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Hi, my name is Maitland and I live outside of a little town called Grangeville, ID. It’s a farming community, which means LOTs and LOTS of animal products. I’ve been full vegan for a month and 1/2 now and I’m finding it difficult to support this lifestyle. Everyone loves meat here! There aren’t and good vegan restaurants, they have a terrible selection of “health” foods and I really do feel like I’m all alone out here... Can anyone relate?

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    Posted by Vegart at 03/30/18 16:03:16

    Hi Maitland,

    Despite living in a city with many veg options I can relate to your situation as majority of people are still meat eaters.

    It might be challenging because you feel almost an outcaster. Especially when everyone around you consumes animal products.

    Being vegeterian or vegan is almost living a different reality, as the lifestyle and concept are very different.

    There are many of people who chooses not to use animal products in the world and I believe we are all connected.

    With time, more and more people will be able to see the benefits and advantages of being vegans and will join us.

    It will happen in your town to. You are the pioneer :). Never give up! You are above your social environment.

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    Posted by matijars at 04/06/18 12:58:37

    That's a great nickname KaleKiller! Most of the time, we eat at home, but when eating out in restaurants, no matter what kind of restaurant it is, we can always say, "Yo, give me a plate of rice or pasta and throw on it all the vegetables you got back in the kitchen. And if you don't consider mushrooms vegetables, then throw some mushrooms on it as well. Thank you very much! Oh and do you have peanut butter?" -Um, yes we do. "Ok, great! Bring me a small cup of peanut butter and an apple or a banana for desert, whatever you got, and if it's not on the menu and you can't charge me for it, just charge me for whatever you generally use the fruit for - shake or something - and I'll pay for it."

    Most, if not all restaurants have that, and if they somehow don't, we can always order a salad.

    I've gone through the same things as you, but learned that I can eat in every restaurant where others can. And guess what happened? With time, these same restaurants started introducing vegan options, then some vegan restaurants opened up, then some more vegan restaurants opened up.

    And know that frustration is usually the ingredient out of which new ideas and businesses are born out of.

    To your health!

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