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Introduce Yourself - 2017 Happy New Year- Since it's a new year, thought to continue the conversation in a new thread. Here's the previous threads: Who wants to be the first?! Share your story, and introduce yourself to the community here. :o) Post Date: 09/17/17, Replies: 15 09/17/17 15
New to veganism Hi all, I've been vegan for 4 weeks now. The transition hasn't been too difficult, I was pescetarian for a year before taking the leap. I'd like to connect with like-minded folk and continue to learn more about veganism. I don't have a garden but would like to try to grow some of my own fruit/veg. I live in Glasgow, Scotland so not the warmest of climates. Any suggestions? Post Date: 09/07/17, Replies: 5 09/07/17 5
New Vegan/Veggie food in UK Supermarkets Hi all, i'm really insterested in starting a new brand of vegan/vegetarian food that could readily be available in UK supermarkets. I've personally found that unless you go to specifi vegan shops, or cook totally from scratch there are very limited options available. I'd love to be able to do a big shop in Sainsbury's/ASDA or Tesco and have a large variety of products to choose from without conforming to the eating of animal flesh/products. I'd really really appreciate it if you could complete this survey and hopefully this could eventually be the norm! The survey takes about 40 seconds. Thank you 😊 Post Date: 09/05/17, Replies: 1 09/05/17 1
Hello from a meat eater... Hi everyone hope you're all well. My name is Wolf I'm 28 and from England. I am a meat eater and have been my whole life but I have decided to try Veganism for 30 days for a start. I know this doesnt sound like much but for me it is a massive step as don't know anyone who is vegetarian let alone vegan! There are many reasons I want to go vegan which I go into at another time as it is very late here but just thought I'd introduce myself and say hi as I am starting as of tomorrow! Post Date: 08/30/17, Replies: 3 08/30/17 3
Vegan Option for Dogs Do you struggle to find Vegan options in the pet food isle? Please sign my petition if you live in UK and shop at Pet at Home Post Date: 08/30/17, Replies: 1 08/30/17 1
Anyone in Southern US? I am planning to go to Gyobutsuji Zen Monastery in Arkansas and I thought I would see who all is in the Southern United States :) Any really great places or things I should visit and take in while I am there? Doesn't have to be just Arkansas! Post Date: 08/29/17, Replies: 1 08/29/17 1
Young Vegans. hey, my name is moon. i'm 20 years old from canada!! any other young vegans here? :) i'd love to talk to more vegan people around the world, and give each other advice, or talk about yummy food, or how easy or hard is it to be vegan depending on where you live! Post Date: 08/18/17, Replies: 1 08/18/17 1
Veganism survey Hey guys, if you are a vegan could you please fill out this survey which will help me with a school project. Post Date: 08/06/17, Replies: 0 08/06/17 0
Meeting other Vegans in North Carolina Hello! I'm new to both this forum and North Carolina in general. Would love to meet other Vegans in the area ! Post Date: 07/10/17, Replies: 2 07/10/17 2
Do Or Die Hi, I know it's a bit of a macabre subject line, but it describes the situation best. The last years, I have slowly let my health deteriorate into something that has nearly immobilized me. I can hardly walk, tired day and night, often depressed, very low libido and always feeling sick. I've gained a huge amount of weight over the last 2 to 3 years. I'm talking at least 30 kg. I've tried many different ways to lose weight but I'm always going up, instead of down. What to do next? Try another diet? Today, I watched "what the health" on Netflix. Boy, did my eyes open. I recognized situation immediately. I think that it's the change that I've been looking for. I registered here as a vegetarian. The truth is that I had meat for dinner, but I can say with 100% certainty, that it was my last meal as a carnivore. If I don't make a 360-degree change today, I might not make it till the end of the year. I signed up for an account because I don't know if I can do this alone. I don't know any vegetarians. Tomorrow will be a new day and I have no idea what to eat. I have only processed food at home. Tomorrow morning I'll wake up and will go to work. it's next to a supermarket and I can buy my breakfast and lunch there. I could do with some tips. :-) I'll try to find some ideas on the website too. Just a few things about me. I'm male 47, 187cm and 140kg. I need to lose at least 40kg. But I now think that my first goal should be eating healthy and weight loss will be a consequence of that. Another important thing to know about me is that I stopped smoking many years ago. I failed many times because I just didn't have the willpower. When I finally succeded it was not because of willpower. Rather, it was because I understood how stupid it was and that (instead of not being allowed too) I didn't have to smoke anymore. This might be important. Because If I adopt the same view towards meat, it might be easier than I now dare to hope for. Lastly, it would be great to get into contact with all kinds of people. I'm very eager and open to learning about other people's lifestyles. Greetings, Paul Post Date: 06/30/17, Replies: 6 06/30/17 6
