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Biking Europe to help animals Hi lovely people! Me and my friend Magdalena have been thinking about combining travels and social activism for a while and today we started an indiegogo campaign called ''Raising awareness and helping animals'' and we really need your help :) We want to bike Central Europe and the Balkans to help rescuing animals from slaughterhouses and raise awareness about what's going on with our climate. To make this happen we need to raise $ 1,500 in 35 days. Every contribution is priceless to us ,even one dollar can make a difference Post Date: 06/14/15, Replies: 1
Vegan in Prague (Czech rep.)? Hey everybody! I'm curious. Is there any expat vegan in Prague (Europe/Czech rep)? Or at least close to Prague? Post Date: 06/11/15, Replies: 5
Hi there Hi there guys, newbie here. I have over the last month or two entered into the vegetarian lifestyle moving into the vegan lifestyle as of last week. I am feeling very excited as to how much better I feel physically and mentally great as a result. Because I am new I have oh so many questions to ask, so I hope you all will share the knowledge you have with me, to make my journey a fulfilling one. I from the UK but lived in the states for 25 yrs now and presently live in Colorado. I have a career in web design. Post Date: 06/06/15, Replies: 0
Back in Boston It would be nice to connect with other vegans because then we can enjoy the same restaurants. Post Date: 05/17/15, Replies: 0
Just Joined :) Hi everyone! I'm new here. I've been vegan a year now (started as a resolution last year) and feel like I will be vegan for the rest of my life :) I joined because I realized I needed more vegan interactions in my life! There is a group in my city that hosts vegan events, but only infrequently and I have yet to make any close friends. I consider myself pretty lucky in that most of my friends and family have been supportive of me. My mom actually became vegetarian last June! What has been on my mind most recently is the wish that everyone I love could be vegan... I know that will probably never happen, but I can still hope haha. I have friends who say they love animals, but continue to eat meat even after being told where it comes from. I feel especially sad that my boyfriend of almost 3 years cannot see the cruelty he is adding to... I understand that I am the one who changed, but wish there was something I could do to get him to also change. He cares deeply for the environment so I try to appeal to that side of him. But I feel like he and other people do not fully understand the pain and horrors animals must go through to end up on their plates, otherwise surely they would give it up? Cognitive dissonance is a powerful thing... Anyways, that was my little rant. I'm interested in seeing what I can add and take away from this forum, and hope to meet people who share my thoughts and beliefs :) Post Date: 05/08/15, Replies: 3
Hi, Everyone Hi, all. New member here. I'm excited to look around and see what's happening on this forum. Post Date: 04/17/15, Replies: 5
Raw Energy! I need serious help getting my indiegogo campaign to succeed. Trying to show that raw vegans can accomplish anything! Every bit of help is appreciated, especially shares/shout outs I'm looking for support to take on the 2,100 mile Appalachian Trail, with only a RAW vegan diet igg.me/p/raw-energy-thrive-or-survive/x/10468766 Post Date: 04/10/15, Replies: 0
Vegeterian from B'more Hi Everyone! Lovers of life, animal welfare, environment and just about everything. Please to meet you and a big hello from Baltimore! :) Post Date: 02/20/15, Replies: 4
Old vegetarian, new vegan in Dallas Hi! I've been vegetarian with various levels of "strictness" for many years. A couple of days ago I decided to go vegan. I finally watched "Specesism" and decided it was time. Funny thing is that there wasn't anything new to me in the movie, but it finally clicked for me to just do it. I'm lucky to be in an area where there are lots of vegan choices in stores and restaurants. Today I went to the Spiral Diner for brunch. I think the challenges for me are the extra planning involved and the search for "comfort foods." I know I can manage with the planning and after awhile I will be used to which foods are vegan and which aren't. Right now I'm reading the ingredients on everything and I'm experimenting with some stuff. Sometimes they are good and sometimes nasty. I bought some "Simple Truth" veggie crumbles and they tasted like plastic. I'd love to get some ideas for commercial vegan products that you all like. What are or were your favorite "transition" foods? Post Date: 02/20/15, Replies: 2
