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I have been trying to encourage others to go vegetarian for along time now or maybe even become vegan later, but anyone who has tried this among their meat eating friends, know this is almost impossible. So i have come out with a plan. I got my small group of friends to be vegetarian on only tuesdays, reasuring them that it is only 'one day a week', and in addition i would stop telling them what they are eating or what the ingrediant mean on their food. As a result they are finding more and more food that is vegetarian and eating less meat (without realizing it) so, in addition to that plan was my 2nd plan. I would like to ask you to find two 'meat-eaters' and encourage them to go vegetarian every tuesday, then as they become in the habit of that, ask them (individualy) if they can also encourage 2 others to do the same, and so on and so forth, Thus creating a world wide vegetarian day! (that parts far fetched i know, but its a small hope, and even though it will take a long time, i think its worth it) so any help in my plan would be very much appreciated

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    Posted by ViolinCyndee at 05/11/08 20:11:51

    How's this going? Sounds like a great plan!

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    Posted by DC Vegan at 06/22/08 12:32:12

    My mom and sister do meatless Mondays, with my mom eating vegan and my sister eating vegetarian.

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    Posted by Piscean at 06/23/08 06:16:47

    Good idea......back in my teens i strayed from even mentioning the word "vegetarean".
    At family barbeques my food was always the first to go and the meat was left uneaten.
    Of course i always compensated by adding extra fat to hype up the taste...always worked...
    Your idea is quite least 1 meat free day per week throughout this planet should make things easier for our helpless friends...

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