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Hello! My name is Madison. I am the owner of the vegan blog Veggieful -

I am new here and am so excited to participate in discussions. I hope to see you all around :D

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    Posted by DonnaWalkerDeaux at 04/14/13 04:29:58

    I am new here too today I started, nice to meet you, I am Donna

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 04/15/13 11:47:04

    i notice that a lot of people get really active on there first day and never get back on again. Donna deleted her account and Madison hasn't logged on since 04/21/2012.

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    Posted by eric at 04/15/13 12:38:28

    Hi savetheanimals, wouldn't say "a lot", though this is true with some. If you have any ideas on increasing engagement and would like to be a community organizer, please PM me. :o)
    Madison- nice looking blog, if you'd like to guest blog on HappyCow and expand your audience, please contact me.
    Best, Eric

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