Escape the Cold! Live-In Vegan Cook needed to prepare simple, healthy dinners for my husband and me 5 evenings/week in exchange for a private room/bathroom. We live on the island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. We’d like someone for meal prep and light cleaning 15 hours/week. You can have the rest of the time, including 2 days off each week to hang out by the pool, go to the beach or get a part-time job. Message me on Facebook (Goliath Croix) if you’d like more details. Post Date: 02/18/15, Replies: 0
LiveIn Vegan Cook Wanted Caribbean Island I am looking for someone to cook healthy, simple meals for myself and my husband in exchange for room and board on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. What I am asking for is 15 hours per week. That's 3 hours/day, 5 days/week of meal prep and light house-cleaning. You would get 2 days off to go to the beach, or get a part-time job, or whatever. If we need you to do more than 15 hours, we will pay you for the hours over 15. We live at SunDog House (sundoghouse.com). Interested persons please contact us through our website. Post Date: 01/05/15, Replies: 0
Vegan Au-Pair Hello! I'm an 18 year old vegan and I'm looking for a family to nanny/au pair with this coming summer 2015. I absolutely adore kids and I'd love to be part of a family who shares the same passions as me for cruelty free living! I would be open to travelling anywhere in the world, other than my native Ireland! Would anyone be interested , or know where I could find a family to live with? Post Date: 12/27/14, Replies: 0
any vegs can do paypal to bitcoin? any vegans can do paypal to bitcoin? I prefer to trade with vegans. Post Date: 11/05/14, Replies: 0
Vegan Friends in NY With new york becoming the pretty vegan friendly in the last 5 years, I still have a hard time making any sort of veggie friends. I live in bklyn and have been trying to find vegan friends for a while. two of my friends are vegan but we live separate lives and i need more like minded friends.... Post Date: 10/06/14, Replies: 0
anyone else from Shropshire? Helloo I'm looking to make some new, like-minded friends in Shropshire, any veggie people about? x Post Date: 09/06/14, Replies: 1
Looking for a place in CT Hello Veg-friends! Last week I suddenly relocated from France to Connecticut. I NEED to get my kids in school as soon as possible, since it's already started, while I look for a more permanent place to live. Does anyone here live in the Bugbee district of West Hartford, or know someone who does? I need an address so my kids can start school. My children will be staying mostly with my parents who will be bringing them to school since I start work before the students can be at school. My husband will be joining us in 3+ months, so I'd expect to be out of your hair well before then. ;o) Thank you sooo much! You cannot imagine how much this means to me and my kids! ~Karyn Post Date: 09/01/14, Replies: 0
HELP!! NEW TO VEGANISM Hey everyone. I have been a vegetarian on and off for the last few years but finally decided to become a vegan after studying for my diploma in animal care and seeing the abuse animals suffer for human greed. Did anyone else find the transition from vegetarian to vegan difficult? x Post Date: 08/15/14, Replies: 5
Vegetarian in the military I am planning on joining the Military after college. I have heard it is hard to be a vegetarian in the military depending on where you are stationed. I was wondering if anyone had some advise or wisdom they can pass on. Yes I understand I can talk to a it recruiter about I plan to. I just like to have a little background knowledge. Thank you ? Post Date: 07/13/14, Replies: 2
