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New but not new. I've been going to this site for years. But just now decided to join the site/forum. Mainly to try to find other Vegans like me. Preferably near by me. So far it's not looking good. Most people here are either out of the states or from thousands of miles away in another not too sure how much help this place will be. But if you ARE from WA state I'd like to hear from yous :3 would be pretty epic.

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    Posted by veganmetalgrrrl at 02/21/13 15:41:45

    I hail from Washington state too... Spokane area. What part are you in?

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    Posted by Cascadian at 02/21/13 21:57:27

    While I don't live in the "Say WA?" state, I am only a few minutes away from it here in Portland & I visit WA often! There are tons of Vegans in WA, particularly on the east side of the Salish Sea.

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    Posted by StephenS at 05/23/13 22:25:38

    Yah - I'm number 3 :)
    But not really in Wash yet (at time of this posting)
    Heading by Oct. Any other Wash heads out there - shoot me a line. Lets get some networking going!

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    Posted by mrsbenevolent at 06/26/13 09:40:49

    I moved to WA about a year ago. Recently vegan from vegetarian. I live in seattle! :)

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