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Almost a year ago was when I first started contemplating whether or not I should go vegetarian, and after watching many YouTube videos I knew that I could no longer live with myself, knowing the truth behind our factory farming and even free-range/organic industries. The reason I went veg was for the animals, the poor creatures who suffer constantly for our greed and selfishness. For school, we were given the task to come up with a persuasive speech for a well-known issue that our world faces today. I thought that this was my golden opportunity to educate my class and teachers on what a factory farm is and how we gain the meat, dairy and eggs that we feed on globally. I deliver this speech in a week and I am feeling pretty confident about the effect it will have on nearly everyone in the class. Its goes for roughly 15 minutes, with short clips and pictures of not even the worse that commences in factory farms.

And after learning even more about the dairy and egg industry, I would seriously LOVE to go vegan, however my parents hardly support my decision to become a vegetarian, they even make me eat fish sometimes because my mum refuses to buy me veggie alternatives :(

I guess the reason I'm writing this is to reach out to those who may feel the same way and who may be going through the same thing- wanting to go vegan but not able to due to the family situation. I would really love a veggie/vegan friend for support :) thanks, elaine383.

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    Posted by mirandaearthchild at 01/29/16 09:01:39

    hello! =]

    I am very happy and supportive of your decision to be healthy and ethical! I am also proud of you for being brave and speaking about this topic in front of a group of ppl. =] I would love to have that opportunity!

    I do not want to scare you from doing it, but just know that the ppl that will hear your speech will be very stupid and judgmental and make your life very annoying for a while! but even if you only "convert" 1-2 ppl, its all worth it! =]

    I have been vegan for over a year, not very long in the healthy vegan world, but I feel as though I've been doing it forever! Anyway glad to hear about your fun brave opportunity =]

    ttyl - mirandaearthchild

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    Posted by elaine383 at 01/29/16 23:19:42

    Thankyou so much for your support
    mirandaearthchild! You are the only person who has ever said- 'I am proud of you.' That actually means so much! It is definitely difficult living in a world, school and family that does not understand my decisions, let alone be proud of them.

    I've also thought the same thing in regards to speaking to my whole class about factory farming. I figure that if I could even convert at least 1-2 people then that's still around 200 animals that will be saved every year! I honestly cannot wait to leave home when I'm only a few years older and become a total vegan as well! I cry nearly every time I consume a dairy product.

    Thankyou so much again for the support! :D xx

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    Posted by lotus2000 at 02/04/16 15:14:30

    Hi :)
    Good for you, it's great that you've been educating yourself and being curious about what you're eating!

    I went through a similar situation when I became vegan; my dad was raised to believe that you need to eat meat to get protein and you need to drink lots of milk to "get strong". He doesn't really understand why I went vegan, and we still argue about it once in a while.

    My advice is to not sound too "preachy" if you know what I mean. Some vegans (I'm sure I have at some point) tend to sound slightly condescending, and that naturally drives people away.

    For example, don't sit at the dinner table while your parents are eating steak and say "did you know that when cows are at feeding camps they're squashed together and standing in their own manure?". That will obviously make your parents feel uncomfortable and less likely to support your decision.

    I would suggest to have an open and honest talk with your parents. I found that with my dad the reason he didn't support me was mainly because he was worried about me! Feel free to assure your parents that you're educated about the healthy way to go about this, and that you understand what you're doing.

    Last but not least, make sure that you don't sacrifice what you believe in just because your parents don't support you. Trust that you're making the right decision for yourself. You're very brave to be vegan on your own, and you should remember that.

    I hope you're successful on your vegan journey, feel free to message me anytime if you need support or if you just want to talk!

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