Portland Vegan seeking living space Hello! I hope that this little note of mine finds you happy and healthy. I'm a long time Portland resident (since 2005) with a steady job (I've been there over 7 years) who is seeking a new living space and/or the right person to find a space with. House-sitting or similar arrangements are also of interest to me. Right now I live in NE Portland with housemates that I get along well with. They can be personal / rental references for me. I've let them and our landlord know that I'm looking for a new place. I want to move as I'm transferring to a different position within my company at a work site downtown. A regular bedroom isn't at all essential for me. I don't need much space and will consider pretty much anywhere that is safe, private, clean and keeps the weather outside. Tiny houses, Vans, large closets, RVs, sheds, garages and similar arrangements could all work well! I'm fairly flexible but prefer to be fairly close to inner SE Portland. I want to be close to 1 or more TriMet routes and the 15 or 20 bus lines work best. I prefer informal arrangements though signing a lease if needed is not a problem. I'm looking to pay $500 or less each month, with all utilities, etc included in that price. I pay my rent on time. About me: I've been Vegan for over 20 years and strongly prefer to live with other Vegans or at least to be in a meat free house. I don't smoke, drink or do drugs of any sort and prefer to live with folks who share these choices, at least while at home. I'm also Dad to three wonderful kids who I want to feel comfortable and safe when they visit. To be clear, my kids live with their mother - I am only looking for a space for myself. I'm a great housemate for someone who mostly wants their own space as I'm not usually home except to sleep, shower and such. When I am around, I enjoy socializing with my housemate/s if they're so inclined. I like to have occasional guests but won't be throwing any rowdy parties. If I sound like someone you might enjoy living with, let's grab a beverage and chat! Post Date: 07/09/14, Replies: 0
Looking for Fellow Vegans to start Group Hello everyone! :D I'm starting an orginazation online for the prevention of animal cruelty, animals are the most innocent creatures on the planet, no matter how many times human beings have hurt these beautiful creatures they have always given us a second chance at forgiveness, it's a gift from the creator to allow us to coexist as a community of creatures. email me at [email protected] thank you peace and love. Post Date: 07/08/14, Replies: 4
Looking for a Housemate in Los Angeles! Hi! My name is Nicole! I have a room for rent in my house and I was hoping I could share my ad here to connect with hopefully more like minded individuals. Here is the link... hope to hear from you soon! losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/roo/4509377184.html Post Date: 06/08/14, Replies: 0
From Australia to Florida I'll be visiting southern Florida on business, from Australia, in early March and would have liked a local vegetarian to recommend and join me at local best vegetarian restaurants. Post Date: 05/22/14, Replies: 1
seeking vegan room in LA (Santa Monica) Hi there! I'm moving to LA for three months. Was wondering if anyone is looking for a roommate or knows anybody looking for a roommate? It would be nice to live with other vegans :) Thanks! Claudia Post Date: 05/21/14, Replies: 0
Anybody from Dubai? Fancy a challenge? Hello there! In case anybody else is hanging out in Dubai in June, how about a Happy Cow challenge? I've gone through the restaurant listings for Dubai on Happy Cow and found that many places have rather vague info attached and now reviews. To make things better for veggies in Dubai and visitors to the city, I'm planning to visit as many of the listed outlets this summer to try their nomz, update the Happy Cow listings, and add some reviews. Fancy joining? Send me a PM here or email [email protected] Post Date: 05/18/14, Replies: 0
Looking for a room Adelaide Australia Hi There, I am a Vegetarian almost vegan (no diary) who is looking for a room to rent and share with people with the same mindful think than mine. I am transitioning to 100% vegan so I like to think of the idea of living with people who is in the same mood. I am very enthusiastic, like to keep me busy by working, studying, dancing, hicking and hanging around. Anybody with ideas or maybe interested? Post Date: 05/04/14, Replies: 0
Ninja Vitamix or Nutribullet Pro- which? So I'm getting one of these. Anyone feel strongly about one or the other? Ninja, Vitamix or Nutribullet Pro-? I'm single and busy. Looking for easiest road on this path. Which is the best of these three? Post Date: 04/19/14, Replies: 7
Vegan from Indonesia Hi, I'm vegetarian trying to follow raw veganism for a while now. Nice to meet you all :) p.s : if any of you are vegans from Indonesia, I will be delighted if you can contact me.. need support to be raw vegan :) Post Date: 04/11/14, Replies: 0

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