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Hey everyone,

You can call me by my nickname, Kayales. I'm in college, where I run cross country and track. I also enjoy playing guitar and writing.

After three years of Meatless Fridays, which were started by my mom, I'm taking the plunge into full vegetarianism.

I decided to make this change after reading a book that I found by chance at Goodwill, "Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows." Shortly afterward, one of my friends at college, who is vegan, convinced me to watch the documentary "Earthlings" with her. The movie as well as the book really spoke to me. Despite taking environmental science three years earlier in high school, where we watched "Food Inc" and "Forks Over Knives" as a class, I didn't seem to get the message that eating animals is (in my opinion) cruel, detrimental to our health, and entirely unnecessary.

But suddenly, after experiencing the terrifying truths of "Earthlings" and re-watching "Food Inc," I understood: eating animals is not something I would like to continue to do. So, despite being a college athlete with friends and family concerned about me Getting Enough Protein with a capital P, I'm ready and willing to take the plunge into full vegetarianism.

Today I ordered a wonderful book from Amazon called "No Meat Athlete" as well as a veg cookbook for college students, both of which I think will help me on my journey. In the meantime, however, I am open to any comments, suggestions, or simple hellos. Whatever you feel like offering. :)

I'm looking forward to meeting you all,

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    Posted by IngridV at 07/21/15 21:46:28

    there is actually a lot of athlete and team ( especially in the U.S) that are fully vegan ( even body builder) .
    Protein is important but you also have to realize that people ate too much of them right now ,we don't actually need that much.
    It's easy to find in all the meat substitute and beans ( yep beans will be your friend soon enough) .
    Good luck!
    If you have any question you can message me.

    Otherwise i'm pretty happy to know that some school make their student watch these kind of eye opening documentary :)

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