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Hi all, i'm really insterested in starting a new brand of vegan/vegetarian food that could readily be available in UK supermarkets.
I've personally found that unless you go to specifi vegan shops, or cook totally from scratch there are very limited options available.
I'd love to be able to do a big shop in Sainsbury's/ASDA or Tesco and have a large variety of products to choose from without conforming to the eating of animal flesh/products.
I'd really really appreciate it if you could complete this survey and hopefully this could eventually be the norm!
The survey takes about 40 seconds.
Thank you 😊

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    Posted by jenly at 09/05/17 03:33:50

    Good luck to you. I just returned after spending two weeks with my family in Scotland. We have travelled quite a bit but I was not prepared for how difficult Scotland turned out to be. We even had a self-catering place for four nights but I was surprised at how few choices there were in the supermarkets (we went to the Tesco in Aviemore which is a tourist mecca and still there was almost nothing). One night we had the Quorn cottage pies, which were pretty rachet, as my kids say. Anything you could introduce would be a vast improvement.

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