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Job!Job!Job! Who can help to find a job in Europe, I am from Ukraine. Post Date: 02/01/17, Replies: 0 02/01/17 0
Introduce Yourself - 2014 Happy New Year- Since it's a new year, thought to continue the conversation in a new thread. Here's the original: Who wants to be the first?! Share your story, and introduce yourself to the community here. :o) Post Date: 01/23/17, Replies: 93 01/23/17 93
Newbie here! (Vegan) Hi everyone, I'm Jo from Melbourne, Australia. I have been vegan for almost a year now and a veggie for four years before that. I would love to meet like minded people (vegans and veggies) for chats/recipes/meetups/friendship/animal activism. Hope everyone is having an awesome cruelty free day! :) Post Date: 01/04/17, Replies: 1 01/04/17 1
VEGAN TEENS Hello fellow people, I want to connect with other vegans, raw foodist or eveb vegetarians. I'm Simone, 17 years and lives in Europe. I have been vegan for a few years and now I basically eat a raw food diet - love it! Photography is one of my favorite things to do. And making food or just eat vegan food. I LOVE being active such as roller skating, running, hiking and much more. Love animals as well. Being outside surrounded by nature. If you want to talk or something just message me or go to my instagram and dm me (@simmiefairy). Would love to talk to you! :-) Kind Regards Simone (Have a really good day!!) Post Date: 10/24/16, Replies: 0 10/24/16 0
Hi Everyone! I need some help! Hello everyone, I am doing a project where we are designing a new vegeterian food product and I would love some opinions, it would help me a lot! Please fill out this survey, its short and won't take long I promise. Your time is greatly appreciated! Post Date: 08/17/16, Replies: 2 08/17/16 2
Hello :) Hi, my name is Alys and I'm a young British traveller currently living in Sydney. I would love to meet likeminded vegans in real life (or online) as I only just moved here and it would be nice to make some friends whilst I'm here :) Post Date: 08/17/16, Replies: 1 08/17/16 1
The Vegan Edition Interview Hi All, We are looking for vegan interview candidates for our [in conversation] interview series from any background, anywhere in the world, all are welcome. If you know of anyone who would be interested please email [email protected] and we will send you the pack with more details! For those interested check out some of our past interviews, including EarthyAndy and Matt and Nat CEO below: Thanks, Carolina Carolina G-M Founder The Vegan Edition Post Date: 08/02/16, Replies: 0 08/02/16 0
Hello :) A newbie, here. Hey, everyone... My names Nikki, and I'm new here. After doing tons of research about healthy living and the food industry, I found myself ready to scream and/or vomit. I'm transition to a vegetarian and, eventually, vegan lifestyle. I'm still making changes daily, and I joined in order to get some help/ advice. I don't want to be part of the problem anymore. :) Post Date: 07/28/16, Replies: 3 07/28/16 3
looking for vegan friends Hi ! I'm 15 & I live in France. I went vegan about 3 months ago and I wish I had vegan friends or at least vegetarian friends. So if you want to talk to me so that we could be friend just send a message I'd love to !!! thanks Post Date: 07/28/16, Replies: 3 07/28/16 3
Food Guide Pyramid. Today in Advanced Home Ec.(Yes that really does exist) my Home Ec. teacher gave me back a project involving healthy meal planning using the food pyramid. My meal plan obviously contained no meat and she took off 30/100 points because of the "lack of protein in my diet". Which is A. not true and B. an unintelligent remark. There was plenty of protein, but no meat. She got all mad, and I was late to my Adavanced Algebra 1 because I argued with her for 20 minutes! Ridiculous right? Post Date: 07/27/16, Replies: 3 07/27/16 3
Hi, I'm new Hello Everyone! My name is Luke and I am from Brighton in the UK. I have been Vegetarian for about 18 months now. I have been largely Vegan for about 2 months now but I do sometimes eat non-vegan ready meals (usually on weekends which are particularly busy for me). I am just getting into cooking my own veggie/vegan meals at home so you will probably see me in the cooking tips and recipes forum. I became Vegetarian after seeing 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' by Joe Cross (Netflix has really helped me on my Veggie journey) and then moved to my current diet after reading 'Mad Cowboy' and 'No More Bull' from Howard Lyman. Thanks for reading if you got this far :) Post Date: 07/22/16, Replies: 3 07/22/16 3
I want to become a vegetarian? Hello I'm Jasmine. I have eaten meat for my whole life. My family are meat eaters. :( I am 23. I am very interested in becoming vegetarian so I can lose weight, relieve my mental health problems (depression/anxiety) and just to be healthy. I also care about animals. :) I am wondering how could I transition to vegetarian when my family is meat eaters? More about me is I enjoy drawing, writing, reading books, anime and manga, girly girl and japanese fashion. :) Post Date: 07/15/16, Replies: 3 07/15/16 3
