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housekeeper for vegans/vegetarians in UK I am looking for live in housekeeping opportunity, I can work for vegan/vegetarian families and every nice person. I am available during Christmas/ New Year, can start from now onwards, and for flexible period of time. What I can offer: -eco-friendly-housekeeping -vegan or vegetarian cooking --pet/ animal care -gardening, farm work -house sitting -nice company, friendly chat, ...and others. Just ask me for details. CV and references available. About me: meditation is in a first place, I am young, lovely woman 25+, experienced traveler, I like nature and good reading, and I am calm,peaceful, open minded. [email protected] Post Date: 12/10/15, Replies: 0 12/10/15 0
Hello, I'm new here. Hello everyone! My name is Holly and I am a new member. I'm not sure how this site works yet but I am figuring it out. I am interested in becoming a vegetarian and eventually a vegan. Any advice? Post Date: 12/03/15, Replies: 8 12/03/15 8
Room to rent Peterborough Can you recommend any platform to looking after vegan/vegetarian sher houses? It' quite big challenge to found friendly plays in small city. If you will have any tip ,please let me know. Post Date: 11/24/15, Replies: 0 11/24/15 0
Restaurants: To call or not to call? I've just read an article about eatting out as a vegan and it recommended calling ahead to warn the restaurant (non veggie places). I can't imagine doing that so I was wondering how many people do? Post Date: 11/23/15, Replies: 11 11/23/15 11
Newbie member 20 years vegan intro Hello Hello Happy Cow friends, Wow I love it here and I'm very happy and thankful to discover this wonderful community. :) I've been a happy healthy compassionate vegan for 20 years and I am for life. I am the biggest animal lover I know and they are my best furriends. I am a happy proud thankful Mommy of 2 adorable sweet cuddly cats, my fur babies, I love them both dearly and I'm very thankful to share my life with them. I am also a happy proud thankful Mommy of a beautiful adorable 3 year old toddler who drives me crazy, but I love my little Cherub very much. I'm also very happy and thankful to be married to share my life with a very kind intelligent loving man who is grounded, earthy, wise, silly, loving, and shares my passionate beliefs. We went vegan together and he loves my delicious vegan cooking. I look forward to meeting, sharing, and connecting with special new Kindred Spirit friends. I am also holistic, an herbalist, and organic, fragrance-free, and a non smoker. Peace Love :) Post Date: 11/22/15, Replies: 3 11/22/15 3
Vegan Business Partners Wanted Responsible, dedicated, forward-thinking Vegan business partners wanted. I am starting an employee-owned, nation-wide business comprised of 3 integral parts. I am looking for experienced licensed massage therapists, retail and food professionals, marketing and IT experts, and a good attorney. Some investment will be required, but the income potential is unlimited. Post Date: 11/22/15, Replies: 0 11/22/15 0
Free Rent for veggie business in France On offer is 6 months Free Rent on a beautiful shop in central Perpignan in south France for a creative vegetarian/organic food based business. There after, rent is 400€/pcm. 400€ deposit and one months rent upfront are required. The shop is 72 square metres with large windows. To discuss potential business ideas, for more information and shop pictures, email Didier Garrigue; [email protected] Post Date: 11/17/15, Replies: 0 11/17/15 0
Candide woman who wants change everything Hi all ! This is my first post in this forum, but I sincerely hope not the last. I'm Bénédicte, I'm French and I try to make a transition to vegan after years of ignorance. At first, I was just curious about being slim, then being healthy. So I was curious and read a lot of blogs, watched a lot of youtube videos. I like animals, of course, but I like humans too (at least most of them). And then, I saw documentary about GMO and more specifically about Monsanto. And I am so in shock about what happens to farmers that don't want to be a part of it, and are forced to, I'm even more feeling bad to see HOW MANY products are actually more or less related to Monsanto (even Apple and Microsoft). I feel a bit scared and panicked, because I want to do something, but feel so lonely facing those giants. Am I the only one ? Is there anywhere I can go ? Somehting I can do ? I am not extreme in my words and thoughts, because I'm conscious that we cannot radically change the world in one year (and I definitely need to use microsoft for my work). So, what is it about ? I sincerely hope to meet great people over here and share loads of strategies. Sorry for the long post, I was desperate ! See you all soon :) :) Post Date: 11/13/15, Replies: 0 11/13/15 0
