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Community: Forum: Suggestions for HappyCow

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This morning when choosing where to go for dinner tonight I noticed that 10,009 reviews were already posted. That makes me happy!

Responses (7)

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    Posted by webmaster at 07/21/07 09:31:10

    We're happy about that too! The community is growing fast, thanks to users like yourself. Thank you JohnnySensible!

    We'll soon be changing over to reviews by members only (no more Guest reviews) with the hope of encouraging quality and fairness. Let us know if you have any ideas...
    webmaster - eric

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 10/02/07 09:26:33

    11,009 posted today - so it worked very well Mr. Eric! - another 1,000 reviews have been written in just 10 weeks - a good % of them make very good reading. My idea - keep the focus on promoting vegan / vegetarian ventures - "brave businesses" - further minimize the "veg friendly" listings which I personally have no patience for. I am now heading out for an early dinner in Harvester, Hong Kong - their "raw" section of the buffet is growing nicely.

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    Posted by webmaster at 10/02/07 11:37:19

    Hey. thanks for noticing!
    Our plan was to slowly remove all "guest" reviews however (beginning with the oldest ones). I may do that now and bring it back down to around 10000... what do you think? The guest reviews are still useful, mostly, but they also now count against things like "Top rated venue" and the number one place is nearly all guest reviews. Let me know your thoughts before I wipe out a thousand reviews.

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    Posted by SynthVegan at 11/27/07 15:37:08

    I don't think that you should remove all guest reviews. I myself have written a number of guest reviews. Like someone mentioned above, maybe you should selectively remove them. Maybe starting with negative ones -- and I mean the restaurants who receive consistently good reviews from Happycow members. It's always easy to say something negative about a place when no one knows who you are.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 10/13/07 05:28:31

    We need to remove the "Guest" reviews selectively - some places have no other reviews yet - I suggest that we leave this area alone for a while - diary it for action in March 2008.

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    Posted by solarvegan at 10/14/07 20:04:43

    I have an idea! How about rewarding every 10,000th reviewer with a Happy Cow t-shirt? That would encourage members to submit reviews and publicize this great website when winners dine out!

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    Posted by webmaster at 11/27/07 19:59:34

    Hi synthebm,
    We haven't begun heavily deleting old guest reviews. If you wish to reclaim your old reviews and add them to your account just email me and let me know the page they're on, the date, and title.

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