Greetings and introduction From Australia Hi folks, Just introducing myself. I am a vegan (10 years and counting) I was vegetarian for 1 year and then I witnessed a cow with calving paralysis and she and her calf died. Her name is Scarlett and she changed my life forever. From this experience I decided to make a film about veganism in 2005 and finished the film in 2008. The film is called A Delicate Balance and I produced and directed it. I am documentary filmmaker and make films about AR and social justice issues. I currently live in Australia but I grew up in CA and hope to return there to live again in the future. Aaron (: Post Date: 06/29/16, Replies: 2 06/29/16 2
Hi I am New To this fourm hello virtual people I am Paris I am new to this form I am 26 will be 27 I have been lacto Vegetarian for 3 years and a few months I am working to transitioning to vegan all the way right now I am doing this raw til 4 well trying to the thing is I struggle with cheese and I am doing my best to stay away from it. but anyways I live in a small town not a lot of people here that are vegan or who live the life style . so I figured I would take it to social media and see if I meet people and hopefully I do . Post Date: 06/20/16, Replies: 7 06/20/16 7
COLLABORATION - Your Opinion Matters Hi everyone :) I am developing now my master thesis and I am conducting a pilot study at this moment. Because I am very concern about environmental issues, this research is something that I care now the most! It will be a blast to have your opinion in my study :) I want perspectives of loving and caring animal/environmental people! It takes less than 5 minutes! Thank you so much!! Post Date: 03/28/16, Replies: 0 03/28/16 0
New Vegan Supper Club - Barcelona Hi All, I'm new to Happy Cow and would like to introduce a new Vegan Supper Club exclusively in Barcelona. I experiment with cuisine from every corner of the world and create unique dishes. If anyone living or visiting Barcelona would like to know more please message me. Lots of Vegan love Nini Post Date: 03/21/16, Replies: 0 03/21/16 0
A new alternative social network If you guys have not heard already, a new alternative social network has launched on kickstarter called "Miramir. Im super excited for this. Couldn’t come at a better time. Here is their description "Miramir will soon become an alternative to Facebook, as well as other networks, and it is aimed at the privacy fighters and change makers, activists and advocates, yogis and vegans, meditation enthusiasts and sacred geometry followers, preppers and alternative news readers, raw fooders, vegetarians and health conscious individuals, urban gardeners and alternative technology lovers, the kindness deeders and peace promoters of the world. All the great people of our earth who care for our planet, people, and future as a human race. The really groundbreaking aspect to Miramir is that it is much more than just a social network. It is a Facebook, Ebay, Reddit, Quora, Meetup, Craigslist, Plenty of fish, Kickstarter, Airbnb, and a lot of other networks combined into one. Except with a big difference. It is focused on privacy, freedom of information, world changing ideas, global consciousness, community, interconnectedness, and a healthy future of humanity which we all want to be a part of." Post Date: 03/17/16, Replies: 3 03/17/16 3
Vegan Magazine Survey Hello! I'm a university student and for my current project I am hoping to produce a vegan baking magazine. If anyone could take five to fill out the following survey I would be very grateful and it would help me out a lot. The survey can be found here: Thank you all for your help. Post Date: 03/15/16, Replies: 0 03/15/16 0
thinking of becoming vegan Hi I am John Northam I watched a video on my facebook feed It was cows being dumped from a truck into a chopper ripping them apart I do not know what slaughterhouse it is or anything i could not watch it all I decided to go look up PETA and watch videos I joined a few facebook groups but I got tired of waiting for them to add me and searched fot groups and found the happy cow I seen the various topic areas and they interested me I thought alot about animals poor animals in zoos in cages poor animals being raised and tortured for slaughter poor animals being forced to perform in circuses I used to work in a chicken plant God knows what went on in the kill room or the hatchery we was not allowed to see Native Americans teach everything is our brother and sister Is this how we should treat our brother and sister. Wiccans teach the law of karma and harm none Are we making bad karma doing this and folling the harm none rule. I study many religions Christianity, Wicca, Buddhism, Hinduism They all say in one way or another do not harm I read many self help books and health books and alot of them have said being vegan is healthier I watched the cowspiracy on youtube its good for the enviroment as well I am not sure where to start tho Should i slowly do this. what about my chihuahua can i get him on a vegan diet I live in hamilton alabama and not many Vegan stuff that i know of are around we got a walmart enyone shop there any advice would be great Post Date: 03/14/16, Replies: 9 03/14/16 9
Inspire and Motivate Hey guys, I started a blog earlier this year. I have been vegan fow a few years but i still get frustrated with the lack of information or products available. I have dedicated my blog to cruelty free clean living. I study nutrition and have a background in the beauty industry so naturally i want to conbine my two passions. I hope you will visit my page and check out what i have done so far. Comments and requests welcome please like and share with eveyone.. For new and older vegans it would be great to get a perspective on things you struggle with. And i hope i can be helpful in your transistion. Please let me know if you have any questions. My blog is Post Date: 03/10/16, Replies: 0 03/10/16 0