Roll call for DFW Just want to see who is close and if anyone is going to Texas veggie fest Post Date: 09/30/15, Replies: 0 09/30/15 0
New Member My name is Rob and I'm new to this forum. I'm here to meet some awesome new people and friends who are like minded. Post Date: 09/29/15, Replies: 1 09/29/15 1
Nami (few weeks ago) trying to connect with vegan friend from Nami Post Date: 09/27/15, Replies: 0 09/27/15 0
New Member Hi, my name is Emily and I am currently looking to transition into veganism. I have tried in the past and made it a year being strictly vegan. However, I keep going back and forth with it and am having trouble sticking with it. I really want to stick with veganism but I don't know anyone who is vegan so it's difficult. Post Date: 09/25/15, Replies: 1 09/25/15 1
New Memeber from Dallas/Fort Worth area Hey everyone just join, I am in the DFW metroplex and I'm looking for people who enjoy the veg lifestyle that are around the area. Please feel free to pm , or leave a comment Post Date: 09/24/15, Replies: 0 09/24/15 0
London Vegan Burger restaurant Hi I'm looking for like minded people to help me opening a vegan burger place in london. 5 guys sort of place but with a vegan twist! I do not have professional kitchen experience and it would be great to team up with someone dedicated to deliver compassionate flavours. I have a few good ideas and funding to get the project going. Get in touch if interested!!! Post Date: 09/22/15, Replies: 1 09/22/15 1
Vegan YouTuber Hi guys! My name is Irene and I just started a YouTube channel. I'm a vegetarian trying to go vegan and I wanted to start making more vegan related videos! So what topics are you guys personally interested in watching? Here is my food review on the Tofurky Italian sausage I would really love some feedback and your support! Post Date: 09/20/15, Replies: 1 09/20/15 1
Just saying Hi! Hi, I’m Steve, been a working my way up to being a vegan for 35 years, finally stopped eating and using animal products last year. First, mainly for health reasons, then for animal rights and environmentalism. Have become so enthusiastic that I created a website,, to become throughly involved in the “movement”, see it as part of my involvement with Buddhism. Was shocked by the far reaching and horrible effect the non-vegan food industry has on our planet. Post Date: 09/20/15, Replies: 1 09/20/15 1
new member I'm new to happy cow and I am currently a Vegetarian. I really want to be a Vegan but I have no idea how. Vegans, can you give me advice on any vegan foods, brands and restaurants to try? Post Date: 09/20/15, Replies: 3 09/20/15 3
Brasil Vegano Olá pessoal. Sou do Rio de Janeiro, me tornando vegana, e quero compartilhar idéias, trocar informações, ajudar no que precisarem, além de fazer amizade pelo mundo todo. Um grande abraço. Maria Post Date: 09/11/15, Replies: 0 09/11/15 0
Meet other animal lovers here!!! These people are making a HUGE difference for animals! Check them out And share your story too! Post Date: 09/08/15, Replies: 0 09/08/15 0
Vegan crisis!!! Never done this before so I guess I'll begin with hello! Having a crisis here. I've been travelling in Asia now for 2 months and although I'm loving every mintue of it, it's really making me think about the choices Im making in my life. You see before I left England I was vegan for about 3 months. And I really loved it, I felt amazing, not just physically but mentally I felt I was more in tune with my body and the world. I felt in control of what I was putting into my body which was fantastic. I fully expected every single argument against Vegananisim to hit me left, right and centre as soon as it was "revealed" that I was vegan. Even down to the pizza guy dictating to me accross the counter why I should be eating his over processed, disgustingly cheesy pizza and trying to force a counter argument out of me (I told myself I would never be a "preachy vegan" and only explain why I was a vegan if people asked and were curious into the matter; a rule I still stick by to this day.) Anyway these months of being Vegan and various "you go girl!" And "It's just a phase" it was creeping up to the time of departing to go travelling. To the build up of leaving I some how got brainwashed by people that I would miss out on the delecacies when travelling if I remained Vegan. I ignored it as first but then I started researching into why you shouldnt be vegan (I know, stupid!.) Thus leaving me in this position now. 2 months into my travels and currently