B12 for children Hi, we are vegetarian family, we have 13 months old son. He is breast feeding some but not much. I would like start suplementimg with B12 but I can't find suplements appropriate for his age. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance. Marina Post Date: 06/20/17, Replies: 1 06/20/17 1
Is this for me? Hi I'm new here I have been really considering switching to the vegan lifestyle. I'm not sure where to even start with is or if it's even realistic for me. I would love to hear others stories and how you transitioned over! Thanks for the help Post Date: 06/02/17, Replies: 3 06/02/17 3
Are we being discriminated against? Maybe other people go through similar things, ok they probably do. But it's something that makes me really angry. My work is dedicated to making sure there is no discrimination based on age/race/gender/sexual orientation/culture...which is great! but there seems to be no restriction on goading and questioning non-meat eaters. This is also discrimination. If you experience anything like this then please comment. Post Date: 05/10/17, Replies: 4 05/10/17 4
Support Vegan Bicycle Vendor in Thailand hello my vegan soulmates all over the world! I am running a mildly succesfull vegan project in the Northeast of Thailand for over a year, selling da vegan burger to da local ordinary non veg Thai people with a cranky bicycle. Customers are just the ordinary mainstream Thai folks, from highschool kids, university students, KFC employees lol, poor people, and da local police. Its just great and the best job in the world, selling vegan food to non vegan people.. Selling to ordinary non veg Thai people its not about luck, its about from the start i specifically reach out to them. Many vegan entrepeneurs reach out to fellow vegan. I dont do that bc i want to promote and introduce veg food to non vegan people. yes, it took a long time and was dificult to genuinely connect with people in a foreign country, i mean, i barely speak the lanfuage. it took actually years, before i started selling da veg burger more than a year ago. It was like magic, all these non veg people wanting and munching on a veg burger. Even national tv came and the Veggie Burget Party was on national tv in a 4 minute fragment, explaining and promotig vegan burgers and biodegradable paper bags lol. One year has passed. The burgers provide me a salary conparable with the salary of a foreign English teacher, enough to pay the bills and provide daily food for me and my son (i am a single daddy) So yeah its a good busines but although i have a steady income from it, there is no extra money so that this modest yet succesful veg bicycle vendor busines can grow. Bummer!! Here i am, i got enough non veg customers but not the money togrow. and right now its Grow or Die. The updated version of the current bicycle vendor project Veggie Burger Party will be a street restaurant Pita Sandwich project. It will be the bicycle vendor preparing the pita sandwixh with additional tables and chairs for customers to sit. I always listen to the customer. And through the year they expressed their enthiousasm for the homemade breadbuns. Its not the vegan burger but the tasty bread they go for lol. Pita bread is just so more awesome and tasty, and versatile. For a dollar (45 Thai baht) you get a homemade pita bread filled with a salad, a spread (a choiche of various spreads including vegan versions of populair Thai spreads, and vegan Ricotta cheese)with a squirt of sauce. This is a nobrainer, this will be very succesfull with my current and new Thai non veg customers. Ok, i dont expres my opinion here, its just based on experience and actually listen to what people actually go for. ;-) At this point, you probably guessed it, the obstacle is that there is no money to realise this. Money is needed so i can take a few weeks of to arrange everything like changing the burger bike into a pita bike, securing a place, finding staff, transforming the pita menu which i developed into the kitchen into one that is suitable for street sale, etc) and money to buy actual things. So here i am, just visiting the HappyCow community and who knows somebody might be interested in supporting a complete stranger on the interner with a fancy story about a