New member Hey all. It's nice to be among you. I've been vegan for almost a month now, after being educated through videos on Youtube by many animal protection organisms. I started doing meatless Mondays, but I was beginning to feel bad whenever I ate meat or animal products. I felt disgusted, wrong. The feeling I get today is that I don't want to use animals - unless it's "hugging use". I'm a Brazilian, but I live in Paris. I'd love to go out and meet new members. I also like to cook and it's awesome to learn about vegan cuisine. Post Date: 02/26/16, Replies: 2 02/26/16 2
Vegans in Gauteng, South Africa Hi everybody, I would like to meet more vegans and vegetarians in South Africa, especially in Johannesburg, and socialize more and more with vegans (and less and less with meat-eaters). I am a bit alone in my vegan lifestyle as I only have one or two vegetarian friends and all the rest are carnists who like driving me bananas. ;( If you live in Gauteng, especially Johannesburg, please let me know. Post Date: 02/25/16, Replies: 2 02/25/16 2
It's nice to be vegetarian! Hello, My name is Michelle. I love cooking very much. I'am vegetarian for three years. I have a lot of respect for animals and nature. I have a small biodynamic garden with a pond, a spiral of herbs and flowers. Here are more bees, butterflies and other animals such as frogs and toads and many types of birds. This vegetarian forum is very nice! Post Date: 02/12/16, Replies: 11 02/12/16 11
Hi there :) Almost a year ago was when I first started contemplating whether or not I should go vegetarian, and after watching many YouTube videos I knew that I could no longer live with myself, knowing the truth behind our factory farming and even free-range/organic industries. The reason I went veg was for the animals, the poor creatures who suffer constantly for our greed and selfishness. For school, we were given the task to come up with a persuasive speech for a well-known issue that our world faces today. I thought that this was my golden opportunity to educate my class and teachers on what a factory farm is and how we gain the meat, dairy and eggs that we feed on globally. I deliver this speech in a week and I am feeling pretty confident about the effect it will have on nearly everyone in the class. Its goes for roughly 15 minutes, with short clips and pictures of not even the worse that commences in factory farms. And after learning even more about the dairy and egg industry, I would seriously LOVE to go vegan, however my parents hardly support my decision to become a vegetarian, they even make me eat fish sometimes because my mum refuses to buy me veggie alternatives :( I guess the reason I'm writing this is to reach out to those who may feel the same way and who may be going through the same thing- wanting to go vegan but not able to due to the family situation. I would really love a veggie/vegan friend for support :) thanks, elaine383. Post Date: 02/04/16, Replies: 3 02/04/16 3
Colorado animal activists? :D Im kind of in desperate need of animal activists in Colorado. I went vegan like 4 months ago and i don't know any ethical vegans whatsoever. I joined some groups but the kind of activism they do is simply hold up signs and stuff. I want more straight to the point and blunt activists but its hard when you know like 0 vegans. Non vegans are also welcome, but i am a preachy vegan. So be warned. :D Im also sprry if i posted this in the wrong place, i just joined. But this site seems kind of laid back. Post Date: 01/27/16, Replies: 0 01/27/16 0
Valentines Day Market Research :-) Hey there, For Valentine's Day, I'm doing some research in how everyone stays healthy together. Part of this is a survey I've created on how we stay healthy + how our significant others help us! It take less than five minutes to do and I'd love your help: tinyurl(dot)com /adayinlove. There's also a $100 Amazon voucher as a prize! Thank you so much :-) Emma Post Date: 01/26/16, Replies: 0 01/26/16 0
Vegan Cook Position - Baker Creek 2016 Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is a family owned heirloom seed company dedicated to providing gardeners with non GMO heirloom seeds. We are focused on growing a diverse variety of crops for seeds, to photograph for our catalog, or to serve in our on site vegan/vegetarian Asian restaurant.  Our Pioneer Village (Bakersville) includes our Seed Store and Asian Restaurant. We are searching for a Vegetarian Thai cook for our newly remodeled not-for-profit-restaurant. We are not able to afford a high-end chef but are looking for a good Thai cook to work in our Asian themed restaurant. We are open to persons of other nationalities provided that they have an extensive and intensive Asian cooking background. This would be a seasonal to full time position depending on the person. We are flexible. Our restaurant will be open for lunch Mon – Fri. We have festivals the first Sunday of each month starting in Mar through Oct. We will provide accommodation. We really need someone as early as April. Please e-mail enquiries to: [email protected] please put my name in the subject line- ATT:DANIELLE BAKER CREEK HEIRLOOM SEEDS 2278 Baker Creek Rd Mansfield Mo 65704 USA Post Date: 01/18/16, Replies: 0 01/18/16 0

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