Phone app (iOS) too. Maybe I'm missing something?

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    Posted by webmaster at 07/15/14 09:29:04

    Hi Jeff,

    On both the desktop and iPhone app the functionality is there, just a little hidden.

    DESKTOP: Do a "Find Food" distance based search for the location you wish to start with. From the drop-down Sort By, select "distance". Then on the map move to the new location and double click in the new center for the map. Finally, click on the "Refresh Results" icon. We hope to update this and make it easier in the near future.

    iPhone: Once you search and then click on "Map" scroll map to your new location. Then click on search field. Delete the location listed and select "Map Location". Once you do this Map Location will remain and make it easier for the next time.

    Let me know if this is what you were referring to or not.
    Best, Eric

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    Posted by JeffBar at 07/17/14 14:55:05

    Um, duh, now I feel stupid.
    On the desktop version, the contrast on the grey bar (with the kinda gray-green text) is not too good, which might be why I missed it. The phone method is a little less intuitive, but it works, and I'm very happy about that! And once you use "Map Location" once, it seems to stay as the default, which is great. Thanks for the quick response, and for all your work on the site!

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