modest succesful vegan food busines lol. Seriously. I think my vegan veggie burger project is great and unique and deserves support. Its unique bc i asked you, how many succesful vegan food projects do you know that succesfully connect with mainstream non veg people and sell vegan food to them? Plz visit the Facebook page to see all these great Thai people who buy a veggie burger! facebook: Veggie Burger Party Anyone interested, with questions or offers, plz you can contact me with a HappyCow message, email [email protected] or LINE id : Veggie Burger Party My philosophy about it all is that its not about flipping a burger or a nice design, everything is just about people. In order to reach out to people you have to understand and love them, dont be the vegan who is educating the meateater, just be the nice guy with a nice talk and a nice burger, A person who dont gets it just sees an old bicycle a a scruffy guy. The person who gets it is the person who looks at the people and sees the many current and potential customers. I sometimes joke to myself (i dont have friends here to joke to) that my job is not selling food but my true job is an entertainer. I smile and provide a nice experience. sorry i have to keep it short. thanks everybody my fellow vegans, plz visit my facebook page and ask yourself if you think its wortwhile and unique enough to support. In the end i am just looking for a meager 1000$ min to 3000$ max. for upgrading an already succesdul vegan outreach bizz. Post Date: 05/10/17, Replies: 0 05/10/17 0
PCT trouble In two years I hope to be hiking the PCT. The problem is…how does a semi-raw vegan get enough food to hike it? Yes, there's dehydrating food. Like fruits, vegetables and stuff. But I can't live off of dehydrated apples, fruit leathers, raisins, carrots and stuff. Any ideas? Post Date: 05/07/17, Replies: 1 05/07/17 1
Looking to add new people Hello All, I just became 100% vegan about a week ago. I'm looking to surround myself with like minded people as I don't have anyone I know personally that would consider going vegan just yet. If anyone wants to connect either on FB, Snap Chat or Instagram let me know! Post Date: 04/28/17, Replies: 9 04/28/17 9
Looking for real life vegetarian friends Hi I am newly vegetarian and I would love to find some vegetarian/vegan real life friends near Lancaster PA. A mentor would be great! Post Date: 04/28/17, Replies: 1 04/28/17 1
LETS START A VEGAN RESTAURANT Lets start a vegan restaurant to benefit Animals, Environment and Educate Children of the Cause !!! Located in Dartmouth, Ma. on a busy main road and zoned for it, There are no vegan restaurants near by. I have the property with the building and a Ma. Construction supervisors license to outfit the building. The property has three greenhouses and land for growing year round to supply the restaurant. I have over a thousand yards of compost and all the growing and greenhouse supplies to support it. All I need my vegan people to join the cause, anyone out there with any sort back round that would be helpful to make this happen or if you just have a big heart would be great. What a great way to get our message out and connect with one another in person instead of computer screen. Mike 508-965-8832 Post Date: 04/26/17, Replies: 0 04/26/17 0
New here, saying hi from Berlin Hi there! Thought I'd pop in here and post something. I'm a fairly new plant-based-whole-food-with-no-meat-or-dairy eater (which for simplicity sake I just say "vegan" despite it not being quite accurate). I heard about this community and app a few times so thought I'd give it a try. I installed the HC app on my phone last week when visiting London and it was very useful to find some great places to eat. Props to all involved! Unfortunately I've come home to Berlin and the listings seem to be much less useful. There are a bunch of places near my work not listed and one place I'd never heard of which I just walked to to discover it's been closed for some time. I'm considering trying to add some places to the map to help others. Anyway... cheers! Post Date: 04/18/17, Replies: 2 04/18/17 2
New Vegan Look to meet more Vegans Hey everyone i just returned to Australia and I'm looking to meet more like minded people! Im loving the vegan life style and i want to surround myself with people who will inspire me to follow this journey and become the best vegan i can be! :) Post Date: 04/17/17, Replies: 5 04/17/17 5
Hello my friends! Hello, everyone! Call me Mosh not Posh. :) I am so happy to join this community, to be helpful and help others to find the way in sometimes difficult vegan life and I hope to find answers to my questions here as well. I am a starting blogger, it is all about plant based gluten free living, and sharing some hacks on DIY, so if you are interested, please visit As much as I browse here as more interested I am, really want to blend in this peaceful circle... And again nice to meet you all! Post Date: 04/17/17, Replies: 0 04/17/17 0