not vegan (please dont hate me) feeling very indecisive about what to do. At home I was always a spiritual person but since being away I have really come into my own about it and have gained tonnes of confidence in the way of what I believe and how I wish to live my life. I realised after eating a non-vegan diet whilst away I began to feel very bloated and lethargic and just not as light and energetic as before. I feel like I need to go back to veganism as I was so passionate and vibrant before and I want to continue feeling that way. Basically I would love any advice and support about feeling unsure about Veganism, being vegan whilst travelling (as I am quickly learning that the language barrier can often cause problems in this area) and dealing with opinions from others about being a vegan (I never really got used to 'arguing' with people about why I was vegan so it made me quite self concious about telling people as I was afraid of the en slaught of judging.) Also just to skin the subject, I took multi vitimains before but I'm worried that if I become vegan again when travelling I wont be able to get any and this will damage my health. Thank you for reading me ridicuously long post, any advice is apreciated. Post Date: 08/20/15, Replies: 6 08/20/15 6
Vegan vs. Raw Vegan Which do you prefer? Post Date: 07/23/15, Replies: 7 07/23/15 7
Very Veg Curious in College Hey everyone, You can call me by my nickname, Kayales. I'm in college, where I run cross country and track. I also enjoy playing guitar and writing. After three years of Meatless Fridays, which were started by my mom, I'm taking the plunge into full vegetarianism. I decided to make this change after reading a book that I found by chance at Goodwill, "Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows." Shortly afterward, one of my friends at college, who is vegan, convinced me to watch the documentary "Earthlings" with her. The movie as well as the book really spoke to me. Despite taking environmental science three years earlier in high school, where we watched "Food Inc" and "Forks Over Knives" as a class, I didn't seem to get the message that eating animals is (in my opinion) cruel, detrimental to our health, and entirely unnecessary. But suddenly, after experiencing the terrifying truths of "Earthlings" and re-watching "Food Inc," I understood: eating animals is not something I would like to continue to do. So, despite being a college athlete with friends and family concerned about me Getting Enough Protein with a capital P, I'm ready and willing to take the plunge into full vegetarianism. Today I ordered a wonderful book from Amazon called "No Meat Athlete" as well as a veg cookbook for college students, both of which I think will help me on my journey. In the meantime, however, I am open to any comments, suggestions, or simple hellos. Whatever you feel like offering. :) I'm looking forward to meeting you all, Kayales Post Date: 07/21/15, Replies: 1 07/21/15 1
What does everyone think of my vegan shirt Post Date: 07/09/15, Replies: 4 07/09/15 4
B And Q Kitchens For Sale Birmingham B And Q Kitchens For Sale Birmingham . Go to _____________ [u][i][b][]B And Q Kitchens For Sale Birmingham[/url][/b][/i][/u] Post Date: 07/05/15, Replies: 0 07/05/15 0
Fruit and Veg I am not a veggie and was just wondering what fruits and veg do you buy. As a meat eater I buy organic because of its impact on the environment but as vegans how do you avoid crops especially organic that are widly fertilised using bone meal and blood meal both slaughter house by products. I was just wondering how you overcome this hurdle as all fruit and veg that I have seen in greengroses and supermarkets does not seem to lable what fertilizers are used, just wether they are grown organicly or conventionaly. Post Date: 06/22/15, Replies: 4 06/22/15 4
Biking Europe to help animals Hi lovely people! Me and my friend Magdalena have been thinking about combining travels and social activism for a while and today we started an indiegogo campaign called ''Raising awareness and helping animals'' and we really need your help :) We want to bike Central Europe and the Balkans to help rescuing animals from slaughterhouses and raise awareness about what's going on with our climate. To make this happen we need to raise $ 1,500 in 35 days. Every contribution is priceless to us ,even one dollar can make a difference Post Date: 06/14/15, Replies: 1 06/14/15 1
Vegan in Prague (Czech rep.)? Hey everybody! I'm curious. Is there any expat vegan in Prague (Europe/Czech rep)? Or at least close to Prague? Post Date: 06/11/15, Replies: 5 06/11/15 5

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