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Let this be a place to publicly share a little about yourself and make friends in 2018.

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Share your story, and introduce yourself to the community here. :o)

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    Posted by mauricevegan at 01/01/18 20:41:32

    Hiya. Maurice from Kent UK. Only been vegan for a year after 15 years veggie. Haven't looked back since.
    Adore all animals. Activism close to my heart.
    Great to be here.

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    Posted by Purplerose at 01/07/18 06:53:28

    Hello, Annie here from South Australia. Hoping to connect with others to learn more about living a plant-based lifestyle.

    I'm often asked why I no longer choose animal products, and the short answer is "because there is no need to". The long answer is that is better for my own health, better for the animals who are tortured and slaughtered, and better for the Earth.

    I am sure you will agree with me.

    I'm looking forward to future interactions with like-minded people.


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    Posted by akmadden at 01/09/18 02:28:44

    It's great to meet you all!

    I'm Alicia from Illinois, USA.

    This new year, I'm determined to make a vegan friend and go on many adventures together to speak up for animals. Or just chat, I'm up for anything :)

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    Posted by Rockrose at 01/29/18 09:59:41

    Hello l am Dianne from Rowley Regis in the West Midlands UK I have been vegan 24yrs befor that I was veggie 14yrs. I went vegan when l realised that dairy also contributes to animals suffering. As well as being vegan l am also a Christian. To me being both makes perfect sense and show love for all creation. Christians are supposed to love people but l do not see how l can do that if l cause people to go hungry by my food choices.

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    Posted by Daisy_ at 01/29/18 18:47:56

    helllo, everyone.
    I'm Dace from Baltics. :)
    2018 is the year to exclude meat from my diet completely. and then will see what 2019 will bing :)

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    Posted by DrewVanDoozer at 03/02/18 18:38:06

    Hello everyone, my name is Drew i live in the PNW and i recently started a youtube and instagram on holistic healing and a plant based diet, please check out my content and follow and ill follow back! Thanks! Insta:Drewunbound

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    Posted by DrewVanDoozer at 03/02/18 18:38:18

    Hello everyone, my name is Drew i live in the PNW and i recently started a youtube and instagram on holistic healing and a plant based diet, please check out my content and follow and ill follow back! Thanks! Insta:Drewunbound

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    Posted by Cristinagps at 03/05/18 23:39:50

    Hello everyone! my name is Cristina and I live in England although I am from Spain. I am vegan and travel to central Europe for work sometimes... enjoy the German vegan restaurants! I love Yoga and Tantra and practice Reiki and Crystal healing. I hope you are all good and happy! x

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    Posted by VeggieNovelist at 03/06/18 17:00:41

    Hi everyone, I'm Nathan from Florida. I've been a vegetarian since I was nice. In that time, I've learned to cook all sorts of new dishes, and really gotten serious about being healthy. In fact, I recently lost 68lbs. I now run my own blog, , where I share all the exciting recipes and info I've come across. And I hope to be able to do the same thing here on Happy Cow.

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    Posted by KaleKiller101 at 03/06/18 18:26:01

    Hi everyone! My name is Maitland and I live outside of a little town called Grangeville, ID. I’ve been vegan for a full month and 1/2 now and to be hones, its been hard. Not a lot of people here support the idea of no animal or by-animal products. They barely even have a healthy foods section in the grocery store! Well anyway, I joined this site to basically meet others like me...

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    Posted by Jenia at 03/06/18 20:14:41

    Hello everyone! I am Jenia from Russia! I don’t eat animal food for almost a year and I am happy about that ! My friends and most relatives judge me for my idea to change my food culture. That’s why I am here to find people who support the idea of good and healthy food.

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    Posted by ModerateCarnivore at 03/08/18 02:49:54

    Hi there... I'm completely new to the idea of adopting a vegetarian/vegan diet and I have no idea where to start. I would love to get some advice from anyone who is willing to help a girl with a bunch of food intolerances out!

    My name is Aditi, and I am originally from India but am currently studying in New York City :)

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    Posted by Enchanted at 03/17/18 16:56:24

    Hi Everyone
    I am "Enchanted" from England. Great site

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    Posted by Crucifier87 at 03/18/18 18:27:28

    Hi everyone. My name is Maryline, french woman living in Sweden. Animal lover and music addict! I love to travel for concerts amd discover new vegan places!

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    Posted by gabiann at 03/21/18 18:56:43

    Hey! I'm Gabi from Portland, OR. I went to university in London England, and I've been vegan for about 3 years. While all of my friends are supportive of my lifestyle choices, I don't have a single friend that is 100% vegan (yet!) I love the fact that veganism is slowly becoming more mainstream- hopefully it'll lead me to meeting some more like-minded people!

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    Posted by KCHurst at 03/22/18 17:34:27

    Hi all! I am Keisha from Virginia. New to the journey itself but soo far loving it!

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    Posted by Col at 04/13/18 21:27:59

    Hi everyone, my name is col, i live in Ireland, i'm 45 and me & my partner became vegan 4 months ago

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    Posted by marlicious at 04/14/18 12:10:01

    Sorry for the late response. My name is Mara and although I'm not vegetarian (yet) I eat very little meat. I'm also looking for a way to reduce my diary consume. I'm observing food trends like low carb that demand for high meat consumption.
    I live in Austria and my favourite country is Spain. This page can help me funding vegetarian options in a country where you will still find quite a lot of meat on the menus.

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    Posted by Giddygreenbean at 04/19/18 23:20:29

    Hello! My name is Jess and I have been living a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle for the past 3 months now. I am now working more towards vegan as I found that I feel so much better not only ethically but physically. I am in my late 20s and I live with my husband and two other roommates. They are supportive but not vegan.

    I live in the mid-eastern part of the US, where we are slowly but surely getting vegan options but right now you do have to do research before going out to eat to find vegan friendly options.

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    Posted by Vegan_Belle at 04/20/18 11:40:35

    Hi! I'm Belle from Norfolk, England and I've been vegan since December 2010 (having been vegetarian for many years prior to that). I enjoy fundraising for animal charities, listening to music, watching movies, art, crafts and photography.

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