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In two years I hope to be hiking the PCT. The problem is…how does a semi-raw vegan get enough food to hike it?
Yes, there's dehydrating food. Like fruits, vegetables and stuff. But I can't live off of dehydrated apples, fruit leathers, raisins, carrots and stuff. Any ideas?

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    Posted by MountainVegan at 05/07/17 15:53:57

    I've done a lot of thru hiking - including sections of the PCT thru Nor Cal. Soystrips and Soybits or Gluten bits which you get in the bulk foods section - just add water and let sit - or cook. Also - Oats - a great and light weight source of protein and calcium - and no better travel breakfast than overnight oats (add water (and milk) to oats and dried fruit and let sit over night) - delicious. I also always long hike with a small tub of miso. You can also make some home made dried crackers to take along.
    Then there is chickpea flour (for quick Nan Bread) / Falafel mix / Nut Butters / Soy Flour / and the hikers best friend - dried berries , nuts, and chocolate!! Your options are huge when you are cooking along the way - when raw your limited a bit - but think outside the box - and browse the aisles and bins for bulk foods, canned and jared beans and veggies - and even things like Amy's vegan prewrapped burritos and pockets can make up several on the go meals. - Also - some quick energy foods can really assist between meals and in the extended sections - things like agave syrup or rice syrup - a spoonful goes a long way!
    Finally - don't forget about the powders - vegan protein and smoothie powders are readily available now and great for hiking as you just add water or juice. And don't forget the easily transportable fruits - like apples, oranges, cherries, pomegranite - things that won't smoosh in the backpack.
    Think outside the box but also - don't be afraid of the boxed....or canned ;)

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