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From Australia to Florida I'll be visiting southern Florida on business, from Australia, in early March and would have liked a local vegetarian to recommend and join me at local best vegetarian restaurants. Post Date: 05/22/14, Replies: 1
seeking vegan room in LA (Santa Monica) Hi there! I'm moving to LA for three months. Was wondering if anyone is looking for a roommate or knows anybody looking for a roommate? It would be nice to live with other vegans :) Thanks! Claudia Post Date: 05/21/14, Replies: 0
Anybody from Dubai? Fancy a challenge? Hello there! In case anybody else is hanging out in Dubai in June, how about a Happy Cow challenge? I've gone through the restaurant listings for Dubai on Happy Cow and found that many places have rather vague info attached and now reviews. To make things better for veggies in Dubai and visitors to the city, I'm planning to visit as many of the listed outlets this summer to try their nomz, update the Happy Cow listings, and add some reviews. Fancy joining? Send me a PM here or email [email protected] Post Date: 05/18/14, Replies: 0
Looking for a room Adelaide Australia Hi There, I am a Vegetarian almost vegan (no diary) who is looking for a room to rent and share with people with the same mindful think than mine. I am transitioning to 100% vegan so I like to think of the idea of living with people who is in the same mood. I am very enthusiastic, like to keep me busy by working, studying, dancing, hicking and hanging around. Anybody with ideas or maybe interested? Post Date: 05/04/14, Replies: 0
Ninja Vitamix or Nutribullet Pro- which? So I'm getting one of these. Anyone feel strongly about one or the other? Ninja, Vitamix or Nutribullet Pro-? I'm single and busy. Looking for easiest road on this path. Which is the best of these three? Post Date: 04/19/14, Replies: 7
Vegan from Indonesia Hi, I'm vegetarian trying to follow raw veganism for a while now. Nice to meet you all :) p.s : if any of you are vegans from Indonesia, I will be delighted if you can contact me.. need support to be raw vegan :) Post Date: 04/11/14, Replies: 0
Teenage Vegan here hi i'm Meme2012. i have been vegan for a year now and vegetarian 2 years before that. i have wanted to be vegan for a really long time now but my parents and family were strongly against it and didn't accept it. i am the only vegan and vegetarian in my whole family and it is difficult to handle sometimes. i was very lost a year ago but then i met my best friend and she has brought me into her family who are vegan! Post Date: 04/07/14, Replies: 7
Hi! Am I allowed here? Hello everyone! I am a huge animal lover and mother to 2 furry babies - Buster (English Mastiff) and Norah (Mixed Breed Cat). I am just making the transition to shopping 100% cruelty-free, I avoid all land-animal byproducts, however, I am a pescetarian and my husband still eats meat. Am I welcome here? I've been kicked off any other sites I've tried and I noticed your TOS weren't 100% on it so I thought I'd give it a try! If so, hi! And if not.. have a wonderful day! Post Date: 03/15/14, Replies: 3
Vegans in Finland? Hi! I am Teresa from Spain and I came to Finland a week ago. I would like to meet some vegans here and I tried in animal shelters but they don't need more volunteers and the rights animal associations don't have upcoming events. I've already meet lots of nice people but I really would like to meet at least some vegans :P Post Date: 03/10/14, Replies: 3
Looking 4 veggie roommate - Vancouver BC hi there, Myself (vegan), my boyfriend (veg-friendly) and my roommate (vegan) are looking for a new roommate to join our household in the Commercial Drive/East Vancouver area for March 1st or 15th (we are flexible for move in date). Full details here: vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/van/roo/4336929849.html Please respond via CL if interested. Thanks and have a great day. Post Date: 02/19/14, Replies: 0
Gluten Free I'll be visiting Florida, staying at Ft Lauderdale, early March and am looking for recommendation for Vegetarian restaurants with Gluten Free options. Any suggestions? Thanks Post Date: 02/14/14, Replies: 0
just to introduce myself :) Hi, just thought it would be nice to introduce myself. My name is Hanna I'm from Warsaw in Poland. Having been a devoted meat lover for the first 21 years of my life, I turned vegetarian almost three years ago and I have never looked back :) I hope to be able to become a valuable member of this community :) Post Date: 02/12/14, Replies: 0
New from Oregon Just wanted to introduce myself - I have been mostly Vegan for about 5 years now. I'm 51 years old and trying to stay in the best health so I can enjoy my grandchildren. Right now my 20 mo old grandson keeps me pretty busy! I see so many people my age who are taking some kind of medication or another, or who have some kind of chronic illness. Most of them ignore what I do and continue eating themselves sicker - which is sad. But i have guided a couple of friends at work into the Vegan World - and they are happy and losing weight. Anyway - thanks for having me and I look forward to chatting with you all soon. chuck Post Date: 02/09/14, Replies: 2
Introducing myself from Oshkosh, WI Hello Everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kayla and I live in Oshkosh, WI. I was curious if there were any others from the area on here. I am a Vegan and have been since January of 2013. There are definitely not a lot of Vegans or very many Vegan friendly places around here. Hopefully as time progresses there will be more demand for Vegan options everywhere as more and more people are becoming aware everyday. -Kayla Post Date: 02/09/14, Replies: 1
edinburgh vegan and vegetarian group. just wanted to make people aware of the group which can be joined here. I have only just stumbled across by following a happy cow member. They are happy to have new people and you can join by following this link: http://www.meetup.com/Edinburgh-Vegetarian-Vegan-Dining-and-Socializing/ Post Date: 02/09/14, Replies: 0
