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Hi, I think it would be neat if there was one place where alot of us could post our experiences in dealing with meat eaters, and the lessons in life that we've learned over the years.
I thinks its a good idea because many new members, and people new to veg*nism, enter the chatroom seeking difficult questions that cant always be answered in that setting. Sometimes they enter when the current conversation moves with its own momentun, and the question goes unheard. We try our best to help out, but it would be nice to have something more substantial to rely on. Not like a blog (where people just go to vent or ramble about thier problens), or a forum (where the topic tends to be evolve around each comment).
What I have in mind is something simple and easy to find; in the topics link maybe. I can imagine quite a compilation of tales to beheld for those seeking to benefit for those looking advice and understanding among thoses who have been there. And maybe a few laughs anc be shared to, who knows. Anyway, thats my suggestion to help make Happy Cow a better place.

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    Posted by webmaster at 07/02/10 16:31:56

    Hi Jive,

    Seems like a forum post would work for this. I think there are already a couple threads that are similar.
    But if you create a new topic, which is very specific to your point I can make it a sticky so that it always stays at the top.
    Also, if you would like to write an article on this subject and have it included under veg*nism that's a possibility too.
    Thanks, Eric

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    Posted by jive at 07/02/10 22:21:04

    Ok, i see what your saying. ill ask around and see what people think

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    Posted by NobodyToo at 07/05/10 08:07:53

    I am very new to this site and to a forum setting in general. Honestly, the only things I use computers for are email and Word. So I don't know if you've already done something else with this, but since I'd have trouble navigating, I'll just post here.

    So, yesterday was 4th of July, big hot dog day, and I knew my parents would be grilling out. I've only been vegetarian for about a month, and I don't expect my meat-devouring family to accommodate my eating habits...yet. I brought my own veggie dogs and whole-grain buns. When I brought them to my dad and uncle to throw on the grill, my uncle asked how the abjuring the company of meat thing was going for me. Before I could answer, my dad jumps in, saying, "It's just temporary." Piss-off numero uno. Well, I didn't want to get into a scrap, so I just replied that I was giving it a try for health reasons. Then my dad informed me that I "better not be turning into a democrat." How do you connect a person's dietary life to her politics in .73 seconds? When did meat=republican and veg=democrat? I could have told him that I am liberal, but if he hasn't figured it out already, then all the pig fat he just consumed must be blocking his brain in addition to his arteries.

    Still not sure how to handle situations like this without sounding holier-than-thou. Definitely not what I want. I'm hoping after some time passes, I'll be able to show my dad how much better I feel and how healthy I am without meat.

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    Posted by AndyT at 07/06/10 04:26:29

    Hi NobodyToo,

    a funny thing that happened to me - when I turned veggie 20 years ago - is that my mother also stopped eating meat (doesn't make sense to cook that for just one person) ... so since that time she has been a 'pescatarian' with mainly vegetarian food and the occasional fish.

    Best regards,

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    Posted by jive at 07/07/10 17:20:27

    NobodyToo, we all deal with our friends and family adjustion to our lifestyle in the begining. The best way to prove that it isnt a phase is to stick to your guns and show them that you are serious about not eating meat anymore.

    As far as the veggie dog touching the hotdog, it dosent bother me when that kind of thing happens. When my family acted wierd about my being veg, i just went about my business. Its only an issue if you let it be one. In time, they just saw me for who i was, an not the choice i had made.

    If you have other questions or problems, dont be afraid to let us know. jive

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    Posted by Bibbit at 05/25/12 18:08:05

    I have just started becoming a vegetarian and my family of meat-eaters has been fairly supportive, but can mock me at times. It has been very frustrating at times, but they continue to have options for me at family gatherings. I've been blogging about my experience, which has been very fun. Everyone should check out my blog!

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 05/25/12 21:16:35

    Nobody Too,
    You just let comments like that bounce off you. Let them fall on deaf ears. For me, it all depends on who's saying it. If it is someone like in your example your meat-eating conservative relatives and they make a comment like that, well in my experience the best way to prove your point with such ppl is not to engage them but rather to go about your business and lead by example. People like that tend to feel threatened b/c you're doing something they don't understand, it's new and different to them, it does not conform to what everyone else is doing and that makes them feel uneasy. So by just giving a little laugh and saying "yeah" or whatever it shows that you acknowledge them but you're going to do your own thing anyway.

    Now if you are talking to someone who seems genuinely interested in your choices and seriously wants to know more, those are the people I take the time to engage with and tell them about all the benefits of a veg diet.

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