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    Posted by Alexis Itzel at 04/23/15 18:32:38

    Personally I believe that the best diet humanly possible is raw vegan. Currently I am a vegan but I am trying to start a new lifestyle.

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    Posted by rawbee at 04/28/15 07:54:23

    I have a lot more energy when I eat mostly raw, but since I live in Europe with cold falls and winter I prefer more cooked food during those seasons but never go without raw food either. also I do sprout all grains and nuts which make them better to digest even when cooked.

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    Posted by Kayales_XC17 at 05/08/15 23:42:56

    There's a really cool documentary called May I Be Frank that features a raw vegan restaurant in San Francisco, California called The Cafe Gratitude. It seems like an awesome place. Also, the people working there are just amazing as they help Frank, the main character in the doc, go from eating a totally deadly diet of excessive meat and fried, processed junk mixed with gallons of alcohol to a mostly raw vegan diet.

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    Posted by rawbee at 05/13/15 07:10:28

    defintely raw vegan, but in fall and winter it's impossible for me to go for it as I am freezing very easily.
    But now... I eat raw vegan all day long and only my dinner meal has cooked food. year round I have 1 liter of green (I mean really green, no fruits) every morning and some raw crackers for lunch. Also I only raw vegan desserts and raw chocolate, no sugar or processed food, add lots of superfoods, too, sprout all my nuts, lentils and beans and consider my diet pretty clean.

    It it weren't for the long cold season I would easily go for raw year round. Also as we travel a lot, it's really hard to plan the trips around appropriate restaurants. As long as you stay with hip European cities, no problem, you will find even raw food in restaurants, but that's not the case with a lot of places in the country side. It's also not good for hygienic reasons. In India I eat everythin cooked...

    The main reason I prefer raw is my energy level, mood and sleep quality. This es always fantastic when being on 100% raw and clean of course. If you add foods you have intolerances or allergies you will be worse though. so you have to be really sure of what your stomach and intestines can handle. Carrots are a no go raw, but totally fine cooked. Almonds and walnuts are terrible if not sprouted. once sprouted I can eat lots of them without even noticing any problems.

    So you cannot generalize, but if I had to, I would always say: go for raw but watch out.

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    Posted by juliaroberts2403 at 05/14/15 05:31:08

    I prefer Vegan only because raw vegan is too much I believe.

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    Posted by IngridV at 07/21/15 21:55:09

    i eat most of my veggies raw. but i don't want to be too tough of myself, and even if of course you get more vitamins and nutriment from raw.. i don't think that being raw all the time is really realistic and most of all: necessary..
    that s up to everyone I guess.
    But to me being vegan is good enough

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    Posted by elizabet at 07/23/15 22:33:07

    So, I definitely recommend eating a HCLF (high-carb low fat) and mostly raw vegan diet. MOSTLY raw, not 100%. I'm not totally convinced you can get everything you need on just a raw diet (jury is out, so until I know for sure, I'll keep it high raw). You just don't (or I didn't) realize how stopped up and icky you were feeling before the high raw diet made you so vibrant and clean!

    A few things:
    I have been vegan for a decade and it's a wonderful and great and healthy diet. Take your B12, eat your veggies, and smile.
    Regarding raw, I recommend something closer to a 80 10 10 breakdown of carbs, fat, and protein to feel your best. You just can't beat carbs for fueling your brain. (I have tried high protein / low carb diets and it wrecked my energy, mental alertness, etc)

    See, a lot of the raw vegan recipes I see are very fat heavy and that's fine for a treat, but my machine doesn't run optimally on high fat. I also super encourage you to eat enough food but don't "smash" in the calories as some would have you believe you need to do. Eat intuitively.

    Try a lower fat (see TannyRaw on youtube for inspiration) version of raw for a few weeks and see how you feel.

    In the winter I eat more of a Starch Solution (Dr McDougal) diet b/c I need some cooked food, but it's still pretty highly raw.

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