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Age: 25
Name initials: CTWS
Native to: North Zealand, Europe, west/1st world, (mean trick to call our planet Earth), (refusal of referring to my home as milky way), Scandinavia, Internet, educated/enlightened/knowing part of the world, compassionate existence.

Enabling life self-sustainably in beyond continous term space exploration, contact with alien life, fulfillment of purposes of life.
Deep romantic experiences (several relationships).
The making of an organization; a new form of and at the enablement of my personal life.

Lifestyle example-list/pointer:
Minimalist, vegan, non-sugar/oil/salt, non-religious, no alcohol, drugs or similar, random strings and numbers technological intuition, non-fear hierarchical, not-causing-plants-suffering orientation, ecological, caffeine-free, civological, recycling, fair trade, non-wasting, nuclear-lover, transhumanist, gollum-could-be-vegan-way, asking for help when I need it rather than messing up things while being very careful about where I ask for this, sustainable self-happification

Romantic, spiritual, connection between material/spirituality, not-proof-slave, highest good of every individual oriented, lover of modern e/analogue-organized for-profit-non-profit work and freedom of trade advocate, decentralization/centralization oriented (p2p, blockchain and ascending national and religious control etc.), NonBiologicaIntelligence oriented, freedom of choice, religion, lifestyle, work and so forth oriented, pro capital-generating-nice-things (money not stuck in stinking pile) investment, lover of beings, living-by-purposes-of-life,

Current endeavours:
Boycut of cellphones (fair trade), hating on monk-slavery, getting a job, trying to find vegans in person seemingly something magically a major problem, resolving the societal trait "imprisoning", anonymity and unnecessity in electronics, globality/being a part of "life/(gaia (+/incl civ)", doing what I can from where I am

Current major hindrances I am working on:
Desperately seeking for something that already exists similar to myself to an extent where I hinder myself
Various external affect
Countering direction of negative opinion towards me
Becoming able to care about existing/living again
"Making do with what I have got" to extremity
Various locks on my being hindering my freedom
Not being self-hindering in weird ways infected with by people thinking they should force their help on me (including having learned by example).

Currently suffering from enslavement to working on (non-material spiritual levels):
Freedom of speech/censorship, slavery, torture, forcible treatment, relationship endings by text/words upon denial of in-person farewells, resolving issues w/ Islam, communication through limited channels only,
Previously churches in Denmark and being tempted into confirmations etc., virtual reality.

Females (especially naked), group & friend endeavours, organized collaboration, becoming stronger, playing, alignment, gaming w/others, making things real, capital, a humble meal, night out at a restaurant (vegan etc.), weird random coincidental things seemingly out of place, giving people these "I dont get it" feelings in an awesome way, respect for higher existence, guides and similar (spiritually speaking), going beyond boundaries and limitations, a walk into the forest at night to overcome my fear of the uncertain/unknown/where I cannot see, tech (bio & electronic), a healthy & sustainable & not-non-fair trade meditation, travel, meeting interesting people (minimum requirements like veganism fulfilled), music (playing & listening) and fighting (bodily, not socially or verbally) at least for fun, being around sustainably happy people, exploration, making new and making more of what is already there (in invention terms; exploitation), setting limits towards severe wrong-doing especially against ones that cannot defend themselves, not being controlled by society, parents, educational systems and other "this is how to behave, this is how to think, take this drug etc." whether subliminal, spiritual, empathically or in full sight.

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