lonely vegan looking for other vegans Hi! I'm Sarah from The Netherlands and I'm looking for vegans to befriend. Doesn't matter where you come from, as long as you're a vegan. I have no vegan friends and would love to be able to talk to other vegans and maybe hang out. (& yes I know I used the word vegan a lot) Little bit about me: My name is Sarah, I'm 18 years old and atm I'm really bored. I like listening to music, horror stuff, gaming and would love to travel a lot. I'm an open-minded person, so don't be scared talking to me, I won't judge. I cringe a bit typing this, don't know why, I usually don't do this stuff. So, yeah, let me know if you're interested! Post Date: 04/13/17, Replies: 2 04/13/17 2
Vegan LMTs Wanted Beach Massage & Bodywork Delivered is looking for mature, responsible massage therapists and estheticians to work with us on the island of St. Croix in the USVI. Post Date: 04/07/17, Replies: 0 04/07/17 0
New youtuber Hey everyone ? My name is Cara, and i've recently started a youtube channel. I would love it if you could check out my channel! Let me know if you like it and there's anything you'd like to see. Post Date: 04/07/17, Replies: 0 04/07/17 0
Need Advice Hello. New here obviously. New to everything really about vegan and vegetarian things. Haha. I've tried to be vegan a few times, but I always fail. When I talk to people about becoming vegan, they tell how it's unhealthy and won't get nutrients I need. Also, I'm surrounded by people who eat meat a lot and it's hard to transition from eating meat to not eating meat while everyone eats meat all the time. I also think meat is an addiction in way. But honestly I can taste the animal in the meats. Like pork and beef especially. Like I can taste the smell of the animal in the meat. It's weird I know. People tell me I'm weird that I even taste that. I'm just so confused. I don't know how to transition living in a world where it's meat meat meat. I guess I made a tiny step and I rather coconut milk than cow milk everyone else drinks. :/ I need advice. I wanna hear about people who were in the same place as me and how they manage to be vegan or vegetarian. Thank you in advance! Post Date: 04/03/17, Replies: 4 04/03/17 4
Share your experiences as a vegan/veg. Greetings my friends! So recently I've been planning to start a long-term project that involves the stories of people from a variety of backgrounds, including their experience with going vegan and what difficulties they've faced. I am strongly considering to reflect those experiences into a narrative so that readers can connect with the character and understand them on a personal level. However, some people would like to have their names private, although I'd have to give credit to that person, for example, their name inscribed in the acknowledgement section + a brief description on what I've learned from them. I will have different chapters based on each person with a moral that describes life lessons so at least the book will be impactful. I am only 17 years old, however, I will not let that stop me publishing a book! I know I have the potential to make a book, and I love to write, especially in narrative form. I want to showcase my passion in many different ways, and writing a book is one of them. Not only the book will focus on veganism in its entirety, I going to implement the values of life, for example; romance. In this section, I was going to have a character where they decided to go vegan, although their partner (married/boyfriend/girlfriend/anyone) completely leaves them. However, one day they meet someone else who is non-vegan also, but they discover that the character is vegan so they accept them for who they are and eventually becomes vegan. All of the characters will be representations/personas of the real person, even including some chapters where it will be from a mother cow's perspective or perhaps even the rabbit's, pig's, fish's, etc. If you would like to have your name included, please let me know! The more details, the better! Thank you, Molly K. PS: Please send me your story through private message, or contact me at: [email protected] or @mollyk___ on Twitter vEmelyne on Instagram Post Date: 03/28/17, Replies: 4 03/28/17 4
Questions about you / Survey Hello, I'm doing a research on veganism & those who consume mainly a plant-based diet. There is no selling, just a desire to better understand. Fill out this survey if you want to share your experience. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Thank you. Post Date: 03/23/17, Replies: 0 03/23/17 0

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