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Hi, as a potential convert to veganism, I wondered about others views on the morals of eating line caught fish. At present I eat fish and consider that as fish have been hunted since early on our evolutionary line and a reason for our widespread expansion, there is a strong argument that the consumption of fish is a more natural process than even arable farming which itself can be held responsible the the destruction of vast areas of natural habitat #palm oil.
Thank you.

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    Posted by BrittanyHowze at 02/07/18 23:34:01

    Less bad is not the same as good. You don't need to eat fish, you just (probably) like it. has information about fish and why exploiting them is harmful. While I believe that causing harm that is unnecessary is immoral, there are many who think that killing fish, land animals, and even human animals is perfectly moral.

    We each have to decide for ourselves what is moral, and then hopefully, live in accordance with our own highest values. This starts with finding the relevant information to make such determinations, so I applaud you for seeking more information on the subject. Ocean meat is still from thinking, feeling, sentient animals, and even though they look less like us, eating fish is definitely not vegan. I hope this helps.

    P.S. From a health perspective it's also not a good idea (plant based news youtube link):

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