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Let me start by saying that this website and app has been a lifesaver for me in the past weeks!! I have been overwhelmed by the idea of having to cut not only gluten but also dairy but after finding this wonderful app, I was able to eat out a lot more than I thought I would but I was wondering, since a lot of time Vegan's are also Gluten free and vice versa, why don't we have a Gluten Free section which in my believe would really help to get more followers. It is really hard to find places that offer both Vegan AND Gluten free so to have the option on this site would be a blessing. Often, I am all excited to find a sweet restaurant and by the time I am done reading the menu I realize that I can only eat part of the meal or none at all as it's not gluten free. I am sure I am not the only that shares my opinion. Please give me your feedback, if it is not possible, I would like to know the reason behind. Thanks in advance.

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    Posted by eric at 10/12/17 05:03:57

    Hi LaChapa,
    You may already currently do a search from the search page with a keyword "gluten" and it will likely find all the places in the location you're searching which mention it. The issue is that there are very few restaurants which are actually fully gluten free and monitoring it is beyond the scope of what HappyCow is capable of.
    However, we'll also soon be adding more filters to the apps so you'll have a checkbox for gluten-free on the search tab, even if few places are listed in that category.
    Best, Eric

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