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This theater shows the Swiss documentary "More Than Honey":
If you live near France, go watch it. If Not, find where you can watch the documentary:
Also read this page, although the petition is yet sent:
Let us all act for a better world!

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 03/20/13 14:09:32

    I have been trying to find a vegan bee vomit (honey) video. I have a bunch of vegan videos (i have other videos about other causes also) that I can show people when they let me. I have some who want me to show them a video about why bee vomit isn't vegan. I explained it to them myself. I told them that the large corporations burn bees alive. I told them that the definition of vegan is no animal products including bee vomit. I told them that bees do suffer from humans steeling there vomit but even if they didn't humans don't have a right to steel there vomit. I convinced some people to go 100% vegan. I have convinced some people to give up bee vomit but some people still don't believe me that bees suffer. I looked on YouTube and they only have a trailer of the video. I was wondering where can I download the full thing. If anyone has any other videos about bee's suffering because of bee vomit collection I want to use it to educate people.

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    Posted by DougMcCallum at 03/22/13 13:10:56

    Ignoring the issue of whether bee products are vegan or not, honey bees are a big part of producing the fruits and vegetables we eat. The big agribusiness model does a lot to kill honeybees and native pollinators. The still mostly unexplained disappearance of bees is a problem even if honey and other bee products aren't being produced. Bees and other pollinators need protection and everyone should be worried about what is happening.

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    Posted by modest-eater at 03/22/13 15:27:54

    Initially I didn't see the big deal about eating honey, but after doing more research and hearing a story from a bee keeper I definitely changed my mind. The story I heard was from a woman I work with that is a bee keeper. She was talking about the competition between bee keepers and how they often sabotage each others hives in order to keep the other out of business - and these are 'organic' and 'local' bee harvesters! Its totally false advertisement to say that 'organic' and 'local' bee harvesters have no impact on the bee population when I am being told about these same bee keepers destroying bee hives to keep their business afloat.

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    Posted by DougMcCallum at 03/22/13 16:18:49

    Beekeepers sabotaging other beekeepers does happen, but it is not universal. On the other hand, honey can't be organic unless the bees only have organic plants to use and they will fly 5 miles or so to find flowers so that is rare. The beekeepers I know would never sabotage each other and are quite concerned about their bees and their bee's health. That is why a number of them are suing the EPA for not controlling pesticides known to kill bees and other pollinators.

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