Southern Florida plus Further to my earlier entry, my trip to Florida will be followed by travel to Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Israel and Singapore so if there are any vegetarians out there in those locations that would like to share a meal with an Australian third generation vegetarian, please let me know. Post Date: 01/16/14, Replies: 0
Any vegan families / pregnant ladies here? Hello Veggies from everywhere! I'm living in Cologne, Germany and I'm in my 17th week of pregnancy! As my veganism and pregnancy is a BIG Topic for all the smart People in my family, working environment, friends and so on I'm looking for pregnant ladies or vegan mums and dads to talk to about babystuff and veggiestuff ;-) Respond to this Topic or pm me, if you want to share experiences or tell me your Story!! :-) SO EXCITED FOR MY CUTE BABY :) Post Date: 01/13/14, Replies: 8
Need advice on nutrition for a runner Hi Guys, I'm a brand new vegetarian (4th day today). I've done a lot of research on food balance and nutrition when switching and finally decided to make the switch this week. I am very focused on living healthy and have recently started running. Tomorrow I will do my first outdoors 5km run. Very excited! My question is this: how do I eat around my training to make sure I have the right amount of protein and carbs for the session. 5km is only 30minutes to me, but in a normal training schedule I do 60minutes of cardio and muscle training and suspect I need to eat "smarter". If anyone can suggest a book or website or have personal knowledge to share, I would much appreciate it :-) Post Date: 01/03/14, Replies: 6
Vegetarian chef wanted perth scotland! Hi everybody, I'm opening up a bistro in Perth, Scotland which is going to specialise in vegetarian and vegan fare. I'm looking for a full time chef with a genuine interest in vegetarianism - does anyone have any ideas where I can advertise? Or would anybody out there be interested in applying for the position? Post Date: 12/31/13, Replies: 4
new just thought I'd say hello. And I'm moving to Orlando in less than 2 months, so if there are anyone here from Florida, let me know :) Post Date: 11/30/13, Replies: 0
Veg*ns in Clarksville, TN? Hi. I just arrived in Clarksville, TN (after a long time away). I've noticed some restaurants and grocery stores offer vegan and vegetarian items, indicating that there are, well, vegans and vegetarians in the area. When I went to Which Wich, and an employee there said they get many vegans coming to their location. And, Silke is very vegan friendly (their employees are very responsive to vegans!). So...I figure there are other vegans and vegetarians in the area...but they are...not visible to me. Please let me know if you are in the area! Thanks! Post Date: 11/28/13, Replies: 0
Intro from Aiyanct Hi happycow members, this is Aiyanct, new to this forum. I am a teacher, as well as online marketter. I thanks to happycow to given an account to me. I hope this forum gives me a lot of experience when discussing about health care realted problems. Post Date: 11/11/13, Replies: 0
Vegetarian Chef Hi everyone I am looking a opportunity as a Chef ,I have more then 20 years experience in cooking field ,more then 15 years I am working in Moscow Russia ,I am looking vegetarian Chef opportunity all around the world ,feel free please contact me at ( [email protected] ) thank you ! Post Date: 10/22/13, Replies: 0
Pen-pal? Hi, I've been a quiet member in the HappyCow community for a few years now. I mostly just use the mobile app to locate veg restaurants in new towns I visit! I'm recently interested in finding a pen-pal that I can exchange letters, ideas, photos, etc with! If anyone is interested in exchanging addresses let me know! Post Date: 10/15/13, Replies: 1
Problems Dining out with Parents I apologize if this is not in the right forum section, but I wasn't sure where to put it. I just wanted to address a problem I have while choosing a Vegan friendly place to eat. The problem is that my dad isn't really fond of anything 'different' to him, Asian food, Mexican food, Thai, anything that isn't very classic Steak and Potatoes American. I want to be able to eat at a type of restaurant we're all comfortable with. My mom is usually pretty good with anything though. It is a source of stress and sometimes argument when choosing a place to eat. Tonight we're supposed to go out to eat but I'm a bit nervous about what might happen. :/ What do I dooo..... Post Date: 10/09/13, Replies: 5
seeking vegan home in Malibu or Topanga CA Hi, I'm a vegan, creative professional, actress and energy healer, mystic(including astrologer, reader, dowser, energy work, Angel Healings and Readings, and channeling, flower essence co creator, teacher...). I'm seeking a vegan household to join in Malibu or Topanga. I would need one or two rooms for me and my son, who is 11 going on 30, (he is vegan at home+ he has goat's milk at kids parties sometimes), and my lovable, meditative cat. We love making raw vegan meals and some vegan cooked comfort foods, vegan gluten-free pizza, etc. I don't drink alcohol or smoke, don't do drugs or use stimulants (my diets pretty satvic, allergen free), or party wildly. I do love nature, herbalism, Angels, astrology, crystals, making art, writing and music, sungazing, having a cup o tea, and being with animals and children. A quiet home with maybe a garage or outdoor art making space would be awesome for us. We have very few belongings, just the basics and our car, and we're happy to downsize or upsize. We love pesticide free gardens and farms, and have lived rustic in Vermont before, so we'd love to contribute with that too. Feel free to let me know if you have nice place for us to land and would like to meet. Ciao :) Post Date: 10/07/13, Replies: 0
New here and wanting to transition! Hey guys, I am very interested in becoming a vegetarian and hopefully a vegan. My biggest concern is that I am already pretty skinny, close to underweight, and I am nervous that this transition will cause me to lose more weight. Any advice on this? And any advice on transitioning as well! Is it Ok to just go completely meat free right away or is it better to take it one step at a time, eliminating foods one by one? Thanks! :) Post Date: 10/01/13, Replies: 4

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