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I've written the "Gary bot", which runs on the subreddit. He responds to common queries about veganism, so - for example - typing @Gary! Nutrition will return a list of websites talking about vegan nutrition.

That's a long-winded introduction to my real question. A common question on /r/vegan is: "I'm visiting x city, where can I eat?" I'm hoping to add functionality to Gary, so that you can type: @Gary! London and he responds with the best vegan restaurants in London. I can maintain the responses manually, but it would be helpful if I could script Gary to query an API on HappyCow to get the results.

That's a long-winded preamble to the actual question, which is: Is there currently an available API on HappyCow that I could use for this purpose?

Thanks for any help you can give.

All the best


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    Posted by eric at 01/18/17 19:14:38

    Hi Matt,
    Seems cool. We don't have an open api for something like at this time, but what if the response is a link to map results? Just use the city name like:{location}
    Would that work?
    Best, Eric

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    Posted by helder at 02/10/17 10:01:16

    Can I embed the map on my site?

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    Posted by eric at 01/27/18 06:31:14

    Hi Helder, please send a message via the contact form with your website details.

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    Posted by SamSimkins at 04/24/18 14:20:48


    I am just wondering if you ever found an API to meet the needs of this project you are working on. Thanks.

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    Posted by CandiceSchramm at 02/27/19 19:27:55

    I feel like it's fair for me to follow up on the public API. I'm looking to connect people to information along with other information about the area around them. Do you have a public API yet or is one planned for the future?

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    Posted by murchik at 03/17/19 18:08:28

    Similar question, I suppose. Is there any plans for an open API? Or a minimal export function (name of the place and coordinates)?

    I wanted to quickly create a .kml file today for the city I'm currently in to use it with an offline map app, but found no such feature. So I stumbled upon the happycowl script, which turned out to be broken… Ended up manually adding several places to the map, which was not super fun.

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    Posted by eric at 03/17/19 19:32:57

    We do now have a widget which can easily be embedded on a website. As for API, while we do have a REST API now, we're reserving it for some non-profit organizations and specific uses. Please open a ticket with details of your project if your are interested in using either of these.

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