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hey, my name is moon. i'm 20 years old from canada!! any other young vegans here? :) i'd love to talk to more vegan people around the world, and give each other advice, or talk about yummy food, or how easy or hard is it to be vegan depending on where you live!

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    Posted by enviro-catalyst at 08/18/17 05:35:31

    Happy to chat! I'm enjoying the process of learning new recipes at home, and becoming more confident asking for Vegan options while I'm out.

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    Posted by MajaSS at 01/24/18 15:48:50

    Hi, I'm Maja from Norway - also 20 years old! Feel free to say hi :)

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    Posted by newyawkveggie at 01/28/18 07:57:35

    Hey 20 y.o from NYC! Very easy to be vegan here. Vegan restaurants/options EVERYWHERE. There's a really good vegan Chinese place called Buddha Bodai. I'd live there if I could.

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    Posted by AWojo at 01/29/18 16:56:35

    I'm 22 from CT! Very limited options in my hometown, however more options around the university I go to. I'm thinking of moving to CA after graduation, heard LA is a great place for vegans

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    Posted by bananacereal at 03/20/18 20:47:22

    Hiya Moon, your name's fab:) I'm Raissa, also 20 from Ireland and open to chatting - there are some vegan options but not loads in my area, unfortunately:(

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    Posted by MartinVC at 03/22/18 15:48:30

    Hi I'm Martin 22 from Ireland. I live in the countryside and the nearest town to me has no vegan restaurants only a health food shop. I'm not too far away from Dublin and spend a lot of time up there, there's quite a few restaurants up there and it's improving with every year - I lived in Vienna last year and found the choice for vegans incredible two fully vegan supermarkets, vegan/fair trade clothes and shoe shop, vegan ice cream shops you name it they had it. Coming back as you can imagine wasn't great because veganism is not as big here as it was there but it's growing which is amazing.

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