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I visit somebodies Member Profile and want to become FAN but i cant figure out how to do that.

How can i become FAN form somebody here on HappyCow?

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    Posted by webmaster at 08/01/14 12:02:47

    Hey Hammer,
    It's called "Follow" now as we've done away with the "Friend" / "Fan" functionality since few used it.

    When viewing their profile just click on the little plus (+) icon next to their username at the top.
    Best, Eric

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    Posted by DIN8 at 08/02/14 13:54:37

    Hi Eric,
    this does not seem to work with Internet Explorer at least with older versions. Fine with Chrome and Firefox.

    @Hammer: If you use Internet explorer go to a review of the member and click on the + there.
    Or use Firefox. ;-)

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    Posted by webmaster at 08/02/14 15:53:17

    Hi Din8,
    Which version of IE did you try with? Just tested on v.11 and it worked fine.
    Also, did you mean that it's working for you with an older IE version on the review page, but not the profile page?
    Thanks, Eric

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    Posted by DIN8 at 08/04/14 00:34:20

    Hi Eric,
    I tried it with IE 9 and it did not work from the profile page but from the review page. This might be a minor issue because most people will use a newer browser version. :-)
    Best regards, DIN8

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